Bruce Lee, Urodziny Męża i Tradycja Nudlowa

Bruce Lee, Urodziny Męża i Tradycja Nudlowa

Bruce Lee Husband’s Birthday and noodles tradition Bule Pondi & Husband Hi Hi everybody today my husband’s birthday 33 he is still very young and we have tradition in here that on somebody’s birthday or the other holidays you should eat noodle that long pasta like from Chinese soups something like that but in here is many kinds of that so to keep this tradition today we came here to order the noodle for all family and we will eat that for my happiness (husband) to be happy and long happy life to celebrate his birthday yes? yes we already ordered our food on there in that very small restaurant it’s called … … o, there … it’s called Laopan and that’s how it is in here around this is a small place small street so here is exactly nothing more just some little shops and some car mechanics that’s how it is after this we will go to give noodles to my sister-in-law yesterday my sister-in-law did her best she brought my husband’s birthday cake faster so I could give it to him on the middle of the night so, big thanks to my sister-in-law and see you on the way home on this “shop” with food they have a small exposition can you see this? oh, there’s the light oh, Bruce Lee great thing they have it … … for sale and for watching there is alien my love wanna buy cigarettes, yes? yes, my husband wanna buy cigarettes yes… and there is in here… what? some man is sleeping there oh, is closed? here is some landfill they are doing something in here they creating something in here they rebuilding something in here all the time they are making some things… oh, there are birds yes, many (dogs) this is something like townhouses they call it ruko we walking, and walking and will we find it? oh, there it is there is a footbridge and here is that small shop and Indonesian flag what is in here motorcycles i don’t know what’s going on on there but people on there are noisy there is my husband are you done, honey? oh, kitties this way … oh my, is windy now is so many cars motorcycles especially motorcycles in here is really …. and we’re also using motorcycle and we go next driver and our machine


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