Bruce Lee’s Personal Abdominal Ab Workout

Bruce Lee’s Personal Abdominal Ab Workout

(bright pop music) – Bruce Lee’s personal
abdominal ab workout. Today we’re gonna show you a few exercises back from then when Bruce
was doing his ab training. Now Siva, why is ab training
so important in JKD? – It’s the central core piece to release your tools at random. It’s what drives, or supports,
your attacks at random, and if your core’s not strong enough, then you’re not able
to either kick or punch or use opponent’s leverage over them. – Or even move. – Or even move, right. So the whole idea behind
the ab workout is to engage these core muscles in what
you do on a day-to-day basis. You can focus on upper, mid
and lower abdominal exercises and back then, Bruce Lee
was reinventing the wheel on so many cases, as far as, okay I’m gonna do it this way or that way. I don’t think anybody
can really understand how he was doing things, ’cause he was just writing notes and moving forward with
different types of exercises. – He was experimenting with
different ideas, right? – That’s it. And those ideas, if people try to do that now sometimes if
you have a lower back pain it might not even work for you. – Maybe in the early twenties, it’s okay? – Yeah. – When you get a little
bit older, not as good. – Right, right. Your youth, you can drive yourself to killing your own adrenals, but when you start getting
older, you have to start focusing on reintroducing
your metabolic system to then enhance your
metabolism and everything else. Plus you have to eat right. So, yeah, it has to be coinciding with those right types of exercises. – So what are some of the common exercises that Bruce did back then? – So the first one,
it’s called frog kicks, and whether you wanna do
it hanging or just sitting, but most of the time, again,
if you’re watching TV, or you’re doing something on the floor, then just start doing all
your exercises on the ground. Put your hands behind you, and then the frog kicks
will come out here. You can either put your heels here, I usually like to leave
my legs out this way, and then I’ll just bring it in, and slowly bringing it
in as you extend out. You can do these rapidly or you can strengthening or tightening the abs on the way in. So these are one of my favorites, so we’ll just do about 10. Just continue going. And if you start feeling pain on your lower back then
you gotta stop, okay? Stop and you can do it again, but if it’s not for you
then do somethin’ else. So that’s frog kicks. The other one would be leg raises, and so this one is just a matter of putting your back on the
floor, this way, okay? – And if maybe you need
a partner sometimes you can get a partner
helping you out as well. – Yeah. – You need some kinda support work, you could be standing here, right? – Yeah, you can either
hold the legs this way, but in this case if you have
your hands on the ground this way, all you need
to do is bring it up. You don’t have to go any higher than this because that’s it, that’s
the tightening point. If you go any higher then
you’re gonna lose that tension. And all you do is bring it
down, don’t touch the ground, and come back up. And down. Up and down. You can put your head
down too and just kinda… You’re just slowly doing these, right? So everybody wanting to give that a try? So again, just a matter of not going past the pivotal point because
if you release that, then you lose the benefit of the exercise. So up to about getting close to midpoint, and then down. Three sets of 10 is fine, yeah. And then we can move on– – And the first one, how many do we do? – We could do three sets of 10 as well. – Three sets of 10, three
sets of 10, three sets of 10. – Yep. Alright, the next one
is called sit-up twists. And for the benefit of the camera here, if you need a partner, yes, you do then have
them hold the feet here, but don’t cheat because then you’ll use that to your advantage
and then you’re gonna basically bring this
up, which is incorrect. Which is then going to
impact your lower back. – So you can see this part. – Yeah, so if it’s like
this, that’s wrong. If somebody’s holding your
feet, you get a tendency to do this because you
wanna get up like this. Because you’re trying
to push through, right? And that’s incorrect. So what you wanna do is
just use that just in case. You’re coming down, you wanna
have a flat back on the floor and then when you get up, you
twist at the very end here. Twist. Twist. Okay? So, then everybody can partner up. Give that a shot. So just one twist to one side and then the opposite
when you come back up. If you do two that’s fine too. You’re just gonna burn out faster. Making sure your back
is flat to the ground. – Do you also want the
elbow to touch this, right? – Yes, right at the knee. Make sure you’re breathing. Exhale. – And then this hand is touching here? – Yeah, I would hold it behind your head. – Again, 10 reps? – Yeah, about 10. And then break, then 10 again, then break. So some things I like to implement with these exercises is because lower back tends to take some abuse over the years, and so what you wanna do now is think about the planking positions. Planking positions work very well to start tightening that core and you’re gonna feel a
difference, okay, in your strength. So if you hold this for about 30 seconds you should start to shake. If you can hold 60 seconds, great. 100 seconds, well, you get the idea. So if you can hold this
as long as possible and then do other exercises
and then come back to this and finish off your routine,
you get a good ab workout. This is one. Everybody okay? – Yes. – Alright, good, because we’re
gonna go on to the next one. Bring your hands up. I like doing mountain climbers here. So basically bringing your knee up and alternating here. Everyone ready? – Yes. – Okay, basically mountain
climbers 30 seconds, go! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight– three more! Nine, 10. Good, I was just joking about 30 seconds. (laughter) Okay, cause we can do
these all day on the video and it’s gonna expand to 30 minutes, but just so you could see what else we can do to engage the core. Another exercise I like
doing is bringing this leg up and twisting this all the
way to the opposite side. – So you’re working this part? – Yes. That is a very important part,
especially if you’re doing these kicks, right? Or the oblique kick. So what you wanna do is then
bring your right leg in, twist, left leg in, twist. So we could do 30, but just for the sake of
the training let’s do 10. Ready? – I’ll do the side so
you can see the view. – Okay, again, right leg, go up, twist in. That’s one. Two, three, four, five, six. Good, okay. So yeah, those common
exercises that you used to do with the lower back engaged over and over might not be a good idea, so then you start modifying
to what will work for you. And everybody’s different. If you’re in your early
twenties, yeah, or in your teens, you’re gonna be doing whatever it takes, but I guarantee you you’re gonna feel it when you’re much older. – So that’s the Bruce Lee’s
abdominal ab work out. I think it’s also important that you vary the different exercise. Sometimes you might do this one, you change your routine
you don’t get used to it. – Right. – Right, and then also maybe
in the future we’ll shoot some other videos with
different equipment. We can even show the dragonfly. That’s a very famous Bruce Lee workout. Comment below. Thumbs up. Also maybe click on the eye button, check out some of the
other videos as well. If this is first time watching a video and maybe let us know, comment
what other kinda workouts or routines you’re looking for. Maybe flexibility, maybe weight training, isometrics, we can do something like that. – Isometrics, yeah, that’s right. – And that’s the videos you wanna see. Comment below. You gotta let us know. I mean, we can read the opponent but we cannot read your
mind, what you like, right? So check us on the other videos
on the right side as well. Until next time, train hard. You won, my friend.


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