Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do’s Five Ways of Attack: Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA)

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do’s Five Ways of Attack: Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA)

(swish) (static) Bruce Lee’s JKD Five Ways
of Attack Part Three. Now before you do anything, make sure you click on the bell and notification and subscribe below. (upbeat music) Now if you watched my two other videos, you see they have covered
a Simple Angle Attack and also the HIA Hand Immobilizing Attack. Now today I’m gonna show you the Progressive Indirect Attack. Now just imagine this. If I was to go there and touch Shin, I go there directly and I touch him. That’s a Simple Angle Direct Attack. Progressive Indirect
Attack is when I’m going in this direction, suddenly I
look and then I go touch him. So it’s progressively
going towards the target, the opponent, but in an indirect way. Now you might be asking well
Dan, why do you go indirectly? Sometimes when you’re
facing an opponent that may be little bit more experienced that he may be faster than you, he might be stronger than you, he might have more experience than you, then you apply this particular strategy to confuse the opponent thinking
you’re going a certain way, you’re going a certain way. and then suddenly you do something else. So, let me demonstrate. A very simple idea, such as
maybe I do a couple of low jab low jab, you see this in boxing, low jab, and the guy is starting
to do this and this and then suddenly you change direction. That’s a Progressive Indirect Attack. Now, the key to the whole thing is you got to sell the technique. You can’t be like too,
you see he’s not afraid. You gotta give him a couple of these, give him a couple these,
right, give him a couple these and then you turn, give him
a couple, give him a couple, and then as you turn and then
you change direction, right? So that’s Progressive Indirect Attack. Let me give an example and
then I’ll bring them in. Let’s say you’re throwing the side kick. Doing a side kick here, boom, Shin can’t be like that,
I’m doing a side kick, boom, I’m doing a side kick, boom. Here, as I do the sidekick I
will fake, with a hip fake. So I’m throwing it
here, I’m throwing here. I’m doing fake from here switch
to a punch or a back fist. One more time, so you do a couple. Just relax and do a couple. You fake, (grunt) You do that. That’s Progressive Indirect Attack. So Jason and Drake join me. So do the hip fake. Now do a couple, throw
a couple kicks first. Touching them and then you do a fake. Now do the side kick..
so do the side kick. Yeah, try that. Do a couple these and a fake
and then you hit, try that. Make sure when you do the hip fake, don’t just do this, you
see, that’s not scary. See his body reaction,
that’s what you want. That split of a second his
attention is here and not here. That’s when I, see Bruce Lee, of course, Bruce is super fast, super powerful, what people don’t understand is, what gives Bruce the edge
is his ability to read the opponent in that half of
second that he can see- (grunt) Oh there’s an opening, and he goes in. That’s the difficult part. Take your time. Take your time, first technique, boom. I’m moving, moving, third time, right? (grunt) Then you go. Yes, so from here, from here, I turn just like I would
throw a kick right, see? My body mechanic’s the same. The only thing different is my foot has not left the ground. From there my momentum, I changed to that. From here I change to that. (mellow music) Boom. Boom. Boom. Try again, slow down. See how hard it is. Your hand-eye coordination,
your body coordination, your timing, your speed. You gotta get all your basics down. Until you get your basics
down, then you can do this. (mellow music) Good. Yeah, one more time. (mellow music) Yeah, it takes a lot. I’m facing you, right? I’m throwing the side kick, right? A couple of times I’m
throwing the side kick, right? From here, I turn my hip, see? Here I turn my hip and then I attack. One more time. I turn my hip and then attack. So that’s a low line, low to high, or it could also be the other way. I throw a couple punches, right? A couple punches and then I, so let’s say I do a back fist, right? So, boom, I’m doing a back
fist, I’m doing a back fist. Then I fake and then
I can do a groin kick. So it looks something like, I fake and then low. One more time, I fake and then I hit. So it’s the same idea, you reverse it. Now in Thai boxing, this is
a Thai boxing illustration. So you see these guys that
throw the Thai kick, right? From here, damn, this guy,
holy shit, this guy kicked. So then you turn from here you do that. One more time. So you turn at the last minute. You turn this way and then you go, right? So from here it’s like that. That’s also very, very common. It’s the same idea. These are not about techniques. The five ways of attack
is not about techniques. It’s all about strategy. So you can see it applies
to any Martial Art. Could be Thai boxing, could
be Judo, could be boxing, could be JKD, could be Wing
Chun, it doesn’t matter. So if you have other training buddies or people in your Martial Arts
school that you train with, show them this video. Share this video with them and
you can see what they can do so it’s not about the
different techniques. It’s about hey you know what, guys I’m practicing this
simple angle attack. I’m practicing the
Progressive Indirect Attack. Incorporate that in your training. Watch the other videos in
this playlist and you can see. See how you can incorporate. Maybe it’s boxing technique, maybe it’s a Wing Chun technique, maybe it’s the kicking technique. High low, low high,
left right, right left. Vary them, incorporate
them, and try them out. Comment below and let me
know how that works for you. Until next time, be water my friend. Be water my friend.


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  • Wow I've been wondering about indirect attacks, I'm going to add pia to my skills, thanks for making these videos. And nice profile pic

  • Hi Dan don't worry, I always appreciate your videos, never hating them:). Thank you for sharing the video about PIA and I like it focuses on the lead striking. I hope that you can cover in detail about the JKD advanced footwork videos and how it enhances your techniques in the future, because Bruce once said that 'footwork can beat any attack' and I believe they make you elusive and faster, so it must be the focus of JKD and inseparable to the techniques alone. I hope that you will cover things like inertia, drop shift, scissor etc in footwork. I've seen Ted Wong videos and I love his smooth footwork and lead striking power. A lot of JKD people have dead footwork in my opinion, but not Ted Wong.

  • Great video and very important concept in fighting. If someone is always direct against a good opponent, it becomes very easy for them to block and also counter. Counter punches at high level are very dangerous. Gotta be sneaky.

    I think your student was having some issues selling the kick because he isn't comfortable enough throwing the kick or being on one leg. He seems a little off balance. I wish the best to him and look forward to seeing all your student progress.

  • Awesome!
    I use PIA to land a hit when in a far distance to the opponent.
    PIA's initial indirect attack is good at closing in the distance
    then land your real strike when in right distance.

  • The Local Assassin says:

    This is one of my favorite things to do cause its more annoying to them if not devastating especially when combined with an excellent defense. When they can't block you but also can't hit you you'll be on there last nerve quick.

  • I have to say I really enjoy watching your videos!
    I myself started WT some months ago and Im constantly looking for new things to improve my fighting skills. Thanks to my awesome sifu(!) and the things you teach in your videos I got a much deeper understanding of some of the techniques and tactics to use in a fight.
    So thank you! Keep it up and greetings from germany!

  • Feinting principle.Bruce Lee was very fast and dangerous.He says if 2 Fighter s are equally skilled the one with feinting skills will win over the opponent.

  • The upper eye strike after the low jab… your use of the hips truly shows the Jun Fan roots of your jkd tree..truly amazing how you use his favorite teaching tool…video mh goi Sifu

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  • and people (literaly my instructor) says you cant plan moves ahead in a fight like oyu can in chess. i wanted to walk out then and there. but im still looking forward to challenging him, and kicking his ass when i leave in 4 years. but more to the point, i was doing this stuff way back when i was in elementary school fighting my friends using a bunch of tree branches. ive since been taught to not do that, though not directly, by my instructors. im not a happy camper right now. honestly, the more i learn about jeet kune do, the angrier i get with the other fighters in my group. i added jeet kune do footwork to my sparring, and INSTANTLY improved remarkably. and its been almost 10 years now since ive done fencing, so im not exactly up to par yet.

  • when i do that technique people tell me they thought i was going for a back kick right after they got hit with back fist.

  • very,i do realy like your teaching, i'm a Master of karaté, but i practice jkd and wing chun alone, thank you a lot

  • iladelphi Ninja says:

    My man really has to relax. He's so tense his execution is bad. Dan is incredible with his moves, but his students needs to relax his mind and spirit. If he keeps training he'll be fine though.

  • Stavros Stergiou says:

    What is stopping your opponent from jabbing you straight in the face when your going for the initial body shots? Your face was in direct line with his left fist.

  • James Miguez says:

    Thanks for your dedication to Bruce Lee. This video you rightly point out Bruce's ability to sense the opponent's movement even before it happens, he was a master. The late Joe Lewis talked about that. I think Bruce called it kinesthetic perception, or something. I know it also is connected to Taoism and Zen training. The PIA it seems to me is learned best through sparring and semi-sparring where we experience our opponents reactions and spontaneously come up with ways to make our opponent react the way we want him to, to our own set ups and progressive attacks. I appreciate your work.

  • Currently training in Jeet Kune Do and reading Lee's book. I want to be an instructor in this style. These videos help as I work on understanding this style.

  • I just discovered your jkd videos… absolutely fantastic. Your way of presenting these skills is unparalleled. Thank you so much for posting.

  • Hello Dan Lock, I have been following both your HID videos and your business videos because I am fully interested in both making money through entrepreneurial ventures, and also wish to make myself better from a physical standpoint. But, I wish to know if you have space in your Dojo and in your schedule to train another student, both in martial arts as well as in the economic arena. I await your response. Thank you, and have a great evening.

  • James Vegetarian says:

    wow this is the perfect setup for a one punch knockout especially when ive been training my knovkout punch

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    Hello Dan, how do I get a mentor??
    Lets say I want a home-business and need a Mentor
    I thought about a Trading business. You know
    Buy and Sell currency in Forex market for example.

    Can you help me with that??
    Regards, Sven

  • Oh thank goodness. I thought the title meant that Brie Larson was going to show up and tell me that I had no right to have an opinion about, or even watch this video. Good stuff.

  • Gracie Miller says:

    Hi Dan, while watching your video on pia I realized that what I learned from Bruce’s material 47 years ago I was not to far off for being self taught.
    Thank you for reinforcing Bruce’s work. Keep up the good work.


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