100 thoughts on “COVID-19 update: Trudeau implements Quarantine Act”

  • The all-encompassing "stay at home" statements are sending the wrong message to "law enforcement" that now feel they have been given toe power and right to bother, within 2 meters, every single individual they come across. There happen to be front-line workers in hospitals, long-term care homes, pharmacies, and even grocery stores that are stressed enough about working during these incredibly stressful times, without the added stress and worry about being harassed by multiple police officers on their way to or from their workplace. In many cases these officers are likely interacting with a great many more members of possibly infected public, and therefore exposing these workers to much more risk, than they otherwise would have been had they just been allowed to go about their work day without the added (unnecessary) interaction.

  • If you apply for EI and are getting less than the Canada Emergency Response benefit can you switch, or vice versa regarding which helps more?

  • He didn't even answer the question of why he didn't close borders earlier, just deflected that question, such persistent and subversive behavoir this is the reason I dont like or trust Trudeau!

  • Robert MacNaughton says:

    I live right on the border right above NY State and Vermont.
    Bring on the Canadian Army NOW. Before 400,000 cars filled with people fleeing NYC land in my village.
    I'll welcome our Armed Forces.

  • Skydown Gang Wars says:

    So.._ The virus is now inside communities, and we're a month too late on the quarantine act. Go Canada. Just come out and say we're waiting for community immunity like the Netherlands.

  • nyc disaster brought to you courtesy of leftist De Blasio and union madness, 3000 police officers calls in sick. plz. Traitors.Taking easy way out.

  • The United States said they are not concerned about small counties with ten case more or less. What is you response to that? If our small counties in Ontario are infected with small amounts does that mean we are overlooked? I live in Port Dover where many come to visit the lake. We have no testing here.

  • A pandemic threatens humans by humans. Coronavirus appeared in Wuhan, China first. Caused by the Government of Karma: The Chinese army's suppression of protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989 killed at least 10,000 people.

  • 49:30 Masks on air travel! I would 100% agree with this! This would make so much sense and would surely reduce the risk of spreading it!

  • Sandra Girardau says:

    God I can't stand that Barton woman, she is a Liberal sycophant as they all are on Canadian main stream media

  • This is a last ditch effort to take out Trump. Trudeau is clearly an agent of China. Just look at his antics in parliament this week. He basically tried to seize power.

  • Is Trump really trying to flex on Canada or he trollin? Maybe confused…. probably the latter. No one knows what that…. creature is thinking.

  • The flu kills tens of thousands of people each year and hospitalizes hundreds of thousands. You don't see governments ruining their economy for that. Why all the frenzy about the coronavirus?

  • Wait. So half of the cases so far are community spread. So that means half of the total numbers are people who came into Canada with it????
    So glad we have been closely screening everyone and taking their temperature upon arrival…… oh yeah we haven’t done that at all. Thanks mr dress up. Thanks a lot.

    So glad the CBC are checking on that…. oh yeah, They aren’t talking about it.

  • Its not true!

    Haven't seen a single person yet with Covid 19!!!

    They're telling people that have regular flu and cold that they have Covid 19!!!

    Trying to create order out of chaos!!

  • you know how Trump won, journalists interviewing themselves, professors and other like-minded people. Un-true-doh always sounds like he just finished a marathon when he addresses the medial

  • It's the culling of the filthy. Guess I'll be the only human left, because I'm apparently the only person who doesn't get every virus that goes around, even though it's not even difficult. To be honest there really is an excess of people so might as well weed out a bunch who don't value their own health much anyway. Here's a thing I do, in addition to using tissue between my hands and public door handles. When I get home I wash and also spray my eyes with deionized water to rinse the crud out. How else would it get out, you'd have to cry. Also I blow my nose to get crud out of there. I did those things long before corona came out, just to be non-filthy.

  • What’s disappointing and dangerous is governments knowledge of this virus months ago, and doing nothing. Fines? Jail ? Global? A lot of red flags here. How many times are you gonna say global?

  • The corrupt globalist elites aren’t getting any more money from the United States so they are going to take it from one of there last puppet leaders, (Trudeau) sadly that means it’s coming from Canadians.

  • So we’re getting laid, off being put into massive debt again, we are being steered toward an economic crash here. And they are going to provide a Taylor made “solution” believe that 🙂

  • Oh what ever. I had someone right up on me at the grocery store last week. He was so close i thought we were family. Not cool when i don't know him and i don't know if he's sick.

  • BeardotheClown says:

    Comments are on? Intriguing…

    There are a lot of anti-Trudeau and anti-government sentiment in the comments. If you disagree with how the government is handling the medical response or aid package roll out, I'm all for it, and let me hear it. It's an impressive mobilization of resources, and everyone seems to be an expert on all the facets of handling a pandemic response.

    Scientist and medical professions are busting their asses working to save the rest of us. There are a lot of people in government with no other agenda than to serve their fellow Canadians, especially in times of crisis like this. There's a very clear example to the south of us of how mismanaging a pandemic response can be catastrophic, so lets count our blessings that our government is utilizing data driven decisions and focus some positive energy on those who need it right now – those working the frontline of this pandemic.

    Maybe I'm just one of those few realistic optimists that hope for the best in people, because that spirit is what you can see on display in terrible times like these.

    Much love to my fellow Canadians – stay strong, and stay socially responsibly distant from each other.

  • Everyone wear a mask, strict isolation and fast testing is the keys in the countries that win the war against the virus. Please stop misleading Canadian because media try to hide the fact that government grossly unprepared for the pandemic.

  • <The disease originated in the filthy 3rd world conditions of the Wuhan wet market. Where hundreds of species of live wild animals are killed and sliced up for sale in the most unsanitary conditions imaginable. It's precisely where the SARS outbreak took place. China lied, downplayed and censored all details of this outbreak. They detained half a dozen doctors trying to warn of this new strain and forced them to sign documents apologizing for spreading false information. China sat on their asses for 40 days doing nothing. By the time they implemented containment protocols, it was already too late. Do you dumb sh!ts know why Italy was hit so hard? They have a huge population of Chinese nationals working in the textile industry. They were all free to travel back home to China for Chinese New Year that took place Jan 25 and were free to return to Italy because the Chinese government were still sitting on their rear ends. The US also has a large influx of Chinese labor. The only difference, President Trump closed off the border for all non-US citizens traveling back from China. He's the reason why the US is not another Italy. He save countless lives and you media pieces of sh!t called him a racist. Make no mistake, CV19 is a Chinese virus and we have this unprecedented pandemic because of the despicable actions of the Chinese government.
    FYI, the media called this a Chinese virus from the start, but when Trump uses the term, he's labelled a racists. You leftist media are just as despicable as the Chinese government.>

  • Game Hoard Game says:

    I am an essential worker in the food industry. Please stay home, and stay safe.
    Don't get sick. We'll keep the food rollin', just please, please, stay home if you can. This thing doesn't have legs of it's own.

  • Madd Hannah’s Handy Hints says:

    Realosiphy….Dude, get off Jordan Peterson’s cost tails….I don’t care how much you look like his second cousin

  • I'm glad media still have their priorities: amids deadly virus one of the first topics they discussing is Trump being bad and calling this disease Chinese. Oh the humanity.

  • Well, I have only 3 rolls of TP left. Hey, I know…I’ll just send them to China ! And I won’t worry ‘cause when we run out I know they’ll help us Canadians out right??..😬

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes says:

    The only distancing actually going on when you inform yourself to the truth, is the gov't distancing you from your wealth and your liberty. Gov't is a scam friends, Taxation is Theft.

  • wait what? I barely make 2k working almost full time putting myself in danger . Should I just quit and get some free money?

  • sensitivity rules again ,it came from China , hence the China virus , they need to be held accountable , law suits are already starting in the range of 20 trillion , more to come

  • How many ankle bracelets do we have? When they get off the plane, here's your ankle bracelet and we'll see you in 14 days. There is a history of laws that were created in response to stupidity, dishonesty. This shouldn't be any different.

  • Barton is a fear mongerer hypocrite. The States has every right to do what they want on their side of the border. God forbid they cross the border and have to face the wrath of Boy Blunder. We all know how much Uncle Donald respects "two-faced" blackface!

  • Soupy Steve’s Guitar Crap, and other stuff. says:

    Ok, as a Caretaker for a large building complex, I’m running around with a Bleach/ disinfectant solution spraying and cleaning everything. Wearing gloves but no mask. Should I be doing this? Or am I just exposing myself to this? Am I wasting my time?
    Why am I not hearing anything about cleaning and disinfecting stuff on the News?
    Seems like that should be a priority along with hand washing

  • Watch, they will announce sometime in the near future that the economy is in danger of collapsing and the only way to save us all is for the global bankers to pay off our debt and introduce a new cash-less system. Then the New World Order has us by the short and curlies.

  • Why in heaven’s name do you feel the need to translate the french? He says the same thing in french and english ! For a bilingual person like me it is so very annoying because the translator doesn’t always do a good job. I can understand the question and answer being translated, but not the speech!

  • Why doesn't the media ask him why does he say 14 days, everyday? How do they prove that? Do they go to Tim Hortons and get a card punched. Someone should tell him, one patient is still active after 37 days. There is no magic number; some patients are still shedding, 6 days after showing clear on tests.

  • Ebola is named for the ebola river in africa, mers was called middle east respritory syndrome, why is it not named wuhan flu?

  • This is god punshiment wake up people! Because of our sin! So we must pray everyone in the Jesus name 🙏😢😢🙏

  • How bout everyone use up all their vacation and sick days first before you hand out all this money my children will have to earn back???

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