Bruce Lee Movie Scene | Ramdoss judge | G V Prakash submit evidence to Commissioner

Bruce Lee Movie Scene | Ramdoss judge | G V Prakash submit evidence to Commissioner

Talk only about what
we should do now How about the Press? We could, but we don’t know anyone We’ll get into trouble if we aren’t careful It’s better to know someone… What’s the time? 12:10… “It’s nothing but the truth” Hi Uncle! How are you? This is Suprajit’s daughter… – Remember me?
– Yes, dear Go on Can we meet you now? I’m out of town regarding a case How about tomorrow at court?
OK uncle I’ll come Thank you
OK dear Yesterday’s blouse was better No, this is better We’re going to court at 10am tomorrow Why? To meet my father’s acquaintance And he’s a lawyer Don’t be late OK?
Bye! Dude… There is a guy here
making a joke out of everything A joke in court?
Watch where you’re going, moron Why are they all laughing? Order, Order! He isn’t an innocent person,
as he pretends to be He’s a cold-blooded murderer He’s a psycho He kills if he gets angry He kills for money
He kills for political benefits He kills for business Put him in jail
Sentence of the highest degree, your Honour That’s all, Your Honour Excellent! Isn’t that your uncle? Then? Order Order He sounds funny My Lord… My client… doesn’t kill when he is angry He eats When angry… some shout… some cry… but… only one in a million will… eat a lot They are… emotional eaters So… He is an emotional eater Here is the medical certificate I request Mr Pillai to google… about emotional eating Or I could ask my secretary to send a link Let him read that Why did you leave?
Then? Are you suggesting talking to his lawyer?
Leave me out But…He supports
that guy knowing well he is bad How will he support us? That’s their job Let’s try and talk… From the evidence… this court deems
the defendant as not guilty That won’t work No Listen to me! I’ll handle it
Godfather… You had the judge wound up, alright… Am I right? Godfather… A joke A joke? Godfather! A joke The torture of being
hitched to his madman… Are you coming or not?
No You can go Pew!
Fine! She left?
Pew! Uncle! Unc…
Pew! Oh scram! Welcome… Hands up! A joke A joke? Thanks brother Pew! How is your dad? There’s a case that…
Shhh! Shut up It’s nothing, Uncle She wants a divorce What?
No, no…it’s for her friend Shut up There’s a case that… for my friend that… Wait will you?
Uncle can I later… …meet you?
Nice hair! What happened to them?
Come! Pew! Leave! Look! in front of the court and all these police, he is going Pew! Pew! with a gun And to tell them, he is a murderer… and his gun is real… will be why we get shot You shut it! I know Pew! Pew! Pew! You’re right In front of a court… amongst all the cops,
he is acting like a clown He should be… Sigh…she is a piece of work You shouldn’t take
photographs inside the court Pew! There’s our lawyer Godfather! that’s our lawyer, who’s become a judge Brother! Pew! You! What did you do? Get into the car! Godfather!
Are you mental? Hey, start the car Quickly! Oh Godfather!
He’s getting away Get out of our way! Move it! I can’t do this anymore I swear, I can’t Anyone in my shoes, will think the same We throw the camera away and… we get back to our business What? They’ve killed the Minister There’s a murder at court and we have the evidence Are you asking us
to give in knowing all this? And it’s not one, but two murders
Shut your mouth You talk too much
Fine, I’ll stop To the commissioner’s office My dear… I don’t care if you call me a chick… I’d rather be alive, than be a man That’s important I’m leaving Why do you wear a pant and shirt? Will my dress fit you? Do you want to wear my clothes? Dude! I’ll kill you What? What was that! Go talk to her Go I’m sorry What do you want me to do? Sorry Let’s go to the commissioner The commissioner?
I’m already afraid of cops… She’s mentioning the commissioner OK Let’s not meet directly Is there another way? Shall we email him? Super! Nope
They’ll find us through the IP address And then they’ll torture us with enquiry What do we do? Can we courier it? But it might get misplaced How about delivering it
in person like a courier boy? Great idea! Who will deliver it? You Me? You look handsome, just like a courier boy Hey! I’m already afraid of cops… How can I get inside
the commissioner office? No one wears a uniform there
For real? Hey keep him distracted
I need to check my mail Take it Have you lost weight?
I’m hitting the gym Look at my arms
Oh yea Got it Let’s go We came to get a delivery uniform
What are we doing here? He’ll come this way
How do you know? Whenever we have a problem in life… he will show up Will he show up with an uniform? With a cap, too Come! What?
What? Get lost! The fatso lied to me (Liquor consumption
is injurious to health) Where did he go? Excuse me
Yes? It’s me Dude! what is this? That guy we hit this morning… Yea… He’s here with a few guys Look Won’t they find you? I’m in disguise Get me a drink Hey, a beer for sir Sir… Have you seen a fat, ugly, despicable… …guy who comes here everyday to drink? I don’t know him You seem to be new… I’m looking for my friend, Mr John This is him… …missing days before his wedding Have you seen him? Of course Similarly… Let us know if you see our friend OK?
Super, sir Thank you!
Thank you Oh and,
Yes? There’s food on your beard That’s OK… I’ll take care of that
Let me


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