Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do – The Corkscrew Hook


50 thoughts on “Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do – The Corkscrew Hook”

  • Thanks alot for your amazing videos! After watching your videos I started practicing the jeet kune do techniques, yesterday I spared with a sanda wushu practitioner and he couldn't even touch me😀

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  • I did that too, but I didn't know the significance of the torque within the punch. Thank you for everything that you do! BE SAFE AND BE WELL, GOOD SIR!!!

  • Tenacious4Life00 says:

    Thanks Dan. Insightful. Looks like I have been doing the corkscrew pinch wrong. I have been twisting early. I think it's interesting that it has a twist mechanic same as karate reverse punch.

  • Abdul Halim b. Othman Halim says:

    Thanks so much sifu for this video, i hope u can grow a later stage jkd or ted wong jkd whole the world especially in Malaysia, there is no ted wong jkd in Malaysia unless jkd concept only in Malaysia but for ted wong jkd there is no in Malaysia, i learned ted wong jkd before in Singapore but i'm not finish my jkd training coz my sifu has moved in Australia so i can't continue my training. I really like red wong jkd and i hope i can learn from your video. Thanks so much my great sifu dan lok.

  • Sir won't the last two knuckles get hurt easily? Cuz I heard they're vulnerable when compared to the first two knuckles normally used for punching

  • Dan Lok thanks for the video, I appreciate it very much… I think it could be better punching using the 2 big nuckles… I have been practicing many ways to punch… because despite I have almost nothing formal instruction in Jun Fan JKD, I try to examine the biomechanics in every movement as the same way I learnt while read a book about Jun Fan JKD… this is one of many times, I examine something, and find afterwards that Bruce thought about it in a very similar way first. Maybe I started doing some of these experiments after watch a similar punch in UFC specially in the case of Chuck Lidell, but after that, I concentrated in understand why in karate is used the torque (in a different way), I thought about the centripetal force, I suppose the torque could be more about generate force than a defense, because with the regular jab you can cover using your shoulder too… I compared Karate, western boxing and Wing Chun. In this video, Chuck Lidell talks about the torque, in the minute 2:36 of this video:

  • I also use the Corkscrew Punch and hit with the two biggest knuckles instead. It's effective when you twist it and hit the side of the jaw of your opponent!

  • I like this punch and how I employ it is by coordinating it with a curving step. Could you do videos on various punching and kicking combinations?

  • exellent….yes the power is delivered at the end with a twist and snap , with practice this is a very quick and powerful punch, thanks for reminding me of it, the practice has started…cheers

  • There is a jkd school in philippines claiming to be under ted wong lineage as teached seemed to take seminars or private lessons under him. Techniques are somewhat similar to yours but i think i learn more from you than the few months i tried with them. I can see a big difference . Subscribed!

  • Great video sifu. I Love how you go into the detail of the techniques. It helps correct my mistakes such as turning the fist too soon.

  • The turning of the hand at the last moment also helped prevent me from over extending my arms which hurt my elbow

  • Thank you for this video. This was my original counter punch but I lost it over the years . I've been using the jab and straight punch long range and hook inside . Now I've got another long range weapon and it would be so satisfying to score with one of these . I got mine from the Chinese connection as I speeded up I didn't ever need it now that I'm older I have to have better. Techniques to keep up with faster stronger younger people who have more wind. J K D gets em every time take it from me I have been using it since 71 and the punches , kicks , thumbs to the eye, and foot sweep have all ended fights in my favor and quickly.

  • When will you guy be able to make some sparing videos ? It isn't to see how bad anybody is its just to see the movement and reflexes like the sparring clips of Bruce Lee we all ha e watched over and over I'm sure lol at least I do

  • Looks like a proper demonstration of the boxing jab. I favor the JKD straight lead because of proper bone alignment. Great video non the less.

  • Hello Dan, thank you for your videos, I'm really enjoying and training (even working on board without so much time to train). Big hug for you from Brazil!

  • Hello I am sorry that I do not know how to address You, Sifu Lok, my greatest respect , Thank you so much for your videos. I was a student of Sifu Brendan Lai Seven star Praying mantis, You have me hooked on you videos. I am an old man now but still love the arts and you have made me want to return. Thank You

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