Combat self defense training – how to defend yourself from an attacker

Special Forces dirty trick makes YOU dangerous when attacked! Statistics say you’re probably going to face a violent attacker! Or a bully who means you real harm at some point in your life! Self defense is not a prolonged fight or should not be at least. Self defense is neutralizing the threat so you or anyone else you are protecting can get away! Did you know you already have million-year-old reflexes in your body? That evolved to make you an effective fighter! Follow the link in the video description and learn a whole lot more! When you sniff some pepper and you sneeze right? You don’t have to think about it because it just happens! That is an instant reflex! Learn how to knock your attacker on his butt in seconds! These are the same techniques taught to every tier 1 special operations unit around the world! What if you could learn a simple fight system that made victory as natural and automatic as sneezing? Learn how tactical teams dominate close quarter combat. If you want to quickly gain the confidence it takes to never fear defending yourself again! Make sure you check out these tactical team combat secrets while this page is still online! By following the link in the video description! A self defense system developed by an active duty special forces soldier! And you don’t want to mess with a guy who has worked tactical teams right? Because they know the truth about winning a hand-to-hand fight in self defense! And this self defense secret will shock you! There is a way to unlock your fight-reflexes that society has stamped out of you! What if it took only hours to master such a fight system? Instead of the years it takes to learn a martial art? Would you be interested in getting in on the secret? Of course, right? Then click the link in the video description! Subscribe to the channel for upcoming videos. Don’t forget to like the video and leave a comment. Always be safe and Alert! Don’t forget to share this video.


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