Bruce Lee Real Fight on Set of The Big Boss

Bruce Lee Real Fight on Set of The Big Boss

The first time we saw you in a movie was
actually in a Bruce Lee film… So… The Big Boss. The Big Boss… ok, The Big Boss. So, you’ve collaborated with Bruce Lee on many
films of course being good friends and all… Do you have any interesting stories related to
Bruce you’d like to share? Uh, he… since I’ve known him, professionally
he was very… supportive. A hard worker. There was a time when we were filming, and next
to us… was another action film being shot. One of our stuntmen let a… Tae Kwon Do, I’m not
sure, looked like a Thai, break his arm with a kick. Happened while filming… that guy wouldn’t show
mercy breaking his arm with a kick. Bruce, immdediately ran over and said, Hey you… Beat him? Bruce said, If you’re so good, why don’t you
fight me? When making movies, you should stop up to the
point of impact, right? so if you’re not going to stop before you hit,
then let’s do it real. Let’s fight! So Bruce egged him to fight. And that guy probably got scared of… Bruce’s
glare, so they didn’t fight. But Bruce really did run over to fight him. To give support. Have you seen any extras on set challenging
Bruce… you know, always trying to fight him? One by one they came… – Really, there were?
– Yes, of course. They were really… really temporary heroes,
because there were just too many people. And there were some that have never been in a
movie, just an interim or something like that. They were either from a Martial Arts Club, off
the streets, Triads, interims, that kind. Even Triads? You bet! They came for no reason. A lot of them. They didn’t want to collect money, just want to
come. Came for no reason at all, just to take a look. But there were some with foul-mouths, braggarts. And those braggarts… he really did… did hit
one. Bruce hit one of them? Just couldn’t stand it
any longer right? He directly… directly kept insisting to fight
Bruce. Kept pushing him… Even us stunt guys had to quarrel with him. Ahhhhhh


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