Bruce Lee’s Challenger talks of Bruce’s death 1973

Bruce Lee’s Challenger talks of Bruce’s death 1973

The way I see it, is… you can say is, it’s a kind of big loss for the Chinese
Martial Arts world. I mean, Mr. Bruce Lee was, when he was alive… was able to bring to foreigners, not only talking about our Hong Kong… for so many years, introducing so many of our Chinese
Martial Arts out there… since then has left quite a big impact. This morning, I saw the report that… said, Mr. Bruce Lee that he… passed away with this sudden, unexpected news… in my heart I felt that it was very… like… unfortunate, you know.


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  • All legend I'm afraid. The story seems to conflate Bruce's amateur boxing match with a challenge on the set of Enter the Dragon (which ended with Bruce paying for the hospital of his defeated challenger).

  • @profwaffel yes I'm afraid so too. After listening to Bruce's phone conversation with Daniel Lee, I'm certain no confrontation was made between them. However, it could also be said that the secret bout occurred after Bruce's phone conversation.

  • Both Bruce and Dai Chuen could be trying to honour the secrecy agreement of the bout by not wanting to talk about it. No reason for Tony To to make it up, so many years after Bruce's death. (interview is in Chinese, and
    even the judge's name was mentioned – a policeman).

    Tony To mentions that he has been dying to talk about the fight for the last few decades… and that it was the only thing he was proud of.


    First interview: Pat Miletich, his thoughts on Bruce Lee.

    In the second interview, Lee Zhi Yuan revealed that Elvis' bodyguard trained under Bruce. According to this bodyguard, sparring with Bruce was like fighting a shadow. He couldn't touch Bruce. Don't know how to translate the bodyguard's name into English. It's 伊卡路. Could be Ricardo, Icardo, etc. No idea. The bodyguard supposedly beat Chuck Norris before.

    Third interview: Bas Rutten on Bruce.

  • Bruce actually beat TWO muay thai guys in Bangkok. (fake picture)

    Bruce first beat a Chinese MT guy, Chen Ah Jin, stuntman and ex-military platoon leader. After that, he requested for Jin to contact Bangkok's muay thai champ. I don't know how to translate the name, but the muay thai champ's name is 察尔. Closest I can get is Chaer, or Chuaer. No idea. But Bruce beat the guy too.

    It's an account given by Chen Ah Jin himself, acknowledging his own defeat.

  • superstrangevideo says:

    This is great details about a story I read long ago, with Bruce Lee quoting the fact that he actually did break a challengers ribs, then paid for the x rays afterwards. I believe it's in the book Bruce Lee, The Incomparable Fighter (1988). In fact, in that same book, Bruce joked about it, indicating it was the most expensive kick he ever threw : )

  • Another article states that the bout was stage in a private house in Hong Kong's New Territories, owned by a fellow in the HK police who was also a 'brother' in Wing Chun with Bruce Lee.  He was among those who persuaded him to take the challenge.  Another witness was an executive at Golden Harvest,  Raymond Chow's film company.  The article's details of the bout match with this video:  after Lau's flurry of punches, ten seconds into the bout Lee kicked him and that was it.  Have also heard from other sources that Lee did pay for Lau's medical expenses.  Possibly in Japan.  So a pretty classy thing to do.  Also, when filming his first film in Thailand Bruce wanted to spar with the champ of Muay Thai; maybe for professional reasons or whatever he declined.  But Bruce did manage to spar with a retired champion.  I read this in a HK magazine.  Bruce kicked the fellow in the side of the leg,  and after about a minute Bruce let loose with punches to the champ's chest and he fell down with 'a puzzled expression on his face' which is how the article described it.  Afterwards they went out to lunch.  So there was no hard feelings.  They weren't out to maim each other, just to test their skills.  Even in real situations, it seems Bruce could be magnanimous.  Dan Inosanto recalled a time in a road rage incident and a huge guy challenged Bruce, and "Bruce just played with him."   Don't know what happened after that, but assumed the guy was knocked out, but not maimed.

  • Random Rambler says:

    I heard an extra on ETD ended up with a broken arm when Bruce side kicked O'Hara. Bruce paid for his medical costs as it turned out he was a Triad or had connections

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