Defesa e Jiu-Jitsu: a escapada do cem-quilos favorita de Ryan Gracie

We are side-mounted… This hand on his shoulder. This one is here like this, right, but it will go inside. I will use my arm and body to bump him on his armpit. Then I bumped him… Spinned… Got my arm in, Locked the arm-triangle. Here you can choose: Either you pull guard and submit, Or go sideways, […]

Jiu-Jitsu Standing Techniques – Double to Single leg takedown

Sup guys Jared, I’m Chris, Gracie Academy Beverly Hills we’re two of the instructors here and we’re gonna show you what happens maybe from a failed double leg we all know the double leg from combatives what we can do to transition when the double leg isn’t so nice so Go ahead Jarrod drops for the doubled leg […]

The Warrior Mentality When Dealing With Breakups – Jocko Willink

I have a question about the warrior mentality I recently was dumped on a deployment and it’s difficult now that I am home stateside how does a warrior handle this is it like any other emotional loss I’m trying to use this loss and get after it and improve myself mentally and physically I’m not sure how to […]

Tsugy-Ashi, le pas chassé []

Hello and welcome to, clear and net karate. I’m Bruno BANDELIER. And today I’ll talk about a movement which is used widely in competition or fighting in general. This is Tsugy-ashi. Tsugi-ashi: it is not hunted. I’ll show you. It’s stupid. You’ll see. You are in a position where such a Zenkutsu Dashi. and you’ll put your […]

Jury Selection in a Self Defense Case – Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Marc J. Victor

But remember when you’re dealing with a jury in a criminal case you don’t know who you’re dealing with right you’re you’re dealing with a randomly selected group of citizens from the local community who you don’t know and you know very little about as it turns out when we pick juries you know we ask them questions […]

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