Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concept vs Original

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concept vs Original

Oh my goodness! JKD Concept versus Original JKD. (Upbeat music) The most controversial
subject when it comes Bruce Lee’s martial art. It’s been debating over now decades. It’s almost like Christianity
versus Catholic, right? In the JKD community. So Shifu let’s talk about
maybe the original JKD first. What’s your thought,
what’s your perspective? – Um I would say as a culture you know people believe original is
based off of what Bruce Lee was teaching at the time, like in the late 60’s,
in the 70’s era etc. And obviously he passes away. Concepts is an idea driven from those thoughts and principles from that era, but they look at a more modern era. – Hmm – So they’re thinking okay so
people move differently now, we’ve evolved in the different
forms of fighting, right? You see the UFC fights,
I mean those people are now hands up, kicking,
so now we place an idea within that type of a
fighting aspect of the art. – And it’s almost if
you’re not familiar with Bruce Lee’s martial art, the
two school thought, right? you have the JKD, the
original JKD which is um I study under Tat Wong,
and which is original JKD, that lineage where
their school of thought, they believe that we should
preserve the art exactly how the way that Bruce
taught us is the way we’re teaching you, not one bit more. This is the stance, this is the punch, we’re not changing a damn thing basically. This is it, right. And then they have the JKD
concepts, which they’re like no, no, no JKD is not a style, right. It is a set of principles philosophy, that you should find your own path. Dan Inosanto said “Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add
what is eventually your own”. It’s that school of thought. – Yeah. – Which I find that they
also then incorporate all different art, like
Filipino martial art, Indonesian martial art,
Malaysian martial art, Karate, different type boxing. I studied under two of, briefly, no authority on this, no way I am not representing
the art I am just saying, from my understanding,
I studied under two of Dan Inosanto’s students. So from my understanding, I
might quickly demonstrate Shifu then you can also bring some attention… I’ll invite Shin come in, and
just do a quite demonstration. So the way I see it, is that, from JKD concepts, one big philosophy is that they like to flow from art to art. They believe you should be
well-trained in different types of martial arts, so
more weapons and more tools you can use. Example would be, the
original JKD, stance here, they could go from a, let’s say a kick, we have a lot of different
kicks, let’s say you’re taking a savate kick, right, from
here, you could flow from a Wing Chun, and then
you go flow from boxing, and then they could go from Thai boxing, and then they could go from a
sweep, and then then could go from a Jin Jitsu. So it flow from art to art
to art, now this is just my understanding, my own interpretation. The way that I see it, is
much more imagine you have an apple, you have an
orange, you have a banana, and they put a stick through it. You have different types of
Martial art depends on scenario, I’ll pull an apple I’ll pull
an orange or I’ll pull a banana depends on that. To me, Shifu, you can come back right in, is for the original JKD,
or what I think JKD is, is much more like a blender,
that you put the apple in you put the orange in,
you put the banana in, and you blend it. So when it’s finished, the
end product, is not a banana, it’s not an apple, it’s a
different type of drink, like a smoothie. I don’t know, what do you
think? That’s my take. – (Laugh), I no way represent
original Jeet Kune Do. I find my representation
of it is a clarity and understanding of
how to use principles. And those principles are how
I apply whatever type of forms he uses against me, and
try to attack his base, and still hit with power
and precision, and utilizing what people call, the Five Ways of Attack. Now, you could pull and throw
out the entire feel and look of what Jeet Kune Do is
supposed to look like, because you are thinking
about principles now. And that’s the difference between me, and original people, or concepts. Now with the way you look at
that, and again I am going back to the concepts group, or the original. They feel that it’s the
right way for them than more power to them. They are
leaning towards a direction that makes them feel good
about what they do, then do it! There’s no problem. – And I think, again with
Martial art, because most of us we want to defend ourselves, we want to build self-confidence, we want to improve our health. I mean I’ve never seen, like
in all across the board, different sports, different
industries, especially on social media. I have never
seen more ego in martial arts than any other things. All we debate is “Hey you suck.” “You are wrong.”
“You are doing it wrong.” “I am the best.” Or “I
am gonna kick your ass.” “I am gonna challenge you.” It’s always these types of big ego. Really? Right? We are all doing it, I think because we are all fans of Bruce Lee. We resonate towards his philosophy, right? If you know Bruce, it’s
about spreading the message, positive message, we
are making a difference. Not like “I hate you, you hate me”. But somehow all these
students all hate each other, and they fight and “You
suck and I am the best”. That to me it’s already against
what JKD is about, right? – Do we see all these
people’s opinions now? – Yeah it’s right there,
and probably this video will get a bunch of hate
comments like “You suck” or “I don’t like this”. We know, we know though,
we are just sharing our interpretation,
our perspective, right? – Yeah, yeah. – So you were talking about
philosophies and principles, not so much techniques.
‘Cause I do see people like, “Oh that’s not the way
that Bruce moved.” Right? “Bruce moved this way,
so I should do that.” But we are not Bruce. You are not Bruce, we are not Bruce. Okay? So we cannot do some of those moves, or that’s not our strengths, right? – Yeah. I think what you
are trying to share was the difference, you know,
a similar difference. So you know, if he were to
throw a punch, I am not gonna sit there and block it, ’cause we are thinking
about hitting right? So I am hitting, that would
be my first action to take, or if you step-in towards
me, I am gonna immediately kick to the groin. I mean it almost looks similar
to the other version of let’s do what it takes,
flowing from art to art. I don’t look at it that
way, it’s looking at it what’s my direct path to the
target, or how do I get him to move in a position so I
can hit him, and he can’t hit me. That’s the major difference. – Yeah and the principle is
set the longest weapon against the nearest target, right?
Take the other vital targets, we sharpen our tools, we keep it simple. – Right. – For myself, when I learned the, actually I want to hear Shifu’s opinion as well. When I learned the different
types of art, I find that in sparring a different
even trained situation, it’s like I have so many files, actually
makes me less effective. That’s my point of view. Oh! I have 20 moves I can
do at this one strike. I find that personally
doesn’t work for me, I went through that period of time like when you don’t anything,
and then you know too much? And now it’s all about daily decrease. I would rather you have 20
things, I’ve got 1 thing. Alright? You gonna do this? I am gonna finger-jam. You gonna do this? I am
gonna finger-jam, right? That’s just me. – No I totally agree. – I find it’s much simpler. – And one of the videos that
we were doing, I was just like let’s hit to the groin,
just hit to the groin. You saw me, I am just gonna
be doing the same thing over and over. That’s my initial target,
I am not gonna worry about if I can take a hit, I
am not gonna worry about if I can take a hit against your butt. – If he can’t take a hit
on the groin, then we run. That’s a monster, that’
a different animal right? But JKD concepts, one thing
I do like, which is they talk a lot about weapons. Original JKD there was no
weapons at all, they didn’t even talk about, right? So I think in modern day,
that’s something to consider, because people do have weapons, and how do you do against that? – You can borrow some of
that stuffs, and put it into the weapon realm, either
enhance the weaponry training, through some principles out
of the Jeet Kune Do art. – Correct. – But I don’t teach the
weapons, I just make sure that people feel good about
themselves, and knowing how to sharpen their tools, – That’s right. – Punching, kicking, whatever
the case is, if you want to learn the weapon art,
that’s another thing. – So, comment below! Original
JKD versus JKD concepts, which school you are from,
what are your thoughts? I think that’s a very
good topic to discuss. Again, no hate, don’t say
shit like I hate you all that, it’s not about that, it’s
about improving ourselves as a community, we want to
preserve Bruce’s legacy, and that’s why we make
these videos, you know? That’s what we do. So, comment below, and if you
want to watch other videos that Shifu Otavio created, make sure go watch those
video, we got a long playlist, we got a lot of videos,
and we upload videos every single week. Until next time, be water my friend.


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  • Domonic Sandals says:

    before I see this video I were talking about you Dan I was talking about how you teach me how to do high picket sale an to leverage other people relationship you change my life Dan thank you Dan! an yes I love Bruce Lee am one of is fan he share love !

  • I think both would JKD's would be useful. Because you have people that carry weapons on them. When I gone to Minnesota Kali Groups, I seen Rick Fey, holding weapons. I think he trained under Dan Inosanto. It was a lot of Styles in there. I think people have to be aware, that Bruce body mechanics, are not like everyone else's. His mentality was different. He Eat live and sleep Martial Arts. The average person is not willing to go as far as Bruce did. I think it comes down to what works for you. That's why you have Specialist like Cardiologist. Because they can do special things, when when it comes to a heart. Unlike other types of Doctors.

  • Priyanshu Kumar says:

    I am 15 and I have many business ideas but I am not capable to do that(middle class and under age)…Can you please answer me that now I should focus on studies or anyhow start my career online and focus on that ? please reply I am expecting an answer

  • Nicolas Widjaja says:

    Hi Dan, thank you so much. Please share more good things man.

    I am sharing this video to the people of Indonesia. 😊🙏

    GOD bless Dan

  • This video made this dead topic completely confusing so I'll fix it: Dan Inosanto invented Concepts because he believed Bruce was going in the direction of Filipino Martial arts and took the "absorb what is useful" to EVERY known and undiscovered martial art available while Original students taught the techniques Bruce invented. After Bruce died is when Inosanto did this WITH a lot of the original students. They eventually broke from him. Some did their own thing with what they got from Bruce while concepts did Original JKD with the addition of other styles. They focused on every trend they could their hands on. They still do. I trained with BOTH SIDES and I've got stories for days. I even explored stick fighting under Jerry Poteet. So….IMHO….the concepts/original clash has been dead since MMA entered the scene. THIS was Bruce's concept. This clash of ideals has turned to dust no need to make clay out of it and start sculpting again. Shannon Lee's podcast provides exactly what the entire JKD community lacks…actual philosophy that can have a real World impact on you.

  • Psychedelic rapping says:

    I feel jkd is something that should keep all base techniques from original jkd but then continue to enhace and add different styles to it and in that process also remove all unnecessary movements or thoughts and by combining both jkd concepts and original jkd i have been inspired to create my own martial art Baki

  • JM Lockpicking says:

    Nice video… One regret I have is not buying a book buy Ted Wong on JKD. I think that book had the Original JKD in it. I think and could be wrong but Bruce wanted his students to learn ideas.and concepts and then come up with there own style JKD Concepts. Use whatever Martial Arts you have around you and strip it down (using JKD principals) to what's effective for you and your area. I studied Hapkido for many years but when I started JKD… I looked at the four ranges and used only a couple techniques in each range. Kicking; Front, Side, and Round all low below the belt. Hand; Dirty Western Boxing, Eye gouge, Jab and Cross. Trapping; Thai Boxing, and Grapple; Jiu Jitsu. Nice video again wrote my term paper on this in college. The professor only thought Bruce was an actor and didn't know he created an Martial Art.

  • Make Humanity Great Again says:

    Both sides of the discussion are correct for different reasons. Original should be preserved and taught as is even if only purely for historical record. Conceptual practice should be engaged in for obvious reasons. Fighting isn't without purpose. Therefore, one's fighting technique should address that at all costs.

  • ŤãšHfïQûē Æżīź says:

    Hey Dan Lok, probably is nothing related to this video but could you do a video about your view on FOREX and shares and also could you recommend us on some resources which we can turn to in order to gain some knowledge from experienced and skilled individual. It would help tremendously as many are into the FOREX market or so, I guess?

  • I`ve allways thought that Bruce's Jeet Kune Do was about using the best skill at the moment, not something pre stablished. "be formless, shapeless, be water my friend"

  • A smoothie over a fruit satay, any day. You totally got it, Dan. Daily decrease instead of daily increase. The JKD concepts people concept too much without realizing that they've missed the true essence and the most important concepts of JKD. Now when can I spar with you?

  • I am from the Sticky-Boxing and Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do lineage. It is about having very few tools, but making them amazing, structured, maximum power, straight to the target, just hit! But there should be wayyyy less drama in the Martial Art world, especially in Jeet Kune Do. I cannot put others down for doing something that makes them happy. Do I have to agree with it or agree it will work in a real confrontation, not at all. But I can respect a journey.

  • Asten Regis The Flipside says:

    Bruce Lee evolved his thought and philosophy on martial arts training and JKD towards the concept of using what's useful and rejecting what's useless. It was about principles, not training in a specific way. Agree with what the Sifu said. It's all about adapting to your opponent. Great video.

  • oooo You one fit and fast guy… and looking strong… together with intelligence… deadly combination 🙂 nice one… look much better than in bentley

  • martial art… still an art… and I love art… but the classic one… modern one sholuldn't be calld art… and real master never say everything… like a magician… shows trick not how its done 🙂

  • Let's put it this way…if I'm attacked I'm going to make sure I don't become a victim. Call whatever protects me by whatever label you want, but if it keeps you safe that is the point of all self defense. Demistify self defense and remember your first reaction is your best reaction. Weaponize that and you stay safe.

  • Jeet Kune Do Physiology&More says:

    I think JKD concepts are MUCH more beneficial ESPECIALLY since JKD is all about "No Way as Way" meaning take what benefits you and discard the rest. Also, by setting certain ways of doin things (i.e. punching certain way or certain moves only) this also puts limits on your Spirit. And your Spirit can set your mind and body free..just as long as it is also limitless.

  • Correct. Definitely opinions and arguements about JKD make no sense, especially because most people think that JKD is a standardized technique, which is in fact not, but a concept towards finding what best fits your needs.

    I've just started Muay Thai trainings for 2 months now, but i have had practiced several martial arts before. But during Muay Thai sparring, i apply JKD principles while limiting my techniques to just Muay Thai techniques and rules,.. But every strike i make does a lot of difference. I beat those guys who practiced Muay Thai for at least 2 years already.

    So, JKD is not a standard technique, but a principle.

  • I believe that this debate could be finished with the, "Way of Water". All of this ego, hatred, and, negative mindset needs discipline in a spiritual sense.

  • Hanma Yujiro chijo saikyo no seibutsu aka ogre says:

    i just realise i dont like blocking attacking in jkd but to attack the opponent , attack the opponent the meant i learn art of dying in jkd . My jkd has no defense but attack the opponent

  • Hi! I am not involved in martial arts in any way but I believe that Bruce Lee himself said 'Be like water ' when referring to the art and he went on to say: ' Be shapeless… formless..' therefore if we listen to the master it is clear that he did not enjoy being a passive student He was an active student who constantly evolved and broke barriers that prevented his evolution but it is also nice to have in mind an old quote which I believe comes from Picasso who said: Learn the rules like a master so you can break them like a pro'

  • João Luís Tavares says:

    I also never liked this bully way of using Martial Arts as a weapon only to intimidate, threaten and even attack the helpless people. All about ego (and insecurity as you already mentioned in another video some weeks ago). Back on the 90s I also used to think about Martial Arts as a way to defend my self and that's it. Now exactly 10 years ago when I saw that Bruce Lee lost interview («The Big Boss» time), I started to look at Jeet Kune Do and all the other arts in a different way. Today I truly believe, it's a way of life. Learning how to be better, to live better. But like he said, styles corrupt Martial Arts and a lot of people in general. When they came up with this MMA championship, their goal was exactly this thing of «What's the best style» and the result was people with broken bones and other serious injuries. Then recently the were mentioning Bruce Lee as the father of MMA just because of that scene he did with Samo Hung on «Enter the Dragon» (I mean, if he knew, he probably wouldn't do it)…I'm a master last year released a video on youtube clarifying this great mistake (or bad publicity) because it was a total lie…
    So the thing is, I'm happy and I'm grateful that Bruce Lee made all this great effort, not only to share his knowledge but to try to connect all of us to the martial arts in a good way. If all could understand this way, I believe it would be much better. But I think the problem also comes from other issues (like education, but that's another very long subject).

  • As Bruce Lee sayed it's not just about fight is express yourself.
    Thats way we can apply his quotes on our daily life, even those who dont do martial arts.

  • Thanks to Dan Lok for this interesting video. As one of Bruce's Oakland students, I'd like to take this opportunity to correct a common misconception that the term "Jeet Kung Do" was coined in 1967. For example, there is this from the Bruce Lee Foundation: "The term Jeet Kune Do was coined and put into use in 1967 by Bruce Lee in an attempt to put a name to his martial art expression." Bruce announced Jeet Kune Do to his Montecello students in Jimmy Lee's garage in1965.

  • Carlton Holden, writer says:

    Enjoyed this, Dan. I think The Warrior Within broke it down for me: Bruce seemed to take both views you presented so creatively: You can take techniques as you would individual fruits or blend them. He seemed big on pure intuition and opposed to overthinking (which is compounded with a whole lot of useful head knowledge you mentioned). It was about feeling what the situation dictated and then acting without hesitation. That works powerfully, even in mundane things. Life really is about that pure self-awareness and self-control that martial arts teaches, thus the saying I heard more than once that 'our whole life is kung fu'

  • Hey bro Dan…I am with you on this…and honestly I don't exaggerate the 'difference' between them…as you aptly said what's important is that we apply the positivity that Bruce embodied to all his direct or indirect (like us) students and just be like water. Your understanding of having 'just one move' for the sake of simplicity and effectiveness, actually is applying JKD which BL applies on himself…again, I am with you on this… As Bruce said 'There is brilliance in simplicity' can be found on how he formed and applied the 1inch-3inch punch, whereas when it is explored, it is derived from the Wing chun snap punch, Jack Dempsey's floating punch, the Boxers Jab (this is a hint to all you dissers who says that the 1inch punch is just a push) and the Fencing footwork… all these complicated moves combined into one simplified punch called the 1inch 3 inch punch. Now thats Bruce's genius at work to me, waay ahead 30 years of his time back then. I am glad to have found you, another Bruce 'indirect' students here on Youtube…although you've been more lucky to have studied under the original JKD student Sifu Ted Wong. All the best to you my friend.

  • I completely agree with the idea of concepts and principles. Have been training and teaching in multiple styles for the past 45 years. I am new at doing videos for the past 6 months and I constantly see people are always highly opinionated. I love learning still and sharing what I can with those out there. I have much appreciation for what you have been sharing, keep it up.

  • Original JKD for me, raw & dirty that's how Lee Jun Fan(RIP) wanted it… It's a street fighting system…let's keep it street.

  • Sasu Attiogbe Redlich says:

    i think that jkd has nothing to do with bruce lee ultimateley . as long as we are humans, the base is the same . street gangsters in HK are also not following some principal . they are just fighting . for them, movement is just movement . this would possibly allow you to see everything from far away so you could understand more about it and observe its core values . The discussion should go to what is the most efficient .

    On my part, i think bruce lee said it already very clearly . styles are just an cristalization of the thing (solid) so we should all move to fluidity . of course, training other styles could benefit one. but does it suit the purpouse ? everything you do is a form of self expression . how you do it is your thing. but one should not follow someones ider or think of what someone els would do .

    you have to ask yourself the question. As an human being (since this is what you are), how do i express myself honestly . . . not lying to oneself .

  • Gabriel Consoli says:

    Hei Dan! I am not very familiar with martial arts, but I thing we can use the princeples and apply is a good way…

  • The problem with soo many people poping up with a sifu certificate is "their" ideaology and some people forget where and why it started , I don't have a school, just a bag and light pole lol, a wanna be follower, but to me there has to be steps, first is the Original JKD then move on to the concept part of it, becuase if you don't have both how can you be water and become the tea pot?

  • I did not realise there were 2 paths of JKD thought. Having studied wing chun a while, I like the idea of learning the principles and techniques first, I suppose that is the classic way, then as you internalise them you can build on it and adapt it to your body, mindset, etc. Like with triangle stance, I asked sifu why do people think you use that to fight as it has horrible mobility?

    He said that the triangle stance builds structure, strength, teaches you to lower your center of gravity, practice rotation and drilling, etc. Then when fighting you use the Chum kiu stance, very much like boxing stance, so you can blend quick mobility and lightness while then also blending in the good rooting you already trained. So the “patience, grasshopper “ mindset.

    I suppose if you only did concepts you could have a hodgepodge of who knows what, so I like the blend, and always keep learning. Great to see you and Octavio again, what an awesome channel.

  • yeshuaservant7 says:

    Bruce did enormous amounts of repetitive drills–from early on, in his training. He would rather perfect the same basic techniques–than learn many more new techniques, and only be mediocre at them.

  • I agree. I also trained in JKD Concepts for awhile. I got confused at first and then I noticed the "i have too many tools and forgot where I put them!" issue. I do my best to simplify it mentally: Just make my own style that has good intercepting striking methods, takedowns, and ground game. The labels just make things way too complex for my mind to handle. I'll pay homage to the traditions of those arts, but I will also incorporate them in a formless and nameless way.

  • Peope give credit to Bruce Lee about is impact on Martial Arts, he formed JKD to break from their system. He revolutionized self defense itself. There is a tremendous difference.

  • Terry Boccarossa says:

    There is so much to learn in jkd and I'm finding out that more and more are reverting to the boxing side of jkd over the wing Chun.. We still proactive the wing Chun style at the very end of the class for maybe 20 minutes.. The rest of the time is a lot of boxing inspirations and practicing the pendulum kicks to the groin.

    This is someone who is certified to teach by Dan Inosanto 4th Gen I guess? Since this trainer learned from his master who learned with inosanto

    So I don't know if it's original or concept.. But I've noticed a difference in the way you intercept the punch vs the way he makes us. Maybe it's si. Ply because I'm new to this teacher. But he's more prone to box and Bob and weave then punch over intercepting the punch like you showed in the videos.. Which is the right way? Don't think there is, just what works best.

  • The only bad ass I know is my nephew he's been in over 100 street fights and was taught by my adopted brother Randy his father who mimic Bruce Lee's techniques and fighting styles at the very beginning I kept a more open-minded approach as a Christian…. most people are cool in a civilized society…. in the high-dollar arena you can run into some very unsavory characters and might consider personal bodyguard protection….

    If you're just like me the best approach in life it don't go looking for trouble walk away from trouble and spend a hundred percent on a positive energy in your reality and that's the best foot forward for any martial artist

  • Marco Tangelder says:

    Hahaha, that's funny: I've seen the Sell me this pen-video, but somehow stumbled upon this JKD-video. Never realized you're a martial artist as well. 😀

  • I don't think I'm 100% either way, or rather I am 100% both ways. My JKD lineage is that I am a student of Ron Kosakowski who is a Senior Instructor under Larry Hartsell. His JKD came mainly, to my knowledge, from Sifu Larry Hartsell and Sifu Dan Inosanto. I believe that JKD is a philosophy and a training curriculum, but not a martial art. You study and perfect Bruce Lee's methods, that is Bruce Lee's JKD, then through the rigorous study of whatever additional martial arts you want to study, or not, you apply those concepts. The concepts such as interceptions, strong side forward, destructions etc., can be kept or discarded, it is up to the individual, but in order to study Bruce Lee's JKD, they must be mastered first. Sifu Larry applied this concept largely to grappling and he studied Judo, Catch Wrestling (my own passion), Sambo and other forms, but it was al under the rubric of JKD and he had mastered Sifu Bruce's training methods and philosophy. The strict adherence to Bruce Lee's JKD is still the same art, they just aren't studying anything else or applying JKD to anything else.

  • Having a lot of knowledge of different martial is good. That is better than only Bruce Lee’s Jkd and then you can blend them together into different situation


    To me JKD is all about intercepting strike in simple, direct & non classical way, through economy motion by 5 way of attack & JKD need to be constantly simplify & simplify, even if u wanna add other stuff in it u gonna simplify it for interception sake that should be how JKD suppose to evolve, not like the concept group, they are daily increasing but not simplifying it, even if they simplifying it there are goal is no more about interception & maintain economy motion, is more about using the best of other martial art like MMA & neglect all the simple, direct & non classical way & economy motion.

  • Mario Maldonado says:

    One way of looking at it is covering the different ranges i.e.. kicking, boxing trapping, grappling keeping in mind that the point is to "Hit without being Hit", just my thoughts. "HIT FIRST, HIT HARD, HIT LAST" (WNG) Redlands Ca

  • First of all thank you indeed, you are giving as so much tools to become a better versions of our selves.
    JKD question: how to become more aware of the space around as, and how to be not afraid from the opponent and how to be sure of what to do in a real fight?
    Thank you very much!

  • I think what both were basically trying to say (not trying to put words in their mouths, but based on my experiences and impressions) is that both are useful in different ways. One of, if not the biggest misconception in JKD Concepts is that we are ADDING TO… but that is a juvenile interpretation. The point of learning more arts is 2 fold; 1) as Bruce Lee said we should know our opponent (paraphrased, because he actually said it soooo many different ways) in order to know how best to deal with them (because some arts are almost impossible to learn about strictly as an observer, this was and still is a common problem in Wing Chun for instance as Wing Chun practitioners are often discouraged from using kicks or ground fighting and therefore when most go up against these it gives them a lot of trouble despite that the philosophy and teaching had/have merit in why and how it is best not to because of the potential weaknesses involved… because they never practiced those counters in any very realistic ways), and 2) because the more differences we learn the more what they all share reduces and so eventually we are left what is essential rather than what is superficial (at which point you see every technique for it's governing philosophies and 1000 techniques can essentially look the same and feel the same to you as if they were all just 1 technique being used differently, and then you can use that 1 technique any way you want to and never think or hesitate because it is all still the same… you might even find yourself winning a fight by accident and not even able to recall what you did or how you won).

    The question of Original or Concepts JKD is more a question of which way do you learn best; by 1) progressing in order from start to finish, or 2) by looking ahead and then disassembling from that how the earlier steps work. I personally am an example of the second, I found it easier to begin in Concepts and then once I got deep enough into that I started using Original JKD teachings to test my philosophies and was able to learn to be me from the start but also how to express myself in such a way as to remain true to the intent of Bruce Lee's art. I personally hope that the two come together as a kind of yin and yang, separate yet intrinsically connected and coming together in harmony in order to form a true and complete whole (as I already believe they do, but it isn't about whether they are or not it is about whether we perceive them as such or not… we all have a strength for everyone of our weaknesses, this is fact, but if we do not perceive our weaknesses we become vulnerable and if we do not perceive our strengths we become ineffective or without impact… but if we perceive both as they truly are then we can make use of both, in fact at least 3 if not all 5 of Bruce's 5 Ways of Attack are centered around this philosophy).

    It should also be stated that even though we talk about which school is better we should understand that if it weren't for Bruceploitation (the fact that suddenly every martial arts school was teaching "Jeet Kune Do Concepts" and any could make the claim no matter how lacking because there was no official institution with any authority to regulate JKD at the time) Dan Inosanto said himself that there would be no JKD schools at all because they had no idea what or how to teach as Bruce was constantly coming back with something new he had learned and changing the curriculum (to what extent, to serve what purpose, Inosanto never said and I am guessing only Bruce truly knew and maybe not even he where it was all going, up to and beyond his early death… but the point is that in this we see, once again, both at work the philosophies and the foundation… it was his art, and so in Bruce we trusted regardless of what or how or when or to whom and this only seemed more to prove his philosophies further therefore providing a kind of vague certainty of what it meant to be a JKD practitioner, but he is dead now and we can't put all our trust in him saying what it is or isn't anymore… so we are left with 2 options… to let his art die out or to continue it despite our uncertainties… the second of which I feel honors Bruce and his warrior spirit and the unique and wonderful aspects of each and every one of us and our surrounding existence in all it's many forms and splendors and with all the passion these things deserve).

  • Josephahiya Marbololo says:

    Personally i believe that Bruce Lee revolutionised MMA with jeet kune do, and knowing that he has passed on his knowledge, i dont think there is a original jkd or jkd concepts, i believe that following in his footsteps would be to revolutionise MMA again in a different way, just as he once did.

  • Juan Carlos Ottavianelli jr says:

    the biggest difference in martial arts is dojo training or fighting in a ring/competition or street fighting/self defence to stay alive …. do u really want to grapple or wrestle with someone trying to kill you and you're not going to use deadly blows in a ring or dojo… it all depends situationally and what your training for…

  • I only have to remember 5 xingyi punches and to keep going forward and to punch thru other peoples' punches and walk through their kicks. Takes a bit of getting used to.

  • You need the basics, but you also, need as Dan Inosanto said Concept, JKD is 3 phases but it is also, as Dan said 'Research and Development'. Or as Bruce said to use what is useful, t o disregard what is useless and add essentially what is your own'

  • If a Boxer can move like a Boxer, Taekwondo like a Taekwondo, A kick Boxer like a Kick Boxer, and so forth then why can't a person move like Jeet Kune Do Aka Bruce Lee? Sounds like you are telling people they can't when they can.

  • Exactly Sifu Octavio. JKD is about principles(simplicity, economy of motion etc) and according to these principles we use our body to defeat opponent. I think that from these Bruce created his simple movements etc. JKD its not mixed martial art(concepts) or moving like Bruce Lee moved and if not its bad(original).

  • What Sijo Lee was teaching at the time of his Death, what about what he was teaching a year before that? and 4 years before that? and 8 years? Wing Chun, Jun Fan, JKD ? his Seattle school? his Oakland school ? and….. you see he was constantly studying new things – other martial arts, what worked for him, and moving forward. His art was never "set" or fixed in one form. So we can all agree if he had lived on – it would have continued to evolve. People just debate that what some of his students continued to explore -or incorporate – would have been what he would have done – so instead of debating some just pick and stay with where he was at – at the time of his death. Does not matter because it was about your personal growth in practical fighting.

  • Jay Ceester Deester says:

    Even with my look I to Tai Chi, there's the five major styles with their variation. Chen style has more explosive moves where Yang is more flowing. Thanks for sharing.

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