Cara Praktis jago BJJ (Brazilian JiuJitsu ) – With Max Metino – TBC Eps 06 – Tactical Basic Combat

Cara Praktis jago BJJ (Brazilian JiuJitsu ) – With Max Metino – TBC Eps 06 – Tactical Basic Combat

Welcome to TBC – Tactical Basic Combat Today is an extraordinary day, i had a visitor his name is Max Metino, he visited my dojo Max Metino is an International champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submission difficult to say, but he is a champion.. how many times have you win? well my record was more than 30 times only 30 times huh? yes only 30 times? really only 30 times? yes well. okay… *akward moment* not bad… 30 times won international competition.. was the enemy big? yes there are from within the country and abroad to a foreign country? yes, my opponents were from America, Canada, Indonesia and from Asia.. yes but only 30 times winning rite? yes only 30 times… well.. look I am a very open-minded person.. I learned any kind of Martial Art I had a black belt of Karate I’m a Wing-Chun Master I learnt how to use my inner energy I learn it until I almost lost my mind but fortunately I stop that’s why I made this Tactical Basic Combat to defeat other Martial Art such as BJJ but there are a theory which I like to learn from you because I’m an open-minded person I learnt when I close-guard someone on a ground fighting bjj technique was very easy for me Armbar or Triangle Choke or another choke no other technique that can give me a spirit to learn more maybe you can give me a little input or anything although I will not use it actually ok can you? something difficult ok okay I will teach you something more complicated can you? yes sure maybe you will be a little confuse to learn it well I can easily learn things like that can you show me first? yes sure can I call my student? *calling someone* please show me is this your student? yes, he is my student for 18 years well i haven’t gave him another belt please so this is the condition when on this position, often he strangled me usually we can use armbar to lock him but you said it is to easy yes it is so on a street fighting, he can strangled me and throw a punch he throw a punch to my head when he punch me we try to defense then we control his head… and arm we slide our hip then we place our leg here in this position we can do a triangle-choke or If we can’t pull his hand he place his hand here we can switch the technique from Triangle-choke to Omoplata then I will push him to fall then I will lock his shoulder then I will force him.. push my leg to the ground and make him tap-out so this is the technique please try it Sounds like an egg name? omelette? it is called Omoplata not omellete yes but sounds like.. thats a name from Portugese so where is omelette from? omelette is a food is there any difficult technique? well I think it’s enough please try it first please be serious okay? so he try to attack me I will do close-guard like this then he will try to strangled me He throw a punch please look at me and punch block his punch and I will rise my leg here that’s wrong… not this leg your right leg my right leg was on the bottom If it’s on the bottom then I can’t rise my leg ok please try again ok so i place my right leg above you strangled me punch me catch then I hold his head *difficult* hey thats wrong Ded you should escape your leg below his hand well I was going to do that I tried to pull his head and escape my leg below his hand ok please try again punch please do it correctly catch then I escape my leg I escape my leg … *difficult* Your leg is stuck because you didn’t slide your hip slide your hip… your too big try to escape your leg I slide my hip Wrong! you should slide your hip the other way try again! your technique is too much for this! wake up!


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