BACK TO NINJA SCHOOL! ft Ninja Kidz TV – SuperHeroKids Hope and Noah SHK Comic

Blue, you are not yet ready for Ninja School. What? But master, I am ready! No, you are too angry. I’ll show you, I’ll go to Ninja School anyways. Blue wait! Oh my gosh! I’m so ready to get back to school! No talking! I hope you all studied for your ninja test today! A ninja test? What’s […]

How to Counter Using Step Back Roundhouse Kick in Closed Stance – Taekwondo Sparring – Sang H. Kim

Technique number four is one step back roundhouse kick at closed stance against front leg attack/ The Korean term is Hanbal Moollo Dollyo Chagi. Hanbal is one foot or one step. Moollo is back step footwork. Dollyo Chagi is roundhouse kick. The first step is to read the opponent’s initiative and move your front leg one foot backward. […]

태권도 할머니 달인 고수 레전드 Granny the Taekwondo master

Grandmother taekwondo master a grandson who began to learn Taekwondo I’m doing a demonstration in front of my uncle. The old lady who saw the picture shows what taekwondo really is. Do taekwondo. Move it. I’m just gonna take a picture. No, it’s a video. Move it. Try Taekwondo. I’m going to do Oh, yeah. My mom, do […]

Sensei Move #9: LOOKING AT YOUR HAND, your attention is powerful

Look at your hand Place your attention on it Notice: Volume Shape Temperature Sensations Close your eyes Stay connected Bring the other hand close Notice the difference It feels bigger More solid More real More alive Learning point Your attention=Expands Where are you placing your attention these days? Sports? Social Media? TV? Entertainment? Instead… Which areas of your […]