Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Drills

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Drills

– Today we’re gonna teach you three JKD trapping drills. Look at my hands, is all red. (upbeat music) Sifu, what’s the first
drill that they can do? – Alright this first
one, all you need to do is start from wrist to wrist. And you’re gonna be facing your partner. Make sure that your
hand’s up, and your elbow is facing each other.
– So not like that? – And not like this no. And this is really typical,
if you’re a beginner and you’re not used to this,
it’s keeping your elbow in, and you’re covering what they
say is center line right. But you wanna be able to just
put it in just enough here. Not over, because then
you’ll ruin the leverage. You want it about here. So you have this, facing your opponent and there’s slightly forward pressure. He’s giving me forward, and I’m forward. The idea is that. – But I’m not pushing,
I’m not pushing Sifu. – No, and that could be
talked about at a later date. But here if I release, he
just presses forward, boom. Okay, and that’s the whole idea. I’m gonna do the same thing,
but he’s not letting me so how do I do that? I have to clear this hand or
what they call this barrier. Or wall, or anything that’s in
the way, you wanna clear it. So I have to clear this to continue the pressure going forward, to hit. If he wasn’t prepared with
the other hand, I made impact. But his reaction is by
parring, or at least touching or giving me another barrier. So I gotta find another way around it. So I go here, I find another way because once he made contact
here, I’m gonna continue the other one going forward. The hand in of itself is
still maintaining pressure. As it goes forward, and
this is going forward it doesn’t matter, I’m still
gonna hit with something. And you notice I ended up
controlling that whole time. – It’s a wedge right. – Right so, if I’m here, I’m hitting. Now there’s another way around that too even with this one I
can just keep adjusting and still make my way to the target. Doesn’t matter. Because right now, Dan’s
giving me what’s called a center block. Here he’s covering the
center, so not enough but even then, if I was strong enough, he could still get hit. But he’s just kinda
stopping it right there. And I had to either change it or again use my other tool to hit. – Let me just give you angles so that we can do it quickly from here. I am facing them maybe
this way, so you can see. – Okay so from here. – You can see my center energy. – I go here. – So this is where my blocking hand is. – Yeah. – So I’m not doing that
yet, I’m just saying oh! – Yeah, boom. – I see a fist flying in my
face, I’m like oh my God, right. Boom. That’s it. Right. – So, you’re aware that
I’m controlling this arm. The mistake that you can commonly find is that people will train this
way, to this way, or this way. What’s going on here? – This is all open. This is all it needs to be. – Yeah so what you wanna do
is be able to crash that. – Very tight. – At the same time. That’s what you call a
trap, because you’re hitting and utilizing your entire body, and it almost acts as a
wedge, as you’re crashing. So the second one, is
that he’s gonna cross it. – So now I’m crossing it. So first it’s this, the
second I’m giving this energy. Right, we always comment,
when you hear parry and if you’re a boxer or if you’re just used to reading the word perry, it almost feels like you
gotta slap it outta the way. A mean he doesn’t even know what he looks, he throws a punch, and you
slap it out of the way. Right, so the same idea, I’m here, he’s slapping it outta the way. I have to go around that, and
the simple way of learning that first one is that this hand is gonna continue pressing forward. While this is still carrying
my pressure this way. – You go with the flow. – Yeah, I’m gonna go with it. I’m not necessarily gonna go, oh no, two. That takes too long. He’s giving me the
acceleration to the next motion so as soon as that happens,
it just rolls right into it. So I’m going from here, I’m right in. And the only way that is going to work as if you’re really crashing it. And this hand might not
even be in that position but the same effect could apply. So I go here, and I’m just
gonna roll it, right in. – Slow it down for them,
see it from the second part. Watch this elbow. See this is not just a punch,
this is giving me pressure. This, my hand is here. – Yeah the whole idea, I
get really involved here I’m gonna close it this way. – Yeah, you see how I’m
off balance right there? – If I were to do it
here, Dan has an ability to just press forward right here. He could step. He could just step. – Any kind of sensitivity. – But if I can get there
quicker then he can. – Can’t do it, can not do it right. – So again, the faster
he gives me that parry the faster the back fist is gonna go. So he’s just giving me the acceleration. Right involved. I’m already there. – Right there, so that’s the second one. – That’s how you do the second one. The third one is that he grabs and the grab can either
be isolated, crossed over pulled, pushed, whatever. The beginning one is all you do is grab, you take that pressure,
that he’s giving you, and go with it. – Thank you very much. – Right there. Use your other hand,
you’re not gonna sit there and grab this one, it
doesn’t make any sense. This is probably the best
way to think about it if somebody were to grab you on that, you’re just gonna hit them with the hand. – Yeah, you’re not trying to… Just right there. – You’re not gonna wait. Even if he’s grabbing, you’re not gonna let somebody grab you. No. Again you learn from these drills it’s very mechanical but
again it’s just grab, and in. But then you learn from
it, extract from it, there’s ideas behind it. And you can utilize this
in anything out there. – And watch it again, and
practice very very slow. Because at first, you
wanna practice it right. It looks so good when you do it fast, but you wanna do it very very slow. Make sure, now go watch the next video.


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