Germán & Fernando One More Try Taekwondo George Michael RexRed (gay romance)

I’ve had enough of danger And people on the streets I’m looking out for angels Just trying to find some peace Now I think it’s time That you let me know So if you love me Say you love me But if you don’t just let me go ‘Cause teacher There are things that I don’t want to […]

【TVPP】Henry – Neck slice!!! Taekwondo Test, 헨리 – 헨리의 난데없는 태권도 외제 기합 ‘넥 슬라이스! 붐!’ @ A Real Man

Start! Oh~ Look closely at Henry’s accurate kick Hoju Hyung’s Taekwondo… is at a comfortable beat (?) Not going with the flow… My Taekwondo pace is maintaining my wellbeing This time… (?) BOOM! Neck slice! Neck slice! Nyha…!!! Unexpected foreign shouting Uuum~Slice!!! Try… Trying hard Let’s think of the best sad thought in the world… BAAM~~~

How to Punch – The 7 Basic Punches | Effective Martial Arts

Hi, I’m Patrick Fulop, this is Effective Martial Arts. In this lesson, the 7 basic punches. So the 7 basic punches you need to know to begin your martial arts training, are as follows. From your fighting stance, 1. Jab, 2. Cross, 3. Lead Hook, 4. Back Hook, 5. Lead Uppercut, 6. Back Uppercut, and 7. Overhand Punch. […]

Weapons for Martial Arts Training : An Additional Martial Arts Fight Demonstration

Hi! I’m Calab Labarda of Tae Kwon Do Unlimited on behalf of Visit our website at Today with me, I have Ricky Hernandez and Chuck Connover. Ricky Hernandez is going to be using the escrima also known as the Filipino fighting stick, and Mr. Connover, he is also going to be using the cane. They’re going […]

10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly (No Equipment Needed)

Hi folks i’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist, today we’re gonna show you the ten best exercises to lose weight no equipment needed, best exercise to lose weight are always the high intensity and we have the interval training right yeah get that Here you get the spikes in the heart rate zone then you […]

Metal Gear Solid 3 CQC – Techniques of The Boss by Nerd Martial Arts

What was that some kind of Judo? No it’s called CQC, a basic form of close quarters combat. Hey! welcome to Nerd Martial Arts. For this techniques of the week we’re gonna cover some techniques from Metal Gear Solid 3. We’re gonna cover some techniques from the Boss. The moves we’ll be covering will be the CQC techniques. […]

Sam Tharoth — A Female Bokator Martial Art Fighter in Cambodia

In the past, women were the chiefs, and we also had female soldiers who protected our country, so I want all female to be strong like our female ancestors. I learn Bokator because Ioved sport since I was young. Whenever I watched foreign action films, I always questioned myself if Cambodia have our own martial art. Then I […]