Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do – The Shovel Hook

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do – The Shovel Hook

(sharp breaths) – Bruce Lee JKD, the shovel hook. If you watch my other JKD
videos I’ve shown you the straight lead, the hook
punch, and the various punches and attacks in JKD. Now today I’m gonna show
you the shovel hook. (intense music) Now the shovel hook in JKD
is a little bit different from other punches in terms
of the body mechanics. I learned this from Ted Wong
and it’s one of Ted Wong’s favorite techniques. I remember back then when
I was training with Ted, I was, this is me, and I
was throwing Ted a punch and he would slip to this
way and just throws me a shovel hook right there to my ribs. I remember it hurt me
for a couple of days. So I, I clearly remember this punch. Now the shovel hook, you can
use as an offensive technique or defensive technique. Let me show you the body mechanic first. Just like your typical
straight lead punches or hook it’s the same kind of
body mechanic using your hip obviously. Just imagine you’re kind of shoveling. Right, you’re digging
some kind of a, like dirt. Just imagine kind of this
kind of body mechanic. Right, and here your hand
goes up here, at a 45 degree. So look, so I’m here,
now it’s not an uppercut. You see an uppercut goes
through this up right? (sharp breaths)
Right? Not an uppercut. But it’s going through this way. And your elbow is pushing up. So it’s like this, like this. Now you can go, you can see here, you can see the body right? Or if the opponent is this
way, you can see you can go slip to the jaw, or to the throat. Again see this angle. And so it’s more close quarter, fighting. Okay so it could be here, right? (sharp breath)
(groan) Could be here, or it
could be here, like that. Now what you don’t wanna
do is it’s not a push. So it’s not like a push like that see. This is wrong, it’s not a push. It’s your whole body
using your hip from here, (sharp breath)
like that. (punches landing) Now make sure the elbow
is in when you’re throwing this punch because imagine
you’re shoveling something. See this, look at this. The elbow if you push, now push forward. This has no power. Tuck it in, push. See, now I move. That’s where all the power comes from. So make sure you’re not
throwing it this way. Look at that part it’s here. Tuck it in, imagine almost
like something here. And then from your ribs, from your hips, and you push this up your whole body. Almost like lifting the person. Right, almost lifting the person. That’s when all the
power comes in, try that. (sharp breath)
Yeah. Now and make sure when
you throw the punch, straighten your head, don’t turn. Stay looking at target. Yeah, better. One more time, and here. So this is to the throat or
the chin, this is to the ribs. Yes, relax, yeah. Good, I’ll throw a few you see. So this is the body right? Okay, so if I’m here, from here. So from here.
(sharp breath) Okay.
(sharp breath) Again.
(sharp breath) Right there, okay. Now, I’d say on attack you could use it. So let’s say the guy is in
right hand to right hand. Again remember JKD, right foot forward. Now if you have not
watched my other videos I describe this. Make sure you subscribe below. I’ve described the on guard
stance and the footwork in my other videos,
particularly the footwork. I assume you have watched it already, if you haven’t make sure
you go to the playlist and check that out. Now for now, leg right to right. You can take a step this way, and then you can see the opening. And you can, you can
do the shovel this way, and shovel hook this way
and shovel hook this way. Okay, so, looking like this. Slip, right, from here
or from here, right? On the other hand you
can also do it this way. This way let’s say someone is talking, throwing in a punch, I’ll do it slow. So throw us a punch, right. Here, very very sneaky. ‘Cause he would expect you
to hit something like this. But not like this. So it looks something like this. (sharp breath)
From here, right. And then from here, right?
(groans) Okay.
(heavy breathing) So from here, inside he doesn’t see it, from here you can do a take down. So that’s a defensive technique. So there’s shovel, a lot of
power, make sure again when you, when you us it make sure use your foot. Don’t just lift it this way, 45 degree. When you combine it with a
straight lead, with a hook, with different punches, right? Extremely, extremely powerful. So there you go, that’s a shovel hook. Now a lot of you are asking
me and commenting below and asking where is my school, how can I learn more from you Dan? Well I don’t have a school. The reason I’m making these
videos is not to bring students to my school ’cause that’s
not how I make a living. The only reason I’m making
these videos is to pay respect to my Sifu and to preserve and perpetuate Bruce Lee’s Legacy. To share what I know, the
little bit of knowledge that I have when it
comes to JKD and his art. So I don’t have a school,
I don’t have an online martial arts membership to
sell you or anything like that. All I have is just sharing
my knowledge and passion on this channel. So if you enjoy this
channel, you can like it, make sure you comment below,
give me a thumbs up so I know. And also that motivates me
to keep sharing what I know. Make sure click on the
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out my other JKD videos, you can check them out here as well. Every single week we upload
new Bruce Lee JKD videos. And if you have other videos
that you want me to make comment below and let me know. And I’ll see you in the next
video, be water my friend. – Be water my friend.


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  • The Shovel Hook is used a lot in Boxing too, often times causing massive damage when landed.
    That fact just shows how effective it is.

  • Dan i love your videos truely appreciate the talent
    Can you tell me the difference between
    Kung fu Vs karate Vs Tai chi ??
    Sorry i don't know much about these
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  • Much respect to you, Dan, for your explanation of why you are making these videos! I feel the same with the teaching I do. I want to give back for what was given to me.

  • Would you consider adding a couple minutes to every one of these technical videos that serves as a "reversal"? Basically a quick mini segment that addresses how to counter the primary technique you are teaching. Another way of describing what I'm saying would be to have a thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis approach to sharing these techniques.

  • Sir would you please explain how to do quarter swing and what it is? Bruce Lee included this in hand techniques section in his book Tao Of Jeet Kune Do but there is no description on google as well as youtube. I'll be very thankful.

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    Hey man..I've been doing Wing Chun for 3 years now practically spent all my free time doing forms n shaping up my body, so now I've noticed that although many of the guys at the training hall have been training for years with me and were pretty good at chi sao n all..but I'm the only one with muscles n like raw power it seems like most of the students just practice wing chun with no annual physical training at all…I mean chi sao n structure only wont win you a fight against me when I'm just faster n stronger…correct me if I'm wrong pls 😁😊😇

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  • Dan Lok, thanks for the video, 👏 maybe it could be useful a detailed video about the takedown in 5:20… I am using slow motion to catch the details… specially the direction of your leg (to 12 o' clock of your opponent, or towards his 1 o' clock… I don' use your clock as reference because you are moving, and your clock too)… it looks like an O' Soto Gari… another detail: how to keep the balance during the execution?… where must I put the foot, only in the rear part of the ankle, or even behind the rear part of the knee? Any advantage about this takedown compared with an Aikido takedown…. I am using an Aikido of takedown at the finish because is easier for me, thanks again.

  • Dan, developing a school or group also helps to transfer the knowledge and culture. I would join but I think you are down in Florida.

    I like the feel of staying loose like you’re doing, then the whole body turns/ throws the strike. If anyone has played ping pong, it is a similar feel when your paddle is about waist high, then you BAM! execute a side overhand slam/smash. You are loose, then you explode, and your hip turns with it. Like a racquetball slam too. Your hip leads, then arm, then fist, rapid unleashing. BAM!

    I like the feel of this shovel hook, sometimes when we chi sau or freestyle on the dummy or heavy bag you can throw them. Also hurts the side and ribs area, oof.

  • I was apart of the Black Dragon Fighting Society and my Sifu was Lawrence Day. Even in his old age he hit like a truck with poison fist. After he passed the Sifu that took over doubled the rates and I couldn’t afford it. Loved Changwuan! (Longfist)

  • You sir, are awesome… business guru and a martial artist! Inspiring! I'm a full instructor in JKD/Kali under inosanto and Vunak, as well as training under a Ted wong student (Sifu Mike Gittleson) here in Denver! Please don't ever stop being a bad ass

  • Another great video I own a copy of Bruce lees book Tao of Jkd and watching these videos helps me understand the movements and techniques from the book a lot more I think I learn things more visually than reading but really appreciate the videos been searching for them for ages so glad I found this channel 👍

  • Hello Dan Lok! I wanted to ask you and it would much appreciated if you would make a “Bruce Lee JKD” demonstration video on how to do the The FRONT FEINT KICK TO THE HOOK KICK. I believe you only see Bruce Lee perform this kick in “Way of the Dragon” when he fights the 2 Karate Masters. He performs this kick on Robert Wall after the other Karate Master says “Is your name Tao Lung?” Bruce performs those 3 kicks (which would be really cool to learn the techniques as well) and on the 4th one is the one I’m talking about… where he knocks Robert Wall. I just got an MMA Heavy Bag for XMAS so I’ve been practicing. I’ve been a huge fan of Bruce Lee since I first saw his movies as a toddler. I’ve done Karate, Boxing, and Wrestling groaning up. I even visited his cemetery in Seattle as well as the Wing Luke Museum in the exhibition of Bruce Lee. I know it’s a lot that wrote to you but I would certainly appreciate a video demonstrating this kick and it would very helpful to others as well. Thank you Dan! “Be Water, My Friend.” ☯️

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    Mr Dan i would like to thank you for your sharings about jkd. Im using it to excercise myself and later my protection thanks a lot.
    But i have a request please tell me where i will start you have a lot of videos. And i dont know where i am going to start thanks shifu.

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    What can a women do to defend herself if someone tries to hurt her? Or rob her like at work? I would like to see that demonstrated.

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    Always informational and learning a great deal from you and the crew.I have found an academy around were I live and going to try and get into it

  • Thank you so much for posting these videos. These have been exceptionally helpful in not only a physical aspect, but also a mental relief. With all the stresses in life, it's great to let it out through controlled release, and your videos have helped tremendously. It's great to see that you stay humble and continue spread what you love. Thank you again.

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