Bruce Lee Scenes | Anandaraj seems to be happy | Gv Prakash witness the murder of Mansoor Ali kHan

Bruce Lee Scenes | Anandaraj seems to be happy | Gv Prakash witness the murder of Mansoor Ali kHan

Godfather! He’s the
one who killed Maasi We shouldn’t let him go Tell me now
And I’ll do him in Shut up! Will you not shut up! Kaasi, let him go He’ll die ‘A few days before’ You Stop that car Hey! Stop the car Why didn’t they stop here? ‘Our’ boys, sir… ‘Our’ boys meaning your sons? They pay (bribe) on time… It seems like we get
rupees but not respect – Call them
– Sir, I only meant… Call them here
Hey, please come here What’s up constable? Don’t you educate the newbies? You get it on time every month What’s with this new protest? What sir? Any problem? Wow! Have you become so big
that you solve police problems? Oh, it’s just couple of
street dogs stirring the streets I came to catch them Careful, sir It might be rabid It’ll bite Rabid or mange, I’ll take care of it
Where are you returning from? It’s nothing sir We were bored and stepped
out to give the cops a job Sarcasm, eh? Don’t you visit a new officer? Where did you steal from? We don’t steal Then? Are you garbage pickers? Only ‘situations’ You are talking about
situations to a state employee Won’t he step out? Come here Sir, don’t
You come here Get out now
Sir, easy… Is he the villain? He looks frightfully funny What’s your name? What’s your name sonny? Ramdass From? Madurai Why won’t you talk? Have you stuffed your mouth on a fruit? Have you stuffed your mouth on a fruit? You wanted to know
what he had in his mouth… It was fruit
Here You are next – That’s a horse?
– Dude! I always wanted to ride a horse But you do it everyday – Talk too much and I’ll kick you
– Wait But he is telling the truth You’re taking his side?! Are you photographing girls? I’m catching Pokemon Pokemon! Get lost! Jobless!
The joker Idiot
Dude! That’s our chief!
It’s a conference Our chief! Brother!
When is he expected? In 10 minutes Dude! Today we should meet
him and get an autograph Super! Yes! Hey! Come here What? An old game Why does she like old things? 6 rings for 50
You win what you catch We know! You shut it
Give me the cash 50 sir, 50 (Liquor consumption
is injurious to health) – Hey get the cash
– What do you want? Sunglasses You? Umm
Watch You? Dude! I want that alcohol That’s my boy! Watch Aim correctly
Don’t miss it Come on, alcohol!
(Liquor consumption is injurious to health) Damn! Dude! Throw higher Throw!
Alcohol! Alcohol! Alcohol! Alcohol! Isn’t there one more? Last try Come on Try it Don’t listen to her
Bag the alcohol We hit it
We take it Throw now How long will you take? Do it Alcohol! Dude!! Sunglasses!
Throw it! Throw it! What are you going to do with this? Boss! You keep the camera and give us the bottle No way
You can leave The leader of the people’s party This is such an old camera
This is a digital camera – Is it working condition?
– Go go go! Let’s click pictures
Come Go fast With a heart as huge as Mount Everest
a person who is forever young A Tamil artist Our brother I invite Mansoor Ali Khan
to address the gathering Chief! Chief! Chief! My dear people,
who mean more than my life My warriors in veshtis My bulls in dhotis Come! The ladies who are waiting to
take a selfie with me, In our government
of the golden-age the ginger pickle vendor is
running an engineering college A beans vendor
runs a Pizza Corner Where did this change come from? Without arguing that it’s Sunday,
we attended parliamentary sessions Chief! Once every 5 years to
pass by the constituency is not the kind
of inept chief I am – Yes, Chief!
– You are right! Yes! Ask about our achievements
from your house pressure cooker Even it will whistle! Because the railway station
is unveiling my statue I take leave of you Long love
The People’s Party Thank you Chief!
Just one autograph please! I have finally seen you
in person, Chief! I can die peacefully now! – That’s too much
– Today I’ll die happily! Think of your parents! Chief!
Just one autograph please! Long live Chief! Chief, you must act
in Avatar Part 4 I will place a billboard for it Chief, you can leave The future President of Africa,
Mansoor Ali Khan! The future Ward Councillor,
Mansoor Ali Khan! The Voice winner,
Mansoor Ali Khan! Dancing with the Stars winner,
Mansoor Ali Khan! ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’
winner, Mansoor Ali Khan! – Absolutely crazy, man!
– Fool, you fool I asked you so many times
for a photo Why didn’t you click one? It’s just a photo
Why make a big deal Dude!
Bruce Lee I got an autograph
from our Chief! – For me?
– What he said? I got it for you Autograph?! A match stick sparked, a match stick sparked
My dear bird Are you idiots? People will be
fans for heroes Why are you
fans of a villain? How dare you talk
about my Chief? – What?
– Have you seen him dance? Mass appeal! Want to see?
Let’s go dude “My hands hurts and so does
my shoulder and my thigh” “When a young woman’s
hand grazes you” “All diseases will
speed away” “That’s it!” (Liquor consumption
is injurious to health) “Hey Groom!” “Shall I make some coffee?” “Shall I make some tea?” “Tell me, my son-in-law” “Mr.Big shot” “Tell me, my son-in-law” “I don’t want coffee,
father-in-law” “I don’t want tea,
father-in-law” “A glass of water is enough,
father-in-law for my thirst” “A glass of water is enough,
father-in-law” “Is the younger daughter pretty?” “Is the younger daughter pretty?” “Is the elder daughter pretty?” “Tell me, my son-in-law” “To accept” “Tell me, my son-in-law” “What do you say?” “The younger girl is not pretty” “The elder girl is also not pretty” “I don’t want the younger girl,
father-in-law” “I don’t want the elder girl,
father-in-law” “Mother-in-law is enough,
father-in-law” “Who?
My wife” “Mother-in-law is enough,
father-in-law” ‘OK Doctor, what would
you advise him?’ ‘Even when one is young, they
should be taught discipline’ Mother-in-law is enough, father-in-law I’m flying high today
(Liquor consumption is injurious to health) Chief, you belong in Hollywood That signature head move all
women are slave to that one move Where are you, chief? Chief! No matter where you are,
I’ll find you With the same camera I promise to take
one picture with you Chief? Chief Have you come for me? Long live my Chief!
I’m coming for you! Hey! Where are you going, Mansoor? Wait, I’m coming Boss He is our Godfather Please sit He is Mans- Biriyani! He’s seems to be very hungry A match stick sparked, Oh there you are, Chief! the gate the gate
the gate Woohoo! (Smoking is injurious to health) Your mouth will
become tired, bro Oh no Coochie coochie coo Click! The Chief’s car! Chief! You are a handsome man! Chief Chief Come out, come out wherever you are Come on
Chief, Buddy! Just a minute I need to pee “A match stick sparked” The old guys aren’t
there anymore And I wasn’t sure
who to meet My boy mentioned you
So, I came to meet The house exterior looks old But inside, it looks like
all fun and frolic – Chief! There you are!
– Will I get the other parcel? What’s with the eagles
and bisons? Chief!
Chief! Chief!
Chief! I finally saw you! I finally saw you! He wearing coat
he vanish into thin air? Damn! Just a second Just a
This guy needs to be taken out He’s a slippery eel This dog wants to be a
contender for Chief Minister Here Take this This is just an advance Shoot Chief! No, no, no, no What the hell have you done! Do you know who he is?
What a bigwig he is? He’s a minister! I brought him here This is not good Hey, are you retarded? Won’t you tell me, Godfather? Hey! Couldn’t you
have told me? Come Hey, come!


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