Cours de Karate Pied Poings par Mickael Serfati

Cours de Karate Pied Poings par Mickael Serfati

hello welcome to my youtube channel
thank you for following my videos thanks for your reactions and your messages
of encouragement today I you presents a new video in fact I
will introduce you to a course that combines kick and punches
so how in one sitting in 1h be maximum efficiency to work at the
times his punches and at the times its equivalent in kicks
so that’s going to be a program fast effective that you can
reproduce in your club with your coach or even at home or
eventually that you can apply even if you are partitioning
karate practitioners but for another fighting sport foot fists go this is
party I hope you go after is so today it is with my student Eden that I will present this video She’s been my student for years 1st dan black belt
she is also champion of paris she today is going to suffer between
quotes my exercise and with a great enthusiasm
Thank you Eden So Eden is going to make us first of all a
minute of work punches on target on me I had to target him
will have to react with punches whether it’s Kizami or Gyaku Tsuki so here it’s a work of reactions in punch she would have
then twenty seconds of rest after his twenty seconds of rest
she will come to make a minute two punches on the punching bag that
is here while moving around the punching bag
after this 2nd minute of work she will have a minute of recovery and after
this night of recovery she will do the equivalent in legs that is to say that
for a minute I will give him targets
here level face or body level she will have to react quickly
twenty seconds of recovery and at again he’ll go for a minute to the bag of
kicks to work the kicks and this will be our first block that’s
let’s go so that’s it for the first block
now we will move on to second block that’s going to be a job
cardio this second block so a new we will combine fists and feet
so this time Eden is going to have two blocks to do that are not very long
but believe me who will be physical so she’ll have to do it for me 45
seconds here the maximum of hits fist I’m going to be in front of her I
will be in front of her I’ll go to not move much since the goal
she’ll be really working in quantity so she will have to
string together the most technique of possible corner really in 45 seconds to
the end of those 45 seconds she will have only 30 seconds of rest at the
following these thirty seconds of rest she will come back for a cardio block of 45
legs seconds of agreement so there I will put him very targets
quickly Pao left Pao right she’s going
having to really chained this time we’re not really in this block anymore
the quality we will really be sure of the quantity and that’s it for this second block
now let’s move on to our third block here with eden who is going to be
more power-oriented work agree on the muscle so here we
let’s go to two exercises at again of course fists and feet but
this time we will have year we will have two exercises that will not be
timed but the number of repetitions so she’s going to make us here all
simply with the kettlebells adapted to her weight here she is going to us Kizami Tsuki and Gyaku Tsuki in kihon so slowed ten times on each side ten
time left then ten times right a time she will have done this to us
will put on the wall to make us Mawashi Geri called at the bar who
allows to work the power and the resistance as well as flexibility
here we go for this third block So this is for this third block
now let’s move on to our last block of this session that alternates
punches and kicks so for this third block there will be
two one-minute exercises so the first exercise of a minute
here around this punch bag Eden will have to move by performing
punches and kicks from alternating way ie here she
will have to do a fist technique free a free foot technique this for a minute
that’s all while moving there she will have to use punches and
kicking in a qualitative way like we saw them in a block and so
quantitative ie with rhythm and the cardio that’s after this minute she will take 30 seconds of recovery
and after those thirty seconds of recovery she will do the last
exercise of the session that will be willingly a little more difficult
to push within its limits she will get into cladding position of
sheathing then a minute to each signal she will have to go back up and attack me in
function of my target a punch or a kick alternately a
once punch once kick to stay on the topic of the session
the alternation between punches and kicks and that’s it for this fourth block
this is our meeting and finished our sitting alternating punches and blows
of foot I hope you enjoyed it there will be
others for our appointment Thursday’s weekly
you can of course Liker and share the video and especially you
subscribe to the channel if you like that thank you Eden I thank you for having
participated “OSU” it’s very nice So here I am telling you on Thursday
next for a new video is again do not hesitate to put
in practice this See you later friends


3 thoughts on “Cours de Karate Pied Poings par Mickael Serfati”

  • Stéphane Dehon says:

    Bonsoir viens de découvrir ton compte youtube et bien sure ,tes videos.
    Et j'appréci tout particulierement la dernière video…car je compte me remettre au karaté,l'année prochaine,si possible.
    serais-tu faire d'auitres excercises plus simplement? (mouvement par mouvement ,pour des techniques de bases).
    ça serait très sympa (gyaku,mae geri,age uke etc…)
    Merci stéphane

  • Merci pour ta vidéo. La séance est vraiment sympa. Je viens de la faire, très bon pour le cardio et la préparation à la compétition. Merci de partager ton expérience.

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