Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Yi Jin Jing Exercises 1-3

Now let me introduce you to another set of internal exercise called Yi Jin Jing. Yi Jin Jing if you translate it word by word, if you translate it from Chinese into English, Yi means to change, Jin means the muscles and the tendons and Jing as the method. So if you incorporate all three word it means […]

#19 Poomsae Taegeuk2 part 2(step by step, Mirror mode)/Taekwondo Poomsae

Hello Taekwondo learning at home I am Oh Se-yeob nice to meet you Today, Taegeuk 2 Of the 18 actions, I’m going to practice from the seventh to the twelfth action. Did you practice until the sixth action? Practice with me. Let’s practice until the twelfth move attention Preparations(Junbi) one two one two one two To the left, […]

Madison International Martial Arts (MKG) Tuesday Training Tips – Lead Switching

Welcome back to another Tuesday Training Tips this time we’re continuing to talk about developing a solid foundation with basic lead switching footwork. Previous videos we’ve talked about stances and basic footwork and I alluded to different ways to make your footwork more interesting and one of the things I said was switching leads and switching leads or […]

Season 14, Episode 13 – Death Battle: Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome | Red vs. Blue

*Guitar Intro* VIC: Who would win in a fight? Now, if that’s not the most popular question asked around Project Freelancer, I don’t know what is. Oh, no wait, it’d probably be: “Hey, where do these AI keep coming from?”, or: “Have you noticed that we’re looking pretty evil lately?” Anyway, there’s been plenty of action-packed punchouts *Guitar […]

Eromanga-sensei Ending – adrenaline!!! (Synthesia)

単純な言葉重ねてゆく tanjun na kotoba kasaneteyuku もっと motto 心を素直で kokoro o sunao de なんでもないようなその笑顔が nandemonai you na sono egao ga 明日を照らす光に asu o terasu hikari ni ずっと気付いていたんだって zutto kidzuiteitanda tte この手に抱えていたんだって kono te ni kakaeteitanda tte 弾けた 声に hajiketa koe ni 流した答えが nagashita kotae ga 今 そっと きっと 願い込めた ima sotto kitto negai kometa ずっと回る回る夢の中で zutto mawarumawaru yume no naka de 繰り返し君と踊った kurikaeshi […]