Pain plus reflection leads to progress you have to make mistakes to grow You never tell some of the third gets the only reward effort I Want Joe average to know what I know about Olympic athletes? Nothing will ever replace hard work you got to find. What’s the best training system for you? I’ve just been challenged to run an Ironman on a hundred percent plant-based diet Have you trained vegan athletes that no impossible people choose vegan ISM at lower IQs people who go vegan lower their IQs If you believe the assertions that the entire Russian team has been doping since the sixties the earlier They’re the first ones used to saw so many injections The advantage is 10% if you have 10% advantage, but you train like a moron. It doesn’t really give you an advantage The universe gifts to the giver and Takes away from the taker You could have good karma or bad karma. It’s just a matter of choice They say that the human race is doomed that we have lost touch with our true nature but the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future I Disagree I believe that humanity is full of hope and That our salvation lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose in my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week, I seek out individuals that are changing the world people who are living and thinking in a different way Their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I Never planned on doing any of this but now I Can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of Charles Poliquin has trained over 800 Olympic athletes in 23 different sports He’s generally recognized as the greatest Strength coach on the planet Tim Ferriss even dedicated an entire chapter of tools and Titans to this man Charles is amazing we talked about Strength we talked about how to train his Olympic athletes about feeling their energy even some Chinese Yin, and yang elements when it comes to training And he also told me he wasn’t very impressed with vegans which isn’t great because I’m on my 100% plant-based Diet on the road to my first Ironman, but that’s okay Charles everyone has their opinions I know you’re really gonna enjoy this show and inside London real Academy. You’re gonna enjoy those things, too We’re kicking off with the Business Accelerator Soon to come up as our public speaking course speak to inspire and of course the life accelerator and more about that inside London real doesn’t stop when the conversation ends you see that’s when we get started Because everything begins with a thought and then comes the action The London real Academy is our global transformation platform here. We bring together thousands of students from over 75 countries Whether you want to build a profitable business from your passion or learn to speak to inspire or broadcast yourself with your very own Podcasts or accelerate your life to become a high-performance person we have the online Accountability course and personal mentoring program that will make your dream a reality Join us and we’ll take your life to the next level together Our next accelerate of course is starting soon This is London real I am Brian rose my guest today is Charles Paul Quinn the world-renowned strength coach who has trained over 800 Olympic athletes across 23 different events as well as professionals in the NHL NFL NBA And soccer you’ve been teaching for over 40 years and many consider you to be the most successful strength coach ever You’re an expert in muscle growth strength sports performance and coined the phrase the myth of discipline You’re the author of 14 books have written over 2,000 articles and are featured in an entire chapter of Tim Ferriss New York Times bestseller tools of Titan’s Charles welcome to London. Thank you very much for inviting me Brian It’s awesome to have you here. I’m curious What goes through your mind when you’re taking that plane and landing into Heathrow? You know when you think of London when you think of the UK? How do we compare when it comes to you know performance physical performance knowledge about strength etc as athletes? Very poor I mean if you look at other countries the biggest problem is lack of education But in the last 12 years Britain has caught up a lot, right You can even tell by the choice and gym equipment and that has changed dramatically in 12 years the The problem I would say the biggest problem in the UK is the mainstream media So there’s a lot of myths still perpetrated, and I would say Second biggest issue with the British market is actually to medical doctors. I mean if anybody but the culture and the medical British establishment is We’re the second authority after God right so they have this attitude. Well. It’s not in a research well Maybe you didn’t read the research so once they finish school, so there’s a lot of stuff that is dramatically stupid they’re still being done But the doctor says so so sometimes I work with British executives so my doctor told me this no that’s not true. You know we’ve known that for 60 years so the the The British medical establishment because of the socialized medicine is Limited I think if they went more private the quality would go up and then I think in the u.s. That’s the biggest difference is that it’s a business right so then people asked to compete to eat Well if you have a can doctor you gotta paid even if you’re the last guy in your class And you’re still called doctor, but he could have been the dumbest guy in your class, but you’re still gonna get work Okay, so what Canada suffers from the same problems, yes say in Australia Okay, because it’s socialized system where it’s not it’s not a meritocracy, but you know yeah You mentioned butter and bread earlier and made me think of saying that you say, which is earn your carbs yeah? and I’m sorry if you could explain that to people because I think Most people don’t understand that concept, and they think they deserve their carbs. Yeah people have more excuses than a pregnant nun For eating carbs all my grandmother’s Italian or whatever bullshit. They come up with right so basically It’s called the equator rule so the closest your genetic backgrounds comes from the equator the better you can do off carbs, right? Because the temperature is high You don’t eat fats to survive this weather conditions and so on but unique occasions especially from the north of Norwegians Don’t have good capacity to metabolize carbohydrates So now with genetic research, we found for example that there are genes that control starch digestion and as of today the six copies of that gene but people from Pakistan or Kashmir avowal all six copies So they can eat a lot of carbohydrates and the bother them It doesn’t bother your blood sugar whatever, but if you go to Estonia or Finland They have zero copies of the gene But yet this Finnish government will say you need to eat 16 servings of breads a day. I said this isn’t work so and Your upper back fat is probably your best indicator if you can tolerate carbs or not I’ve been saying thusly to another research to back me up in 2007 but All little fat you have any upper back determines if you can have car boy droids so Serbians Anybody from the Balkans is actually there good for the Caucasians at metabolizing carbohydrates? So they could have 80% carbohydrates if they’re clean car batteries. I don’t know talking Twinkies, or what do you call it? Can I? Have a cake in the UK right if you have java cakes as your source of carbohydrates versus Hillary, right? You’re gonna get into trouble But so upper back fat not abdominal fat for the best reading correct seeing your abs was also one of your yes baseline rules No, we’re having penis skin on your arms. You’re healthy. What does that mean well basically? If you feel like for survival the least important Hormones are the androgens the you know the sex drive hormones So if you’re sick your sex hormones are good usually are lean and biceps and it’s triceps, so But the body doesn’t really care I mean if you look at evolution if that you’re the having sex with your companion in the cave and there’s a saber-tooth Tiger coming in yes, I fucked procreation if your flight or Flight or fight right so some people call it firefight and more modern doctors say flight fight or fuck so as far as importance of choice when you there’s a Chemical called pregnenolone that we make in a body in under stress we’re wired to make it into cortisol Which is a stress hormone, but that prep precursor is the same precursor to making testosterone? But because we have so much stress actually a hundred times more than their grandfathers testosterone levels are decreasing and coral levels corazon level are going up like you know people have a smartphone so Even ten years ago people don’t expect you to call back within five seconds You know we get people head right to my website, and they don’t figure out Time zones and you’ll complain that it’s added morning for us that no one answered them. I said well, maybe it’s Sunday night for you in Australia, but we’re not okay like but That demand to respond and people say if I don’t respond. I’m not competitive. You know so we have a lot more stress I mean when’s the last time you got a handwritten letter in the mail right no You get bills right? Yeah, but 30 seconds a day you could be trolled online yeah And so our stress levels way up And so you’re saying we have more stress so because we are more stressing week less testosterone because the chemical which is responsible for Reproduction is now going towards stress management right so The world average for testosterone has decreased one percent per year since 1950 as measured by the world health regulation cessation so if you know we’re looking at 68 percent less testosterone That’s a lot. It’s a big drop right and how does that play out? well for example There’s more and more females born right so there’s less and less males because Whether you Give birth as a male when you fertilize the female if you have high testosterone you’re more likely to have Male offspring that true I know ideas yeah, so that’s why if you look at French Canadian or Irish Catholic families have 16 kids It’s usually males at the beginning and the daughters are born later, okay? And I’ve never seen that yeah like in my family were eight kids The first six are males last two of the females so with decreasing Testosterone you more likely so if you’re past 40 and you fertilize a female. It’s more likely going to be a girl, okay? I never heard that and so how does that play into? carbohydrate metabolism, it’s all linked okay, so it’s all linked so basically if I Don’t use the precursor to make my male hormones I’m making stress hormone when your stress of your seeing somebody says man Brian are so stressed last night all I could eat was broccoli sprouts Right so if you’re stressed were you going to reach for a box of Pringles I’m chocolate whatever whatever is your carbohydrate of choice, so stress We figured out thousand years ago that under stress eating something sweet Calms us down Because cortisol and insulin can’t be in the blood at the same time because they have opposite effects, right So if I’m stressed out, and I go I need to lower this I know that if I choose a chocolate bar I’m gonna bring my course all faster than if I eat a ribeye but Should either rebuy if you’re stressed out because then the blood sugar will be managed for long hours Okay, so and now with supermarkets and convenience stores and vending machines. We can have access to carbohydrates Readily if you’re a caveman and you want carbohydrates. They’re fast there was honey. So you have to find a B – maybe There’s no bees because you’re all the way in northern Finland right so and then also some Genotypes are not suited for carbohydrates, which require more protein fats like say in weight, right In which their diet is typically 70 to 85 percent saturated fats, but it’s normal There’s no trees. There’s no Gardens right so you seal for lunch and walrus for breakfast or whatever so those people Once you introduce white man’s food Like the two white poisons at white sugar white bread those white poisons yeah, that’s what should all avoid yeah And then so then they become fat so for example the the most studied population in the world for obesity is the Pima Indians of Arizona and the genotype Evolved on eight hundred calories a day, but what is there to eat in a desert like lizards cactus some plants? But a bit of rabbits, but there’s not in, Arizona You don’t see any bison they throw Buffalo the it’s too hot yeah, so they stay in Montana So the genotype evolved over 800 calories and when the Americans took over they put them on reservations, but they said they can’t Fend for yourself, so we’ll give them food and then with the yet, they get very low quality food, so P my natives get our through sclerosis signs as early as four year And the Americans who died at youngest the life expectancy as a Pima Indian is aged 38 Counts as a group of researchers from Laval University in Quebec. That’s start to study them and say okay Let’s give them more like a native that and then they see their blood profiles change And it could basically reverse the effects to some degree of having a white man’s diet and what can we learn from that? From that step well basically You have to eat according to your genes and not like I don’t believe I have talked about your genetic profile right okay? so You know and I see this all the time and Noah is the first thing you put in your mouth in the morning Provided its food will determine all the neurotransmitters for the whole day and now in clinical psychology they figured out that the two most important thing to regulate neurotransmitters is a high protein and fat breakfast and Waking up at the same time every day What’s an Abbott we have in western york monday-friday rest up? I’m gonna sleep pay my sleep depth on the weekend so people Wake up at 6:00 to go to work, but the wake up at 11:00 Saturday Sunday actually That’s one of the worst things You could do for aging rapidly okay, and the second is what you put in your mouth when you wake up Yeah which the usual American puts in cocoa puffs yeah or Nothing right, and then the take the subway the rush and they say oh, I’m gonna stop at Starbucks Which is caffeine which stimulates cortisol and sugar and then I’m gonna have a healthy muffin fuck there So I think is a healthy muffin right then It’s like honest lawyer. You’re under billing lawyer it doesn’t exist so people eat it and then their blood sugar crashes because blood sugar went through I and secrete too much insulin and then you know they repeat the cycle of Cortisol insulin sisa, and then they get fat and you wonder you know I eat well. I had the whole wheat sandwich for lunch It doesn’t work like this so your rule is what if you’re not under 10% body fat You don’t need to have a carb as a male milk, okay And you said there’s an AB test which means you if you can see your abs, and this means each one of your abs Yeah, that’s a rough test for nine percent body fat Nine point eight as soon as you can see all rows usually about nine point all the rows this way yeah, not vertically okay But no can see the rows you’re at about ten percent, and then you deserve some carbs correct Okay, so most people don’t deserve carbohydrates, right I? Mean, that’s so you know this is more for somebody who wants to be healthy You get off car boarders you die, but they have to be clean car wide routes and the best way to Determine if it’s a clean car board rate is to ask yourself did a caveman have access to it There’s no such thing as a feel of bagels or You know a tree that grows doughnuts, so you can’t have that so what I tell Sports people is that? If it doesn’t fly if it doesn’t swim, if it doesn’t run in the field or if it’s not green don’t eat it Okay, until they get to the optimum body fats the most simple way to explain nutrition and then once the Arleen then they could add things like figs and dates and Bananas, but until the alena I don’t and I’ve got a reputation initially to get people lean very fast But that’s the way I do it you know those roots in there Until they deserve them right right I get some carbs from the green vegetables Yeah, somebody about maybe 50 or less a day right, but there’s some genotypes According to the doctor Anika from Stanford that can only G netic elite tolerate 20 grams of carbohydrates a day right so, this is a huge brand, but if you’re from Croatia and You’re fat because you ate too much pizza, and whether I can keep high carb or do it in taking a diet It’ll be better you lose fat faster. Then actually if I put you on high protein I’ve had that But they have to be really clean carbohydrates ok so The thing in nutrition is that we tend to say there must be an optimal One-size-fits-all approach, and it doesn’t it has to be based on your genetics right so the the the more eat closer to what your ancestors ate the better it is and those 800 Olympians that you train if You do reduce their carbs like that. I mean there’s a common myth that they need carbs for energy and yet you’re training them Probably pretty hard correct. Do they need that? No, I don’t kill their sub dead. Okay. It’s a myth. You know the But one thing I do do is I’d give them a lot of glutamine and glutamine can restore glycogen stores This is a sugar inside the muscle cells that Is responsible for doing lactic acid training without raising your insulin, so I got some a few tricks. Okay, I use More, it’s easier. Not to do than a few years ago. I use ketones for the energy exogenous ketones But also I I teach their body to become fat-burning machine and then And I started a long time ago to use fish oil and I got criticized a lot and then in 2007 skiing research shows that I was right I used to recommend 30 grams of fish oil a day and on the internet that was get blasted it all the time and Keen researchers showed the fastest way for an obese person to lose body fat is 60 grams of fish oil a day But it’s not a death sentence where you going to take that for the rest of your life as you get leaner you can lower Your fish oil intake and also if you take just fish oil for too long you can become GLA deficient but if you do the right blood work I could decide okay, now you should switch right but Carnitine you know the amino acid Helps metabolize fish oil it also established fat and people don’t eat meat anymore because the year-old is bullshit But meats gonna give you your heart disease though that and then so all these are all commissioned you don’t buy Okay, but the problem is or colon cancer right? But it shit meat that is bad for you right, but if you buy organic meat Wild meat you know personally when I’m back in Colorado. I only yak a buffalo elk and You know I can tell by the blood profiles that it gets much better So that’s why I used to complain when I came to the UK Where do I and I guess I can buy wilderbeest here you could buy this there And then I change or sequel to source the right stuff, okay? So wild meats is what is what do you do with yes? Have you trained vegan athletes that you think can perform on that diet if they eat correctly or not? Come on Charles give it to me straight No impossible, and you don’t see a power athlete ever that’s been vegan There’s an audit there’s a new movie out called the game changers right and it’s got like a powerlifter And a runner or an MMA athlete and you look at your British boxer who turned vegan He tore his calf while giving you a punch David Hey, well that that could be a one-off But no, but you know what happens is that you you can actually get enough grams of protein via plant sources. Yeah, I should Quality protein in my opinion. I mean, okay if you’re a stockbroker Maybe you could be a vegan okay? You’re not an endurance athlete like rich roll who does old romera thongs and stuff who’s on a complete plant-based diet. You know again? There’s different distribution in the population so and my friend Mike Mallory is a vegan and he’s a strength guy But he’s an oddity right so there’s different genotypes. That could do better on it, but I find a lot of people turn vagin because they have a little stomach acid and Of course if you have low stomach acid meat is Hard to digest, and they actually taste surrenders, so if you put a vegan on BTN HCl, you know which is source of hydrochloric acid they can start edging their vegan food better, and then I say okay Let’s try this With vegans what I recommend they do is the least threatening protein to them is actually scallops So I don’t start them with a yak ribeye, and then they can digest it, which means it tastes better for them oh, yeah, but after a few weeks of Amino acid therapy and also I give them it the amino acids they can’t find in meat but there’s two German studies that show that people choose vegan ISM have lower IQs and Yes, it’s true And then the other thing is the people who go vegan lower their IQs and so Humans are not you know a very large percent of humans are not eight to be vegans And they’ll of course come back and say that you know are our intestines are 12 times as long as our body And we don’t have claws and we don’t have fangs, so we’re not supposed to be meat eaters We only have one stomach okay like all the carnivores obviously, I’ve been hanging with a lot of vegans Yeah, yeah, but I think it could be bullshit really okay the whole another machine. I’ve Never coached one of my own because East I was a vegan I’ve seen people Go vegan and get kicked out of the national team because of a lack of performance For example where the skier in Canada we thought like she was gonna be the next superstar and then she went vegan, and then she kept getting injured and She would never recover from injuries because if you have a soft tissue injury What do you mean most carnosine carnitine and taurine and he can only find those amino acids and animal sources in? Quantities are large enough, right? so I’ve seen some vegetarians do well in endurance sports But they still eat eggs and dairy product And it’s more of an endurance sport where yeah like all our body mass and a leaner profile Yes a light body weight, but and they’re seen like a gymnast or speed skater Anyway, that needs some power to make it as a vegan, okay, so I so I was in New York last week And I’ve just been challenged and to run an Ironman in 90 days on a hundred-percent plant-based diet yeah And I’m eight days in so I want to get your advice later Yeah But just so you know that’s kind of happening in the background and so I’ve been I’ve been having had I’ve had a lot of hundred plant-based people in the show, but dr. Michael Greger, which is interesting because dr. Michael Greger says what you eat can have dramatic effects on your life in your longevity which or yours Which I think you would agree with hundred percent and whereas almost 100 cent of the Medical Association doesn’t even consider Which is of course insane? and I’ve had all these people on and now I’m gonna try it myself so look I’m six days seven days in my Grandpa was a cattle rancher in Arizona Just outside of Phoenix, so you know I’ve I grew up on beef and I’ve been eating you know It’s sensible animal-based proteins the last few months I mean most of my life, but I’ll let you know what happens all right, and this is an endurance sport – yeah But still you know So well first of all do you have any advice for me for the next 90 days? I’m well Let’s see if you’re gonna do it. Okay. I’m gonna You know I would say take six grams of carnosine a day six gram during the day and six grands our carnitine a day Okay for muscle repair muscle repair More also for soft tissue health because if you’re gonna run An endurance event you’re gonna stress out your soft tissue, okay? drastically I would also start taking do that in HCl test which if you for your audience you could just Put HCl in the search engine of my website strength sensor calm and there will be Altitude test at home okay, and then thing is the odds that your HCl officials about ninety eight percent So just doing that with a plant-based protein you have an advantage of worse. Let’s say if you had a twin brothers I want to run the race, and he’s not taking each cell you’re already had an advantage of for him assuming You’re identical twins and same willpower blah blah. Okay? What’s worth testing even though. It’s very small percentage Yeah, but they’re probably the best medical doctor on muscle and performance and aging is dr. Gabriel Lian out of New York and Add her lecture for my students, but she showed a lot of data And then she showed for example blood work from vague ins and it’s like a rendus. You know they’re Aging prematurely, so that’s why I’m not so keen on and then she’s an MD and That’s all she does she treats people and she the thing is in her career she studied under The greatest muscle protein synthesis expert so she has a bias towards protein, but she says that You say you have carnivores vegetarians and Vegans and he says the health goes down Okay This famous vegetarian runners that died of heart attacks him do people say well that happened right so I think that the if you do close monitoring of insurance status That’s a safe way to do it of my what status of your mineral status on campus well I do that be a hair test. No that’s not really valid the best way There’s two simple very easy test to get done Unfortunately, UK you’ll have to go private But there’s a place in Mayfair that that’s it you test for red blood cell magnesium and red blood cells Inc And again those values are on my website, which ones you should have but for example if your zinc level is really low It’s extremely hard to maintain in your immune system. It’s also really hard to Make testosterone accelerators for example fertility rates are directly related to the same stores so the more so when People tell zinc and magnesium in the UK they look for serum magnesia machine, but those values only going to be Dangerously low when you’re gonna die in about two hours from now so a lot of people never get diagnosed with it So people have come up with a test where it’s called red blood cell Magnesium test red blood cell zinc so that’s where the minerals are stored in the body in the red blood cells Okay, so I should be testing on this regularly in a few weeks. I would say Tests only have three months tests tomorrow. Okay, you could email me your results I could tell you off you need to test right It depends how bad you are but? my experience 98% if you have a deficiency testing every four which is plenty if you do what I tell you to do Okay, right, but it is important, and you know and and zinc is involved in eighty-eight chemical reactions the body Magnesium is over 300 chemical Reactions your body and one of the things you need to do when you run marathons is to have a good Krebs cycle and a lobby’s enzymes limit the Year Krebs cycle your ability to burn fat while you exercise okay? That’s why I wouldn’t mind after that okay any other advice for me because I’m basically taking this challenge So I’m going plant-based for 90 days I’m swimming. I’m biking I’m running a lot as you can imagine to train for this I mean, I know I’m not you know. I know there’s probably hours We could talk but besides what you just told me anything to think about when it comes to the training the recovery One thing I would look at so with your sport you need to actually take in take a lot of carbohydrates Carbohydrates will be exercise. I don’t have to earn them I’m pretty low body-fat. You’re low body-fat show and you’re doing that all that mileage, right? But if you don’t restore your glycogen stores, you’ll have a problem But if you look at the research you can train somebody for Ironman using protein fats only, okay, it’s it’s feasible That means Chino is probably the best sex person world a but that’s it so you’re going plant-based so what I would use is rice based carbohydrate powders One things I would use is a chemical called a legal diction. It’s natural It’s basically a rice carbohydrate and I would make a seven percent solution That I would drink well I compete and one that I train so what seven percent is the ideal number because if you use a great No It’s not one of those kids more is better because if you use more than your body Asked to bring it back down to seven percent anyway, so it’s gonna steal water from other parts of your body So what you drink while you exercise can make a huge difference? Okay, post exercise you know Reestablishing carboys because if you don’t have enough carbohydrates, it’s gonna be hard to When you get to that phase of training when you do a lot of emerald training if you’re doing really Long slow distance it won’t really matter you could live off your fat. That’s not an issue, but depending on basically the intensity of your training, so I’ll fast you’re running will be limited by cardboard green take it after certain point and Again, I got a colleague’s. I’ll say no you could do it but I’m answering because you’re doing plant-based, but if he came to my office. That’s not what I tell you okay, all right well I’m taking this challenge on to learn a bit about myself. Yeah, it’s a great thing I mean We you know? We learn best or experience right I mean You look at the shooting in in, Florida You know these guys are supposedly trained But under stress the choked right because they were not exposed they may have learned to shoot at the shooting range But then to shoot under stress. Yeah, so you know I tell about What what sort of training you receive and and but II look at the best people We accomplished most usually because of failures right I mean it forces you to to reevaluate You know playing pain plus reflection leads to progress, so I’m sure it’s gonna be a painful experience But you’re going to learn a lot about it. I appreciate your insights Charles Walk me through this concept of the myth of discipline. Yeah, because when I when I first heard it it stood out to me And it sounds like it sounds like you’re all about breaking down misconceptions It seems like that’s what your life’s work was all basically Yeah, when it comes to nutrition and strength training and this what does that statement mean? Well, you know the way we talk for example? influences our behaviors and our behaviors dictator personality people think that personality takes behavior It’s the opposite and one of the things is is that are you? Successful in life is a function of what your subconscious mind Allows you to become That’s why some people call them fat loss things and in every lose fat and some people go on to fat loss thing any successful It’s always based on subconscious mind, but the way to turn off your subconscious mind is habits, which the conscious mind at so for example like somebody says I’m gonna stop eating sugar a Person could say I can’t eat sugar so that’s a victim like okay sugar Or you could say I don’t eat sugar which is Assertive right so the way We speak as a lot of influence on the way we think and the way we think influences our behavior, which influenced our personality? So the the point of the myth of discipline is that? It’s what you love the most that dictates what you’re gonna choose Right so you could say I love donuts, and we keep eating and we’re gonna be fat It fuck don’t complain to me right, or do you love having abs? Yes, I’d love having abs well Do things that show that you love you buy, so so if you let’s say are overweight obese I mean you’re walking crack the pavement and you’re listening to the show it’s ok fuck I’m gonna get in shape just change the way you talk you know I love being fit If you keep repeating that the five times a day then you’re gonna make the right choices, right? But it’s easier to have discipline if you make the right choice for breakfast that’s why I like to have people do the meat not breakfast it changes your brain chemistry because There’s two chemicals they drive you we call them in China myths and the yang Chemicals dopamine not still choline and dopamine depends on tyrosine Which is an amino acid from you found a lot in meat and eggs to it for drive, but you need to pay attention? That’s a still calling right that way You’ll find most nuts have a high source of calling so back in 82 I said probably the best way to eat is having meat and nuts but it took till I Think 2006 before the research backed me up ok so you’ve always said have meat nuts first thing in the morning Forces 82 ok because it gives you the chemicals and triggers the rest of the day, but if you look at the research There’s very good research out of the Harvard and the University of Toronto where they feed kids different types of breakfasts, and they look at what food they select throughout the day and If you have a good breakfast versus let’s say Oatmeal which is microwavable you know the kids who had high protein breakfast made good food selection – all day so it affects your power the whole day, but correlation or causation Connotation in this case yes, okay and then it’s been verified like there’s a Toronto study where they eat only nuts for breakfast or only muffins or half nuts half muffin and basically cognitive abilities greatest in people eat nuts a bit better in a nuts and muffin, but terrible in The muffin group okay. There’s studies where they gave kids waffles for breakfast with that fake syrup You know french games call that telephone post Sarat. Yes. It’s not maple syrup right and then The kids IQ compared to the day before was 20% lower right so they appeared dumber from bad food choices So you know probably one of quickest ways to turn around the country we’d have to have the breakfast at school And then it’s a good breakfast right right and the kids are more coverage tolerant you could give them oatmeal You know I mean if I was Emperor of all galaxies, which is one of my goals in life you would ban oatmeal No, I would then seal egg box here yeah, I mean rats would eat the box instead of eating his cereal because this is more nutrition so that the the important thing is that With a method discipline is that? You have to look at what do you love like if your child is in danger? You love your child You’ll do anything even if you’re not capable to do you may jump in front tears bullet because you say I’ll take the bullet for My child so that’s love you. Don’t need discipline for that right, so if you look approach the world I said I love doing this you know there’s things like people say you gotta live your passion. That’s bullshit You have to take a skill Get really really good at it right and then your passion will come out, right? It is a very good book called be so good the can ignore you yeah, right? And I think that if people read that they understand. I mean that’s when the 10,000 hours thing came out If you want to be good at something you gotta devote least 10,000 hours to it so we miss discipline But that’s love you. You love what you do right you say okay for example I would you know people ask me either you started as a strength coach? Well, I started as a strength coach? because You know I was raised French King Catholic so I would go to church At 10 o’clock and at the hots for this girl You see them here, and I would go to church or supervisor and the hell were you Halloween I was like 14, okay and then when I was Monday she wasn’t there so where were you in a church yesterday, I mean it’s a girl that everybody fantasize about in class, and then she says while I turned 14 this weekend and My mom says it’s my free choice. Whether I wanna like go to church and don’t want to go anymore So well if her mom takes it she can do it and I can do it so That’s he lied to my pants. I said what am I gonna do for? That 40 minutes, I’m supposed to be in church And you’re luckily the University Library was right beside the church so I’d say okay. I go to the library at 10:40 I’d walk home And I grabbed one of the pamphlets from the Tricia in the sermon so at a proof that at the church My parents never questioned me and when I was 16 17. It’s like you don’t have to go anymore, but what happened is that? Every first went to the periodicals section. That’s where you first went of course That’s where Charles goes didn’t you go to the fiction section? Yeah? No so what they periodically, and then I stumble upon a belgian kinesiology periodical it was an article on a Threadless in the knee I Said that’s interesting so I read that and then that started weight training susat You know back then there was no computer, so you have to go through the cards And I found out that I was on the sixth floor where the weight range stuff But I didn’t speak English so there was only about like five books on weight training From French authors as a okay. There’s only English stuff, so I got older in English I active learning English Because what happened was a kid from 68 this 70 we lived in French and I missed basic English and when I returned to Canada. I was put with the basically mentally deficient Learning English so my English Skills were really poor and when you were 14 were you interested in strength training Oh, yeah, okay, so Wow and it was always something of interest because young men are usually somewhat interested But some are more than others. I’ll get to that, but whether I said I I You know pull out the English dictionary, and I remember distinctly This helps with the bicep peak and I said peak with her peak and I remember looking in the French English dictionary it’s the summit of a mountain and I Must mean the height of the bicep, you know that’s how basic my English was right now But what got me into weight training is even as a kid I was disciplined There’s this one because I loved what I did as I did karate and We had they had this well Irish guy we did weight training and in 1975 to lift weights you were weird no like for most people and I said why do you lift weights yours well Bruce Lee does it it improves his punching power Yeah, you know my dad told me it makes you slow and dumb basically and then we had a black belt convention I was a black belt and our master former style came from Japan anyway through 65 or 63 jazz or Japanese guy in the 70 and my sensei was 5’4 185, but he could benchpress 400 pounds and The Japanese guesses like you guide genes are shit. You don’t know karate. Who’s the toughest guy here We’ll have a fight and my Sin City You know said el ago And then the referee says at Jimmy and the when the me sound came out my since he knocked him out was he cool kill cash in karate or what it was out of you just Knock them in the face right in their face straight out no headgear No, no there was four wishes right clothes. No glasses like just Worse pressure to face Japanese gave us a knocked out. There’s two and the black belts in the room really Well, I guess we’re not gonna learn much So somebody who revived them, and they when you Japanese guy woke up all of us were gone So a few weeks later with a blizzard like and I remember watching TV, and they said Buses won’t run There’s gonna be so much snow and for buses not to run in Canada It’s a lot of snow right because their use of it, so I said, okay. I don’t want to miss karate I’ve got a walk. I don’t walk fast and I’m gonna walk in the snow, so I’ve got a triple the time So everything he woke up really early Ate breakfast and walked to the dojo I show up. I’m the only kid and my sensei says Well there’s no class I said oh shit you know so I put my jacket like this if you wait for me I’ll Drive you home say well. It’s gonna save me three hours ago. I’ll wait an hour Any stretch to lift weights and I was like can I try and I got bit by the iron Bug like I said like I love this shit, and then how were you then 14, okay? I mean my arms Linguine right I mean if I drank a glass of v8. It looked like a thermometer that was really skinny, and then I And that’s when one eye But the same time it stopped going to church Because it was the winter and then I went to the library and that’s when I got into weight training and then I basically could read everything I could and then I Saved my money, and I remember like going to post office niggas You can do credit cards by phone so I sent the money order and I bought this magazine called Iron Man which still exists, and then I bought all the Issues and I start to read more and more and then there was a famous weightlifting coach that lived in Montreal He had 90% national team so I would get on the bus take a two-hour ride through Montreal on Friday mornings stay within the old day stay for sailing work at Ask him two thousand questions at work And then one day he told me he goes kid you’re really smart But you’re only gonna be good if you prove it you have to start coaching I start to coach a guy, which beat one of the stop guys after one year and that kind of built my confidence And you’re a young coach very young did you ever want to become a bodybuilder no become an Olympian? Olympian yes, but why not bodybuilder I Mean I admire a guy should put that much work but it’s it’s not something that I would have preferred to be like a famous weightlifter than a bodybuilder but You enjoyed the performance more than the aesthetics


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  • That's exactly right Brian, humanity are speeding towards the top, and we have never been better.. just everybody stop insisting that we have to think a certain way to be moral, and stop forcing western societies into accepting being multicultural societies (we don't want it!) and we'll all be fine!!

  • billytheweasel says:

    Modern vegans are like religious zealots. Shots fired.
    Useful interview, time well spent, thanks LR.
    Good interviewer too.

  • Cfergsthebest says:

    Nope high testosterone means you are more likely to produce sperm with an X chromosome. This means you are more likely to have a female offspring. This is why typically the oldest child is female and men later in their lives typically have boys.

  • rutgerhauer666 says:

    Socialized medicine is worse than privatized? Has this man read the "literature" he likes to brag about? We in the U.S. devote 50% more of our economy to healthcare than most other developed countries, with worse overall outcomes. Read the mortality and morbidity "literature," Mr. Poliquin, you sound like a lout.

  • He forgot other main point of low T levels in men: Pollution (including plastics)

    Tap water: Hormones, Pollutants, Heavy metals, Xenoestrogens, Pesticide residue
    All food: Covered in plastics, people eat from plastic containers
    Water: 99% in plastic bottles
    Packaging- Cups, Plastic forks , sythentic fast food wraps
    Pesticides – Could be brought back to carbs, high amounts in wheat etc.

    Trust me these cause cancer in women and men. Do yourself a favour and MINIMISE plastic. Buy meat from the butchers wrapped in paper, avoid tap water (if you can't buy glass bottles then plastic bottled spring is still better than tap). Tap water also has flouride which kills gut bacteria, killing your immune system)
    If you eat pasta, buy organic. Avoid plastic cups, forks etc.
    Also. get yourself a metal food container (or glass). The research is out there. Plastic turns male fish female.

  • How the fuck you can be whith out carbs all bodys don't respond the same to fats speacially if you have health issues, I don't do good whith fats to much ,meats ,are you comparing enhance person to a natural ,cuss you look enhance sirr for your age ,depending were your health is is what the body is going to need to repair itself,…

  • The not Vegan not Fit says:

    I loved the knowledge of Charles regarding to training, when I found that he had absolute 0 knowledge of nutrition;. VEGAN have lower IQ. AH AH AH …. Don't you think that eating meat, that stay 3 days into your body to digest prevent your mind to stay clear and to think well ? Come on.. this is common sense..

  • I started consuming 20g per day of omega 3's and he is correct, the changes are remarkable, improved hair, skin, vision (had to get new lower prescription glasses), libido +, Etc. I

  • Poliquin's remarks are harsh about vegans and as untrue as true. Many vegans go about it very uninformed and clearly are suffering from poor nutrition and that definitely has ramifications on cognitive function as well as physical performance. That said, there are some very well-informed vegan athletes on an all-plant diet that eat smartly with balance nutrition and incredibly energetic cognitively as well as physically. For those not familiar with the vegan olympic weight-lifter Clarence Kennedy, please do a search of his name here on YouTube to see the incredible, comically heavy weights he lifts. He is a very intelligent, articulate vegan with enviable strength. So there are good counter-examples. But again, most do not take the time to approach veganism right. It requires patience to learn, read, and prepare your food correctly.

  • certifiedhealthnut says:

    When are you going to have the great Paul Chek on the show Brian? He's blowing up the ONNIT & Aubrey Marcus podcasts on his way to Rogan!

  • London Real would have done much better if they had interviewed Paul Chek. He is much more knowledgeable (its four "white devils" you brain dead gear head stroke victim) on these topics, is drug free and much more articulate.

  • So how much is it going to cost me each month if I do all these tests , consume all these various supplements and the prescribed diet ….????

  • Doesn't really give you an advantage!? Wait what dick? Your pumped on TRT JOKER! You should be thanking Vegan's for helping global climates. Also I know plenty pro-bodybuilders and athletes at the highest level who are vegans. Personally I'm a vegetarian. But I gotta call you out clown.

  • what a fucking quack… the reason why people are obese is because they're overeating on black beans, red lentils, bananas, chickpeas, apples, blueberries, mangoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, quinoa, buckwheat and wild rice? Shut the fuck up you fucking TRT Keto Quack.

  • ᑭᕼᑌᑎKᗩᗪEᒪᒪIᑕ Şᑌᑎ ᗯIᘔᘔᗩᖇᗪ says:

    Took less than a minute to recognize this dude is a disinformation assclown.

  • ILikeExoticStuff says:

    People need to stop being Vegan just because its 'Cool'. People rather make it more difficult to do anything just to form a new identity, but they are still stuck in society's constructs.

  • Nice guy and good physique for his age, but has no clue regarding dangers of meat and dairy. You cannot ignore clear cut evidence of meat and dairy health dangers. Interesting interview.

  • Jonathan Cozier says:

    I love how all the meat bros in this thread talk like adolescent dipshits when they are met with actually data and arguments that challenge their opinion.

  • Sangye Ngawang says:

    I think this show is good but the guy running it seems to become a freak more over time because he has like 100 gurus

  • Leonardo Fratini says:

    Interesting, he says doctors are better in US because it's not a socialised system, hence their knowledge is advanced.
    Meanwhile, life expectancy is US is 78 years.
    Canada, 82.
    Australia, 82.

    Something wrong isn't right, if you know what I mean.

  • All Western medicine, whether USA, Canada, or Europe SUFFERS because they are trapped by the Rockefellers!!!! Do your research as you say. Try to get cancer cured in the USA!

  • Everybody complaining her that he is contridicting himself are utter idiots. He clearly states that diets and nutrition are genetic and individual.

    Yet you pick out information to try and discredit him for advising on a specific circumstances which is a man who not going to consume meat and only Vegan food which is 90% carbs! So obviously he'll need to eat alot of it.

    Pure moronic dicks

  • Forever Aloe Products says:

    I am not entirely surprised Charles has not coached any plant based athletes. He does not really come across as very interested in them ….. so why would they be interested in him being their coach? He obviously has fantastic knowledge. Shame he can not put things across in a calmer / kinder way. Obviously has no problems with his t – levels, not that he would divulge that if he did! 🙂

  • "They see all this bull shit that meats gonna give you heart disease" cause of death = Heart Attack….Great coach on strength and conditioning. Nutrition still questionable.

  • Glad he died. His death could save many misguided lives. Avoid steroids and animal foods especially meat and fat. Imagine his dying thoughts “I was wrong. I fucked up!”

  • I’m sure Poliquin sold undetectable drugs to Olympic athletes. What else do they need him for? Wannabe doctor/authoritarian.

  • 20:48 Poliquin sure ate those words!! Right, eat yak and grass fed meat and your heart will be just fine- NOT. 🍖 =⚰️.

  • 23:40 I found the DUMBEST Poliquin Q&A of all! “We only have one stomach.” 🤔 so smart!! Umm mountain 🦍 have one stomach. Horses. I mean if you’re interviewing this arrogant fool who only looks good due to steroid use, why not stop him right there? You could’ve saved his life. But again, it’s best that he died of a heart attack to put his fanboys on notice.

  • and the vegans laughed and laughed at the Bro Science this guy who died at 56 preached… keep eating that meat idiots!!!

  • And what is the result of this supposedly healthy lifestyle? 50 g of fish oil a day, zero scientific proof. No carbs unless you're endurance athlete, zero scientific proof for that. dead with 57 years, heart attack, should I laugh or cry now?

  • Sorry for Charles loss.I used a lot of his training ideas accept his diet which many studies show can lead to cardiovascular disease. It does make some of his views on Plant Based Diets and cardio vascular health ironic.

  • He was one of the greatest strength coaches there ever was. He coached olympic athletes. Yes he died of heart disease but so did his father before him. He had heart disease in his genetics.

  • He did what he enjoyed and got the most out of his life. If you live to 90 and couldn't do everything you wanted then it's a waste. People forget that there is a risk/reward ratio no matter what you do in life, his lifestyle isn't any different than any other if it was fulfilling to him. Vegans want to waste their life on social media trying to tell people what to eat, good thing they have all that extra time to do that. When you actually become 70,80,90 you'll regret any time you wasted worrying about others instead of yourself.

  • Died at the age of 57 from a heart attack – it just goes to show you can be a health and fitness guru and talk about long Jevity and nutrition and strength training – yet when your time is up it’s up – gone to soon…I guess steroids growth hormone and nutrition are not the best combination.. but still missed by many..

  • Rest In Peace old friend. I have followed your work for more than 20 years and achieved results that still blow my mind. Some may view you as crass or even rude, but I see it as being straight forward so someone doesn’t waste their time on foolish ideas.

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