What is the medicine ball? How can we choose one? Answer from SPARTA

Hello! My name is Dmitry Melnikov. and this is series of videos about our products. Today, i am going to tell you about our exclusive products we supply to thousands of costumers, specially, the company Adidas. Also, most of the martial arts clubs and CrossFit gyms, that we equipped, have one product in common which is med-ball ECO […]

How to avoid a Backdraft

Gav:We’re trying to film something that is quite rare,but incredibly dangerous to a firefighter,and it’s called a backdraft.– Man: Open it up. – Backdraft initiated. Dan: Oh, it’s like a dragon.– Whoa! – Whoa! God! Probably one of the most terrifying videos that I’ve shot. ‘Cause it leads you to imagine, you know, what could happen in real […]

Official Cobra Kai Trailer – The Karate Kid saga continues

Man: Get him a body bag!Whoever wins the next point will be our new champion. Finish him!( dramatic music )♪ ♪( cell phone ringing ) ( keypad beeps ) Who is this?Banzai! Daniel LaRusso here for LaRusso Auto.We are chopping prices on all of our inventory.Hiyah!Johnny? I knew it was you. This is Johnny Lawrence. He and I […]