Marvel Legends Shang Chi Master Of Kung Fu Spider-Man Series 2020 Demogoblin BAF Wave Figure Review

it’s time to review master of kungfu Shunji let’s do this hey guys Mito supersorrell that your arrows Gina grab it Schanke Satrangi is an awesome character from Marvel goings and again this figure I believe came out came out around the time of Bruce Lee back in me so there it is a marvel and yes the […]

Kinesiology course empowers students with self-defense skills

Personal Defense for Women is a class, is a two-credit course through the Department of Kinesiology It is one of those courses that’s hands-on you’re going to learn the physical skills to defend yourself if you’re ever in a confrontation. You also learn some mental sharpness so that you develop a defensive mindset so that when you are […]

Como fazer o Mata-Leão | Luta livre e Jiu Jitsu | Cerrado MMA

Hey whats up, Erik Silva here And I’m Junior Silva We are Brazilian Luta-livre Black belt And we’ll show you some basics techniques And today, we’ll show you, the Rear Naked Choke [Rear Naked Choke] Once here of course, your teacher may have told you Never cross your foots here Then, pay attention to this kind of detail […]

What time is it? DEFENSIVE TIME! WKF sports karate kumite drills

Hey everybody my name is Rodney Hobson from Rodney Hobson Karate Academy in Kelowna joining you for another video today, we’re kicking off today’s video with a student of ours named Indigo Berry! Indigo is a stud! He’s a ten year old kid, he’s a green belt in our Academy, he’s competed at our local tournaments and he’s […]

Spartan Wrestling All-Access | Spartans All-Access | Wrestling

– [Roger] Let’s go, seven minutes, seven minutes! 15-second sprint! On your own, go! Go! (upbeat music) Ready? On two. (athletes clap) Alright, we’re not hanging our head. Get our head in there so we match his level. Let’s go. (dramatic techno music) So, let’s stay into it. Stay on that arm, circle into that elbow. Okay, let […]

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