Democratic Candidates Kick Off Their 2020 Campaigns with an Apology Tour | The Daily Show

Some of the major Democratic candidates have been atoning for positions that they used to hold that are no longer welcome in the Democratic Party. Right? Candidates like former vice president and surprise massage therapist Joe Biden, who yesterday expressed regret over being a little “too tough” on crime back in the ’90s. I’ve been in this fight […]

Obóz w Kecskemet 2019 cz. 2 – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 14

Dear viewers. Like I said, once the camp is over, you get some food to replenish your calories. Today we have been invited for dinner to the “Three Gunars” hotel. One can really eat a lot here. Our plates are still empty, but looks like something’s coming. What’s this called? It’s called “hideg meggyleves.” “Hideg meggyleves?” – “Hideg […]

“Szukanie KORZENI” – Kraków – Wing Tsun Kung Fu Vlog odc. 6

Good morning. We’ve had breakfast with coffee, and we’ve ordered the cab. Sifu Dariusz is waiting for me to pick up our Master from the hotel. Afterwards it’s back to the gym to train. I hope that during lunch break I’ll be able to find some time to show you around Kraków, the Old Town and the Wawel. […]

Taoist Kung Fu vs. Yeung Family Spear – Condor Heroes Ep2

Hey Guys, welcome to the Storybook Panda Channel. We left off last time with Ironheart squared off with a mysterious Taoist Priest. We learned from our footnote video that Taoists are usually very peaceful but this guy was definitely not. If you need a quick refresher check out the previous videos. Otherwise, let’s see what happens next. So […]

Kung Fu Basics for Children : The Side Kick in Kung Fu Self-Defense for Children

Hi! My name is Dan Schmidt from Chinese Martial Arts Center and for In this clip we’re going to be discussing Kung Fu for kids and we’re going to be showing you the side kick, which looks like this. So you would start feet about shoulder width apart and you hand ups, knees bent. You step up […]