KICKED OUT OF JAPAN! (iā€™m sorry) šŸ‡ÆšŸ‡µ

I’m okay, I’m okay. Don’t worry about me. wtf A oh good morning logang whats popin. Hey guys, so as you guys know, I’m a little sick, my voice is kinda gone But God bless it, tomatoe *throws it* ugh I made a promise when I started vlogging. To deliver you guys the most entertaining, exhilarating, incredible content […]

Why Spider-Man Fights Like That | Fighting Styles in Games Explained

[Wrestling Noises] Every body knows the story of spider-man. Nerdy orphan from queens, radioactive spider, superpowers. But here’s a question most of overlook. Why is that when peter parker, a scrawny nerd becomes spider-man, a buff superhero he fights like this. In the case of the new game from insomniac, spiderman’s fighting style appears to be a hybrid […]

Nissan Kicks India Interiors Revealed | Detailed Walkaround Review |

Yo peeps it’s time to get close to the Nissan Kicks SUV that’s coming our way this is the sibling of the Renault Captur it’s based on the Duster platform that’s just a broader outline where does it fit in how good does it feel does it feel premium enough is this sporty what does it feel like […]

Gay Couple Kicked Out of Restaurant for PDA | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Now it’s time to bring our “gay couple” into the restaurant one last time. They haven’t shown much affection at all. But already this table is captivated. They’re even face timing. Giving the old thumbs down. And when our couple kisses, they brake out in laughter. Tracy has had it with our gay couple “Okay, okay you guys, […]

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