Learn 8 Taekwondo Multiple Kicks – Double and Triple Kicks

This is a combination of a hop front leg roundhouse kick and rear leg roundhouse kick. Do the first kick as fast as you can and let the second kick follow it with more power. The primary target for this technique is the waist level. This technique requires speed and courage to be successful. If you hesitate you […]

Shorinji Kempo. Martial arts. Application Goho,Juho, pressure points. [SUBTITLE] 少林寺 拳法

Shorinji Kempo ! Japanese martial art combining powerful explosive attacks and fluid techniques to effortlessly control an opponent. It’s life or death skills shrouded in mystery use ancient knowledge of the bodies hidden energy pathways. Shorinji Kempo trains both mind and body together cultivating the whole person. This fascinating martial art continues to inspire people across the globe. […]

How to put on and tie a Hakama (Aikido) – 3 ways, very detailed (w/ subtitles)

Hi guys I am Jordy from Seido Shop! Today, I would like to start a new “how to” video series and I would like to start off with “how to tie a Hakama” – the question we are asked the most often. This is my Hakama, actually custom made, and I am ready, so let us get started. […]

God Of Martial Arts 76.1 Bahasa Indonesia : Saudara (English Sub)

God Of Martial Arts MANHUA MAN PRESENT Brat, you dare to enter the prison arena without permission, tired of your life. I’m talking to you, you are dump… Damn Kid, how dare you make trouble in our area! That is Lin Feng ! Lin…Feng. You must be suffering a lot, Brother. no matter what your previous relationship. Now, […]