Bruce Lee’s JKD Daily Routine For Beginners

Bruce Lee’s JKD Daily Routine For Beginners

– Ask and you shall receive. You asked for it and here we are. We’re gonna give you a daily
routine that you can do for JKD beginners, no excuse,
you’re gonna follow along every single day, five,
10 minutes, all you need and this keeps you sharp, keeps you good in shape as well, improve your skill. (upbeat music) So Sifo take it away. – Okay, you should already
have drank your water, you’re sitting at home
watching this, make sure you’re continually following along, don’t just sit there and
watch what we’re doing. Do it with us. – Get up, no distraction, follow along. – What I want you to do is
just make sure that you’re rolling out your hands this way, okay? I don’t care what it
looks like, all I want you to do is bring your
arms over and around. Keep it as tight as possible okay? Don’t roll it down this way but keep it as tight as possible, okay? These are one of the tools you’re gonna be doing in this exercise
so get used to it. Now the other one I wanna
introduce is just the kick. All you’re doing is
throwing the kick up, okay? Keeping the toes
straight, so you feel like you’re gonna hit with the
instep, and just bring it up. Bring it up, bring it up, okay? So those are the two most
important tools, you ready? – Ready
– Alright, great. So let’s go ahead and start it off with sprinting,
sprint right in place. Little higher on the knees,
little higher on the knees. We’re gonna go 30 seconds
here, keep it going. (feet hitting floor) Good, good, keep it going. (feet hitting floor) 15. – With your knees high, (slapping thighs) Breathe. – Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, 30 pushups. Two, three, four, five, one (light music) 20 five, four, three, two, one. Good, get up, straight blasts, go! (fists hitting glove) Two, three, four, five, keep your foot forward,
keep your foot forward, don’t lean over, don’t lean over, good. – [Male] (blows our air) – Keep it going. – Make sure to breathe. – Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, alright sprint, sprint. (feet hitting floor) This is your resting period. I’m resting because I’m the instructor.
– Relax – Breathe. – Good. (feet hitting floor) (banging gloves together) – (blowing out air) Alright, it’s important to
keep, when you’re blasting, make sure your body’s
back, not so much forward. – Okay – Bulky weight. (feet hitting floor) – (blows out) (slapping thighs) – No pain! – Good. – No pain. – No pain. – 20 pushups. – 20 pushups. – One, (banging gloves together) 10 – Take your time, it’s
okay in the beginning, if you cannot do 20, do 10, do 5, doesn’t matter, it all starts somewhere. – Up, good! Blasts. (punching gloves) Keep your body backwards. You could slow it down, don’t overdo it.
– No, still doing it. – Good. – Form Yeah.
– More weight on the rear foot, more
weight on the rear foot. – (blows out air) – Good, let’s do it, seven, six, five, four, – Breathe three, two, one. (claps hands) – Alright.
Done. Alright, oh I forgot the
kicks, alright go, kicks. – (laughs) (kicking gloves) – One, two three, four, we’re gonna go to ten. Five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10, Good, alright.
– Breathe, breathe breathe breathe breathe.
– (pants) – Rest period – [Men) Rest Period. – This is actually a rest period. – Enjoy the view, what a gorgeous day. (banging gloves together)
kicking ass, working out. – So if you’ve never done
this before, this is a great way to start and just
break it in to the art. – Just a warmup, right, Sifo? – Yeah, it’s just a warmup.
– (laughs) – But it’s just a matter
of getting used to it, and this is the way I teach people. – Yeah. – If you’re sitting there,
analyzing every critiqued technique and you’re just
focusing on how a punch needs to occur you’re missing the point. You need to get physically
active in doing this. – Right. – So this is a great way to
start in breaking in to the art. – And this activity doesn’t have to, you wanna learn it for, for
martial purposes that’s good, you want it for, do it for fitness. – Yup. – I think it’s a great routine. You like kickboxing, that’s cool, but this is something
a little bit different that you can click on a video on YouTube and you follow along every single day for just five, 10 minutes. – Yeah. – Pretty, pretty good workout. So don’t tell us, oh I don’t
have time, I’m so busy. Yes, you can do this? Yes, you can do this. – Yeah, take some time out of your day, get away from the distraction that you have every day and just get it done. – Yeah, and you feel so good afterwards, and take a shower, right?


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