Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Techniques – Jut Sao Drill & Bonus

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Techniques – Jut Sao Drill & Bonus

– Jeet Kune Do trapping technique. Today I’m gonna show you a drill, Jut Sao drill. Very, very easy to
practice, very effective, It trains your sensitivity,
one of my favorite drills and you can see Jason and
Shin they’re practicing there. Okay. Now with the Jut Sao drill, Jut Sao it’s kind of funny, in Chinese it’s actually called jerking hand. It’s not what you think okay. It’s not the hand that
you jerk off with okay? It’s jerking hand. It’s a jerking kind of motion. So let me demonstrate. So the drill is very, very simple. First you start with one hand. What I would do is simply
just, see right there? Jut Sao from here and
then I would do a punch and whole time I’m
touching, touching the hand. So it’s not like that, it’s here and as I punch, Shin would
punch at the same time. Okay and then come back original position and you facing me, yeah better. You’ll find it’s easier if face to face like that, just like that. Try again, boom, boom,
just like that, boom. Don’t try to use power,
it’s a sensitivity drill. I see a lot of guys– (heavy breathing) it’s not weightlifting okay? Boom, boom. See this hand, boom, boom. Okay I pull down, I punch, so what it does, it does two things. First, your partner practicing
if someone does this to him, no thought, boom. Right there, just punch. Me, I’m practicing my sensitivity, right? You can see that. And as you get better, you
can actually close your eyes. You can close your eyes, see? You can do it with two hands. See that? Two hands, no power. Don’t try to– like that no. Boom, boom right? Boom, boom. Now the application of this
again, you’re not gonna go into a fight, “Hey man
can I borrow your hand?” It’s not about that. It’s whenever let’s say if
I do a Jut Sao right here, if Shin blocks, here you see this opening? Now I can do the Jut Sao from here. Boom. All I needed, just a
little opening from here ’cause I can’t get through. I can’t get through. So I need a little opening,
now I can get through. So it’s this type of stuff. Or sometimes you get to a point where it may be, let’s say through here, I can also from here, right? It’s this type of stuff. It’s just– And the beat, the beat listen, it’s not, it’s not to beat, it’s
not do this and hit. It’s– Right? And you can see if I
put in my body weight, this snap, this body, right
you can see, right Shin? It hurts, this hurts right. This hurts. This hurts. And it’s not a slap and also, make sure you’re not doing too much of this. ‘Cause what happens, boom. All I need is this. All I need is this. That’s it. So that’s the Jut Sao drill. Very practical, why again
one of my favorite drills. Practice well, practice often. You like this video, subscribe
below, leave a comment, ask a question, maybe what
other drills you wanna see, I’ll make future videos for you as well. See you in the next video. – Oh ow. – This is a snap. See this? These three fingers. – Oh the three fingers is the snap on it. – So on the surface you
think I’m doing this but it’s actually I’m doing this. – Oh okay. – You can see. So this is a snap, this a
snap, my weight drop is a snap. Right so it’s, this a snap right? This is a snap and this. – Yeah I felt that. – Versus, follow the camera if you can’t see shit. They think you’re doing this. But when I tell you the
trick, this, then you know. Try it. Is it tense, try again. Yeah better. Yeah better. It’s not easy. – Yeah it’s not. – Yeah relax, relax, relax. Relax, don’t push. It’s not a push, it’s a jerk right? Yeah better. Better, try this way. Yes. Yeah I can feel like it stings, good. Yes. Now try it at the elbow. Yes, add the weight. Yeah see, see my hand? Boom. Try again. Try it on Jason, you’ll see. Big difference. Alright. But not too much ’cause fuck if the guys are good, – He’s gonna come back up. – So not too much. So you want to control, so not this, this is not good. You just want enough, I just needed that much opening. Yeah boom. So it’s actually almost
one beat, it’s not, it’s, this is fine. Yeah. Yeah. Okay good, how’s that? (beat music)


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  • I really like watching all your Videos Sifu Dan. Not just your Martial Arts but also your business videos. You are a NO BULLSHIT guy and really respect what you are doing.

    I know some of the people who are working with you in your team but I don't live in Vancouver. I am learning from people like Desmond and Jason about internet marketing and branding. I have done some martial arts to also improve my discipline. Where I live I don't think there are any good JKD masters or schools but I have learned some Kung Fu and Kick Boxing. Do you think it is worth it to find a JKD school or sifu to travel to and study from a couple of times a year. I would like to come to Vancouver and meet you with Desmond and Jason as well maybe later this year.

  • Bruce lee wasn't just about hand combat, he did have a very good knowledge of kicking techniques, he'd kick you in the face just as fast as he could punch you in the face, the guy was & is one in a generation

  • Johnny English, PhD says:

    YouTube has 3 slow-motion speeds (25%, 50% and 75%). If your students watched you at 25%, they could practise at 25% until they feel that the movement is correct, then watch you again at 50%, etc. Once they've mastered the 3 slow-motion speeds, they could then attempt full speed.

  • heey verry nice videos and lessons. you have there. for me this is use full to understand wing chung better. i train wing chung for 1 year now. and i love it . greetings from the netherlands

  • Thank you Dan for sharing your passion of Bruce Lee's Philosophies, I appreciate you and your time to share videos like these and your inspirational seminars. They have made me personally succomb to the fact that I have not worked hard enough in my youth and to try to change my life for the better. Thanks again and much appreciated.

  • Awesome and informative. Better understanding of jeet kune do start of with wing chun. Sometime near future complete series breakdown of JKD .

  • Can you show some of the kicks for say someone coming toward you for an attack and some of the elbow techniques and when is the right time to use them. Thanks dan

  • BILGΞ HΛΝ says:

    Awesome to learn more and more about JKD through your Videos πŸ’ͺ

    Btw did you notice the squirell in the background

  • Good examples at end, micro acceleration and small accelerating rotations of strikes, "instant force"/ inch punch power.

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