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  • If Bruce Lee were here today, he could have added more and more to JKD, to the point in which JKD and MMA would be no different. That's my opinion.

  • Free expression formless art of Spirit,body,and mind in harmony, rhythm, etc.Mind over matter…a continuous cycle.

  • The question unnecessary fogs the issue.
    Will JUN FAN work in MMA without eye jabs, groin and knee attacks?
    Yes, as it's still an efficient realistic application of striking regardless of context.
    Unlike wingchun, JKD structure is versatile and not rigid.

    Just as MMA, with the allowance of groin kicks eye jabs etc, is an effective self defense system, with the added dimension of grappling science.

    So learn JUN FAN and grappling, get very fit and train full out realistically with resisting opponents of different approaches.
    Avoid playing pattycake with wingchun, even though it is an essential element of jkd

  • The Tao of Jeet Kune Do page 70

    "Before I studied the art, a punch to me was just a punch, a kick was just a kick. After I'd studied the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick no longer a kick. Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch, a kick is just a kick."

  • Watching MMA has your opinion changed at all regarding how effective certain techniques commonly associated with JKD are in fighting or self-defense situations? For instance, it's becoming more common to see fighters throw low sidekicks to the knee, shin, or thigh (just above the knee) yet those kicks rarely if ever seem to have more effect than briefly keeping the opponent at a distance; I was taught the lowline sidekick was a great, potentially devastating tool for self-defense, so what are the MMA fighters doing wrong with it? Or is it an over-rated technique? On the other hand, you get an idea of how effective a finger jab can be anytime you see fighters unintentionally (you would hope) poke an opponent in the eye with extended fingers. Even though they aren't actually throwing the finger jab as an intended weapon, even incidental , relatively light contact to the eyes can potentially end a match.

  • I hope there will be more philosophical chats like these 🙂 Sometimes it's nice to hear 2 people speak deep about a subject related to martial arts or more

  • Are we talking about an MMA competition, or a Mixed Martial Arts practitioner?

    JKD = MMA practitioner, but an MMA practitioner does not necessarily = JKD.

    MMA competition is not a way of fighting; it is a competition with it's rule sets and limitations. (example: hand to hand only, with hand wraps and gloves, no weapons, no strikes to the groin or back of the head, no eye gouging, 1 versus 1, etc.)

    A JKD practitioner will adapt to the given situation. They will adapt their techniques or approach to an MMA match, likewise they will adapt their techniques or approach to a self defense situation.
    (Put water into a cup it becomes the cup, put water in a teapot it becomes the teapot.)

    JKD is not a style or system, although JKD teaches techniques and concepts, it is more about the philosophy. It's about truth and freedom, removing egoic self limitation.
    (Use what works, where ever it comes from, disregard what does not work. It's not about this way versus that way, use no way as way.)

  • Thinking about concepts like effectivity or the economy of movement , I would love to know your thoughts on "Systema" wich I think have some similtarities at least in principles with JKD

  • Hotpocket Moutaindew says:

    Wow! This video definitely opened my eyes. My whole life I've been struggling distinguishing these two. Where I can say I'm proud to learn from you as my teacher. Thank you sifu.

    IT SAVES SO MUCH WORK!!!!! Before it was as if every training session were training for a marathon. Now I can isolate the events and target training for my long term health.

    Thank you.

  • From my experience philosophy and principles and forms are good but if you really want to learn how to defend yourself you need to spar consistently. 99% of the MA schools I visited don’t spar.

  • miguel angel Czybuk says:

    Thank you very much for talking about this topic, I wanted to know something like that about it. Now he gave me a better idea of ​​the martial art, he leaves me more calm. Give me, thank you very much for making me well with it. It gave me more security.
    and the others who do not agree … be water my friend. Thank you

  • Haze Koelmeyer says:

    Thank you Dan and Sifu. I am a massive Bruce fan. Bruce is my main influence to get into martial arts. I started of Karate. I have learned the discipline and the respect from that style. But I found limitations in the art. So then I moved on to training MMA. My coach has a JKD and kempo background. He also has Kempo classes teaching Bruce Lee's techniques and philosophy. Like you said in the video, it comes down to the teacher.Although MMA is a sport, and I have had a few fights, I mainly train for fitness.I follow Bruce's principles and techniques in my training. I am open to learn everything. Yes, there are some MMA gyms that are meat heads and just want to do someone and hurt hurt hurt. Not all gyms are like that. Anyway love your videos. Always watching as they some out. Keep it up.guys!!

  • Ryan Sylwester says:

    JKD is a self-defense, MMA is a sport. MMA gets you paid, JKD gets you home alive. So it's based on what you care for, money or life. Personally, I'd rather be poor but the last person that anyone would mug, than be the richest, but first target of being mugged

  • Before I watch this video, I just wanna say ANYTHING Bruce knew would STOMP ALLOVER ANYTHING from MMA!!!!! Now let me watch this…

  • Eric Halverson says:

    Alright, I know Sifu Lee kept JKD street viable. I also know anytime you train for rules, the art is affected. I've done MMA & unfortunately had street fights- both unarmed and armed. They are different things but MMA…just wow. Hard to explain in words. At my age, if a real fight happens, I feel I failed to use the biggest asset the arts have given me: AWARENESS…Why am I involved in street fights now? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • One of the only videos that doesn't bash another style. Many aspect can be taken from many "styles". The application is what counts. Well said. Very informative. Thanks for keeping it positive!

  • Martial Arts Guy says:

    Dan i love how humble you are.and the way you are inspiring as i have illness that makes it where i cant train.but the exposure like this is amazing im so honored to be part of watching this channel.thanks for giving back and keeping the flame going

  • Most MMA gyms do not teach any weapons training, while most JKD schools do. That being said, most competitive MMA fighters can destroy ‘most’ JKD students in an unarmed fight. Personally, I like JKD and MMA equally.

  • I don't see why JKD can't be modified to be used in MMA bouts. Karate, Muay Thai and JiuJitsu are in MMA and they are decended from much more deadly version of thenselves.
    Why can't a martial art meant to save your life be used in a less than lethal combat with modifications?

  • God Rock Ousley says:

    There is nothing scientific about mma. Besides most of them if not all are juiced up. So people in the martial arts world please stop confusing mma with JKD. We are a completely different. Mma is a ok for money making for those who want to go that route. But its not JKD. Dana White is just using Sijo Bruce Lee to promote that shit. Stop being blinded by that.

  • ive always been inspired by martial arts since i eas very young but not just martial arts also having the skills knowledge training experience etc to defend myself and anyone who either i am with or near if they get attacked i can come to their degence that always seemed noble to me so all my life ive studied everything to do with martial arts and self defence and ive realised that no one form or set of tecniques is the best they are all different and have different advantages and disadvantages so i like to learn all different forms rather than just one or two so that way i can be the best that i can possibly be coz i know freaking everything hahahah im far from mastering even one form i still got alot to learn but i always keep an open mind

  • Anthony Gerber says:

    In my own person style, my JKD is essentially dirty mma. Or MMA is sport JKD. If you read The Tao of JKD, you'll see that Bruce Lee incorporates fight in kicking range, punching range, trapping/stand-up grappling range and ground fighting/grappling range. As Sigung Bruce Lee wrote and today's leading MMA coaches say, you have to be able to fight in every range to be a good fighter. I really believe that if Lee were still alive, he'd have been a huge MMA fan! Just my humble opinion.

  • Kenneth Spires says:

    you guys are great maybe in the mma ring it could be more effective but JKD isnt for the entertainment part of fighting its for defending your self against someone that really wants to hurt you not just win a match,so even if you fought in both venues,it still woundnt be the same because their still just trying to win a match,not fighting for your life.i hope people understand what im saying but you two guys are great

  • very realistic explanation. No fantasies and bullshit. It could not be compared because in self defence you do everything even kill someone just to survive or just immobilize or stop them for a while then run. No rules considered. While MMA fighters are set on rules and needs to win. If they run away then they lose.

  • All in the eyes of the beholder, I've always been a fan of Bruce Lee and his Philosophy. Enjoyed watching
    the video's ,thank you very much gentlemen

  • MMA produces more thugs than martial artists. JKD was MMA 30 years ago. Evolution through active training and attitudes changed everything. I would like to see more martial artists in MMA.

  • Sifu Dan Lok and Sigong Octavio Quintero , I Love Your videos. THIS one especially showing and listening to the Human Emotion views, Excellent Video. I have Always admired the outstanding Passion Bruce Lee brought to the Martial Art's topic, Actually I believe most think right away of Bruce, when the topic of Martial Arts is brought up. While I am a late bloomer in the practical, physical aspects, I am Enjoying The Tao of Jeet Kune Do , and training to be a better Person, Husband, Father, and Human Being, Thank You Again, Trying to be like Water…………

  • Yeah but a knife applies to every martial arts, mma or JKD. It's how the individual reacts. Best thing is to move and kick the knife from under. What has nothing to do with style only about how fast the individual react. A pro mma fighter reacts prob also very fast. But yeah Bruce Lee would also react very fast. But the thing is if your gonna pull a knife at Cain Velasquez or Fedor Emelianenko who are mma fighters you are pretty stupid. They prob take your silly knife and put in your butthole. Big Bruce Lee fan btw. Bruce in his last years also stopped JKD because people where trying to make a style from it. Bruce didn't believe in styles. That's why he closed his schools at some point what were re openend after he died.

  • Isn’t the heart of jeet kune do, no way as way? Isn’t the idea to study everything, keep what works, discard what doesn’t? Isn’t that exactly what mma is? Yes, the intercepting fist principle is kind of the foundation, but if it evolved nowadays, it would look very similar to an mma philosophy I think.

  • I've been studying Martial arts for 15 years. I also am a paraplegic of 28 years. After I found all of these videos it has really changed my perspective on what I need to learn next, I found it, It's JKD. I wish I could spend a weekend with these guys training and seeing what kinds of ideas they would have for me being chair bound. I would love to see theses guys do a video on how JKD techniques and philosophy could work for paraplegics. I love these guys. very humble, very intelligent, and very articulate.

  • ido gabriel elian says:

    I’ll start by saying this is a GREAT video! Just wanted to comment on the glove note. The gloves and hand wraps, or the traditional muay boran raps are meant to protect the puncher! If you full out hit the face of your opponent (let’s say on the forehead) without them, you would absolutely break your hand! Or at least damage them. Without the gloves or one of those hand protection “devices”, you will have to punch much “softer” (for lack of a better word as English is not my native language) in order to insure not to damage your own hand while striking.

    Using gloves had done much more harm to the opponents than to protect them, since the strikers are able to punch both harder, and longer.

    In one of Joe Rogan’s podcasts, he actually mentioned that exact thing and he is ABSOLUTELY right. In his opinion if i remember correctly (and mine of course) the MMA should go back to bare knuckles, as it will “protect” (or lets say will be in the better interest) of the guy being hit!

    Now if you are not convinced and think a glove actually feels like a pillow, I suggest you go to any boxing club, and ask the smallest guy there to put the heaviest glove and punch you one time in the face, as hard as he can … it will not feel like a pillow or any type of protection… now imagine being hit repeatedly like that, by a guy like iron mike.

    Again this is NOT a critique on this video, please don’t see it like that, the video is great!!! Really, I’ve learned a whole lot by watching and listening to both these guys, and gloves or no gloves I believe any one of these guys can kick my ass LOL… but the glove note is wrong, in my humble opinion.

  • totally agree…not wanting to fight doesnt mean we dont know how to fight…be water my friend also means know how to hide or turn off your asssasins skill…

  • Höher wertiger says:

    so the goal is when I train my body that I go away from conflicts. interesting. but I have a problem I dont like psychopaths or criminals for example and I dont wanna give them the freedom to do what they want. what shall I do?

  • I studied JKD and people well always pick on me and call Bruce Lee a phony and when they challenge me they usually snoozing on the floor

  • Steven Watson says:

    In a street fight you won't be spending 2 or 3 rounds leg kicking or poking a guy's body to wear him out. Fights usually last seconds and rarely minutes. Mma is great for seeing what techniques work and how they might be applied through resistance, but jkd can show you how to apply them in a real fight and in what order you prioritize. Thanks to jkd people like you and even the bjjwrestlingetc instructors putting videos up for for free, we can become well rounded fighters capable of defending ourselves and others with the best chances of success. We can even encourage and teach others to be able to defend themselves, if you can get past their egos which I find is the biggest challenge, sadly (either because they hold a "my style is better" mentality or they think techniques and skill doesn't matter OR they haven't watched the Takashi vs Giant Silva fight and think size is the only thing that matters, instead of just being an important factor).

  • I know we normally don't want to go to the ground, but since it's a part of fighting, bridging, rolls, armbars, chokes are needed in jkd

  • Oh and I'm happy to see more and more top lvl ufc fighters using trapping, even the wrestlers are elbowing over guard now!

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