Bruce Lee scenes | Bala Saravanan seeks Rajendran’s help | Motta Rajendran dances for Rajini’s song

Bruce Lee scenes | Bala Saravanan seeks Rajendran’s help | Motta Rajendran dances for Rajini’s song

Top notch! Dude… My uncle doesn’t like back talk, talking loud, and speaking in English To sum it, my uncle doesn’t like talking Then how can…?
We have to It’s all the same Talk less and…
Get out of the way! Who the…?
Chief! Logu and Dev kidnapped Commissioner’s
daughters at the sugarcane fields Praba is also there Uthra has left with Prabha’s cash Kuruvi’s also gone there Does Sathya know? He does, chief… Sathya will take care of the kids But Kiruba will die What are you saying, Chief! Kiruba will die? It’s unfair how Kuruvi will die too Kuruvi will die too? It’s ok if Kiruba dies But why should Kuruvi die? Oh no! Kuruvi! Kuruvi! Oh my God… Dude… Narrating what’s done, is normal
How can he predict the future? I told you… Uncle would’ve sketched
the whole thing for them Come! Hey! Yes, you have your lucky charm Uncle… Welcome… I…a girl… A girl? I’m in love with a girl, uncle What! You are in love? Yes, Uncle I’m in love with a girl And she’s kidnapped Let go! Don’t take out your anger
because I didn’t marry Anjali In my next life, I’ll marry Anjali I want my girl for this life Help us, uncle! It’s not what you think I know, uncle… that you are a don and… that you don’t get involved in small matters Do anything, uncle! I don’t have anyone else but you
Of course, I’ll help, I’ll get up only when you promise I will save her! No! I’ll get up
when you swear on your mom I swear on mom, dad
and everyone Get up! Dude, calm down
Help me, uncle! You shouldn’t cry like a baby Uncle? Who is he?
God…Godfa… Hey! I don’t know, uncle Which area? That’s
Wait! I don’t know, uncle How do you know about the kidnapping? He called, uncle
Dude! Don’t!
Hey! Who is this? Bruce Lee Bru…? Hi! My friend, uncle They kidnapped his girl too Call them Why? Only then can we figure out their area How? Why are you talking like this? We can’t get out alive Hello! We’ve kidnapped your chick Hey! Don’t freak out! Nothing will happen to your chick If you think of screwing me over… your chick will bite the big one Give me my money… and walk away with her This is north Madras Hello! We’ve taken your girl Don’t be afraid Nothing will happen to your girl Give us the payment
Take your girl Understand? This is normal Madras Super, uncle!
Hey! Keep quiet Give the phone Where is the bomb that was here?
Maasi has it What is Maasi… Search I gave it to Maasi and
I don’t know where it is now Wasn’t it somewhere here? Brother! Kaasi, brother, do you know? What is it again? Hello? Hello, villain sir… Please talk for 5 minutes My uncle wants to hear your voice You…! Villain sir… He’s babbling… Don’t mistake us… Tell me where to come
and give the camera No, son… Is your uncle the police? No sir…
Listen… No police can do anything against me Only if I speak for longer than 80 seconds… can you trace my number Do you know? It’s not what you think, villain sir He’s being funny Godfather…
One minute… Did you want 1 or 2 biriyanis? Biriyani?
Two Chicken biriyani or mutton? Chicken biriyani Hey… Hey… Tell me, Godfather Madurai Pandiyan Is the 80 seconds over? No, sir… You can’t contact me for the next 2 days OK? Disconnect Villain sir…Villain! Uncle and I… Uncle?
No! Uncle? I’m talking to you! Uncle! What is it, uncle? He is a good friend Super!
Didn’t I tell you? This is awesome!
Uncle has international links But… …he is my enemy now Tell us correctly
Is he an enemy or friend? The truth It’s a long flashback Come inside
Let’s talk The tank top is super!
Where did you buy it? Seasonal discounts Lot of memories Pappa, pappa, paaa! Bye! Bye! Grandma! I’m going to become a hero See you! Mother! I’m going to become a villain To trust good children… Hello darling… Baby! I’m going to become MGR Grandma! I’m going to become Nambiar And just like that, we took our bag and arrived at Madras I’m a child of your home… Get out!
Let me in! I… didn’t get any acting chances But, he… I’ve dreamed of this for years
Keep rolling My dear god!
Who’s this, praying to the road? Stop Who are you?
Brother… Steven Spielkumar asked me to meet him
Who? You don’t know? The box office hit ‘It may dawn’… The director of that movie Brother… His next movie is titled
‘Oh No! It’s gone’… Oh No! There is no such thing Move Brother, if you don’t let me in… I’ll lose my chance No chance Oh No! It’s gone! You pushed me, didn’t you! This sphere… will spin for me one day Leave or else…
I’ll see you then Wait for it
You stay there I came with dreams
(Smoking is injurious to health) How dare you chase me away! One day, I’ll become a great villain… and act in this studio If not, my name isn’t Ramdass Brother, one black tea please I’ll be back! I will!
Hey! Will you come with us? Where? To act as a villain? To become a villain What? To what a villain? To become a villain? Come on! Come on! Here or there? Here? To act? I will become a villain He joined them… Became a hired hand He progressed to become a thug He became the right hand And that’s how he became a don And you? Jing jung jung jing… Jing jung jung jing… “I’m an automan…” “I know all routes…” “A man of fair rates…” “a friend of good folks…” “a good singer…” “a man from Gandhi’s land…” “a hunter if I take my spear…” “A brother to the meek…” “A man with a sympathetic heart…” “A kinsman of poor…” “I’m always a kinsman of the poor” Do you drive autos? We thought you were a don I doubted it
when you said he was your uncle What were the sugarcane fields… …commissioner’s daughter… and that Kuruvi will die Son! Haven’t you watched ‘Never Fear’? He had a power cut He asked for the climax I told him to come Myskkin made an awesome movie Haven’t you watched it? But the knife, the blood was…
Welcome, dear Leave it here
Have some soup Soup
Oh yes It’ll taste good Leave it here
Dear? Keep the knife aside
The kids might be scared Go away or… your mouth…
Son, son! Don’t do it! Are you and your wife kidding us?
No, no! What the hell, dude! Son… I maybe a funny hero… but he… is a real villain I thought you were a rowdy
But you are a joker And that tank top and wrap around of yours! I’m going to split your head into two Let it go Uncle!
Yes You were childhood friends You’ll know his plus and minus When you were young… have you ever competed with him and won? A competition…Son! No such thing happened No uncle
There must be something Think hard! What shall I think about? Suji? Mom and I are here, dad! I’m scared daddy Hey! It’s me You heard? Your wife and kid are here If even a speck of dust is moved… I’ll cut it Take your hand off Scratching his bald head… I’ve trimmed it down Uncle! I have an idea Son! I have an idea too Share it, share it… You go first You are older… You go first
OK Here goes When I was young… When I was in class 5, When? 5th grade! 5th grade! I studied all night and when I saw the question paper… I knew all the answers My favourite teacher, Malathi was there I was so happy I was ready to answer
and searched for my pen The pen was missing Oh no! And then? When I looked for it… he had it Gotcha! Baldy! Scram! What did you do? I was so angry I didn’t know what to do The teacher was staring at me I thought deeply Suddenly, I took his pen And then? What else? I told him to exchange the pens He gave it back Super, Uncle!
Thank you Dude! What a stupid flashback
and why a super for this? Swear on your mom that it was superb Shhh! Uncle! It’s the same pen story What we are going to do is… Like how he has kidnapped my girl… I will kidnap his girl… we will demand my girl in exchange for his He will do it It can be excellently executed What are you blabbering? Look! But, son There is a small problem What is it, uncle? He doesn’t have a girl Wife?
No Mistress?
Nope Who is there, then? Son, he had a ‘right hand’ and a ‘left hand’ And they chopped one hand, He eats and cleans with the same hand? Not a hand, a human They were Kaasi and Maasi He won’t do anything directly These guys do it for him And Maasi was slayed Now, Kaasi, is his everything So, we take Kaasi Super! Be right back It’s kidnapping
Not Karaoke Revolution We can lose our lives Dude, kidnapping is easy How so?
Go straight to… Burma bazaar
Store no 246 You’ll find Sheikh Dawood there Who? Sleeper cell? I will slipper you He owns a CD store Buy all the Tamil action movies Dude… In this situation,
do you really want to watch movies? Do as I say Son… I am ready Shall we go? You! What is this? You said kidnapping
I’m in my action costume How is it? Go change your clothes But son… I’ve bombs that I can throw Throw it and I’ll throw it back at you Go away Why are you saying no to this? Dude! I don’t even like ribbing him It’s OK
Are we trusting him with this kidnapping?


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