Calculus Taekwondo Mulan “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”

Calculus Taekwondo Mulan “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”

Hey guys? Do you remember… …what this is? Ohhh!! I know what this is!! It’s an eyebrow :3 Ohh Total sense πŸ™‚ To be honest though guys… I don’t really understand any of… … this stuff at all Am I right? Hey you know what guys? I saw this flyer today at the library guys Uh you wanna try it out? Yea sounds good πŸ˜€ Sure, why not I’m failing anyway πŸ™‚ Let’s derive the distance Get velocity Did you just integrate… …and leave off, plus C? You’re the saddest class I’ve ever met… But you can bet before we’re through>:( Students I’ll… …Get a five… …Out of you How to find the volume? Round an axis, it spins With disk or shell method You are sure to win! Got to take the chain, but you forgot, and you haven’t got a clue Somehow I’ll… …Get a 5… …OUT OF YOU I think I’m gonna get an F Say goodbye to college credit Boy was I a fool in school for cutting first Clev’s test got us scared to death Hope he doesn’t check my homework Got a pop quiz but my throat’s dying of thirst GET THAT 5 The derivative of sine is cosine GET THAT 5 Euler’s method for approximations GET THAT 5 F prime for slope of the tangent line Critical points obtain optimization Time is racing toward us ‘Til exams… …arrive Charge your calculator, bring it to… …survive You’re not prepped for… …those FRQ’s So pack up, go home, you’re through :// How could I… …Get a 5… …OUT OF YOU???? NEED TO KNOW Must check endpoints when sketching a curve NEED TO KNOW Indeterminate for L’ hospital NEED TO KNOW Product and Quotient rules you should observe Integrate to find area of it all GET THAT 5 Derive again for points of inflection GET THAT 5 Then find the changes in concavity GET THAT 5 Midpoint Riemann is width times midsections Use error formula for accuracy Confused, Confused, CoNfUSeD, CONFUSED, PUSHPUSHPUSHPUSH PUSH TAKE IT KYUUN KEN kAn??? D: Try AgAiN XD HUAH?? KA?? XD Dude my eyes are like watering up Don’t make me mess up dude [Jen laughs hysterically in the background] Are you recording this? We forgot the parentheses Integrate to find areaa of it aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaAAAAAAAAaAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Don’t scream louder just because it’s the last note D:


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