42 thoughts on “Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Straight Lead”

  • 'HAND TRIGGERS FOOT TO SPARK'……….The hand goes FIRST then the REAR FOOT SHUNTS THE BODY FORWARD a nanosecond afterwards…….Some people get it wrong by instinctively putting the foot first. But the hand going first IGNITES the foot. And the REARFOOT isn't on the toes. It 's off the foot arch. Very, very hard to get right.

  • Well done! I learned independent motion technique a long time ago, and it's second nature to me now. When I teach students to do it I'm always surprised how hard it is to learn, but I have learned to tell them that it takes a long time to master it. Combine it with an independent motion lunge punch with the left hand 🙂

  • Dan have you studied with TOMMY CARRUTHERS. ?…….Very practical guy for JKD. Very interesting analysis & execution of Bruce's Art.

  • I practice Shotokan 4-5 times a week. I've been "stuck" trying to get my timing right. I've been coached by many but to no avail. I walked out of class yesterday morning still not quite understanding and a little frustrated. Right after class, I discovered your video. "The Proper Way" (@ 3:26) gave me the breakthrough instruction I've been seeking. Timing is everything! Xie xie!

  • Dan, Thank you once again for your great videos. There are no Jeet Kune Do instructors in my country. I am currently practicing Karate-Do Goju ryu and I am a Blue belt, but I am very interested in Jeet Kune Do. I have been learning from your videos and reading Bruce Lee's fighting method. What do you think about learning both arts? Thank you

  • Crazy my boxing coach always gets mad at me cause ive always jabbed from my hand lowered cause I always felt it was quicker and more powerful. He always sais "you're not gunna land that against elite fighters" then I spar pros and they get caught too and tell me its cause fighters don't usually throw a jab like that.

  • About my last comment
    My Sifu doesn't teach a lot of punching to beginners outside of basic Kung Fu strikes
    Reason being he wants us to be strong first and not try to hit his 30 year old bag which is as hard as rocks at the bottom.
    But really I never see him whip this out or teach it, even though it is common in a lot of what I see online. I think he CAN (he uses the jkd "rock on sign" hands with the finger and pinky out for measurement while he's in stance), but the style is a little different. Defense and footwork are emphasized first, and form. But every tutorial (this is one of the few good ones on it imo) see it as almost basic training, even though it is very difficult even as described by Bruce himself. Why is this?
    I would think my Sifu doesn't want a beginner to try this and smash his wrist or get beat up for trying it without a solid foundation.
    I was not trying to be sarcastic. There seems to be dispute about this move.

  • Too many exersice machines to many concepts this was bruce lees way to becoming famouse, karate n Kung fu r the best martial arts, they teach u yo develop some inner straing that if u máster it u can break baseball bats n woods were as this Jeet Kun do dont. Martial arts Is More than just fighting..

  • If u knows urself well n how where n when yo atack u dont even need a fighting stance havent u see sport karate fighters most fight heands down Yet they r very fast u dont even see them coming at you..

  • Thx for your profound Videos ,you are amazing ,your punch is so powerful and you are so quick ,Speed determines The Power ,i Wish i could learn a Little Bit from this technic but i am 60 years, witch exercise is helpful to improve speed.thx a Lot.

  • i learned various martial arts, every master said that keep your body relax and fluid then release or counter your opponent with massive strong and stable attk so you wont get caught in mobility
    But except from muay thai, i learned that it was strengthen whole body defense in hardcore and powerful attack so endurance can win against someone with fast attk but weak in power as if 1 attk will get him done and i have taken my opponent many blows.

    What i can said is different martial arts different concepts, but to absorb the best for you own.

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