Bruce Lee JKD Jab

Bruce Lee JKD Jab

Bruce Lee’s JKD, Jeet Kune Do, jab. Now, jab is the, kind
of the basic technique, Sifu, the most important technique, it’s probably the one
that we use the most. I think people sometimes get confused with the jab versus the straight lead. What’s the difference? – The complete difference is, depending on how you’re using it and based of distance between
you and your opponent, the lead jab, or what we
call the lead straight punch, is that you’re advancing
towards your opponent and you utilize this as a full extension to get to your opponent. Requires you to move to ’em, right? You could do the same thing with the jab, except what happens when I’m training you is that this arcs at the very end. So, could you do the same thing and advance towards your opponent and do that might not be
the best feasible answer. – You mean arc, where it’s more like a– – The arc is a– is a whip. So, you’re doing this
kind of thing, right? – So it’s like a, it is a slight, right? It’s a slight– – Yeah, it’s like a slight curve, okay? If I wanted to exaggerate
it, it does this. Right? It does this. – Yeah, but of course,
we don’t go all the way. That’s a bit too much. – Yeah, the lead utilizes
your entire body, but there’s a big difference behind that, and that’s something I’ll
share at some other point, but your body, it depends
on how you’re doing this, so if you’re utilizing just front power, you’re gonna only use one piece of the pie to utilize this kind of a punch. It’s an extension, but
you gotta be careful that when you’re making
impact with an oncoming force, you’re gonna absorb that
against your shoulder. ‘Cause that could be an issue, just depends on, again,
realignment, power, and advancement to attain shocking power. Now the jab is, again,
is a whip and a reach, but you have to do that on the basis of where your opponent is at the time. Of course, then we gotta talk about okay, let’s see it then. ‘Cause most of you viewers
want to see sparring, right? That might be at some other point in time, because if you’re not even
ready to use these tools, I would not spar. And the thing about sparring, too, it’s just to get your feet wet. – Yeah. – But we’ll get there. As far as the jab, you want to be able to keep this elbow in. And how I explain it
is that you use these, you use the momentum or the
acceleration off the rear foot. If you can get this push and
even the hip aligned to it, then you can get this
whip at the very end. Okay? And that’s how I break it down. – So I wanna make sure you
get this, it’s very profound. This, just this, the last three seconds, you probably want to watch like 10 times. So we’ll show it one more time. – Okay.
– So, look at it. That’s why you cannot do
this, it’s not the punch. It’s the stance and the footwork. You don’t get the footwork
right, you won’t get this right. So make sure you watch all the other footwork videos as well. So the power comes from this. – Yes. – Okay? This is the secret. Right there. – This is the spring, it’s loaded. It’s ready–
– From here, to… then the shoulder, then this. So it’s not just the hand. – Right. So watch again. – See the hip? Boom-boom-boom. It’s three points, four points. – There’s a complete whip
and an arc at the end, and what happens is, if I could do that, then I’ll crack the target at the end. Okay, and it pulls back. And that’s how you get it. If I were to just do it this way, not only am I exposing myself here, but– – See, when we just do it wrong, just do a hand and let
them see the difference. – Yeah, this one? – Yeah, just do it wrong. See the difference? – Okay. That’s just coming out
and you’re fully extended. What I want to do is
gouge against you, right? Crack. That’s the difference between that punch and some of the punches
that you may end up seeing. But you want to be able to, again… All this happens all at the same time. Boom, and then it comes right back. You almost have to do it over and over. Sometimes it’s hard for
me to explain it to you, because if your body mechanics
can’t even move your hips, then the best thing to do is
for you to just start learning how this just gets delivered from here.
– Just get this right. – That’s it.
– And then maybe even isolate it, just do the hip. And then just do the leg. – Sometimes it’s this, right? People start just twisting here. See, again, the problem
is, if you do this, then your center is facing the other way. – Yup, I do not like that. – So if you do this, you see how it comes right back?
– Your stuff is still here, your left hand for follow through. – That’s preferable. – So let’s see if you can demonstrate. – Sure, so again, if I
can just get this going, I wanna be able to do,
is hit behind the target. – Yeah, right there.
– Right. And then if I can hit this on the way in and retract it here,
then my recovery is good. The mistake that people do is, down. Okay? Down, slow recovery. Wide. – That’s open, yup.
– Yeah. Crack, is best. Okay, you just work on
it a couple of times until you get used to
it, because eventually, you want this to be a
little bit more rapid rather than going boom
and slowing it down. Boom. This one comes. Boom. This one’s coming. You’re always hitting
behind the first punch. So again, take some time. I know sometimes whipping this back could actually pull a
string on your muscles. So if you’re not warmed up,
make sure you’re warmed up. And then if you wanted to exaggerate this, go ahead, but eventually,
you want to do it from Point A to Point B. It’s very short. You don’t see much, but it’s just between a little short space. That’s where you want
to develop the power. – And that’s why it
takes a lot of practice to generate power in
such a short distance. Easy to generate power when
it’s from here all the way. But when you have only
about this much space, this much distance, it’s not easy. – Right. – And that’s why a lot
of JKD practitioners, they practice the techniques, but there’s not enough
substance behind the techniques. And that’s why at times, oh, there’s not enough power with the jab, not enough power with the straight lead. Well, Bruce can hit someone very hard with the straight lead. But that’s Bruce, right? – Yeah, yeah. Now, we have Jack here,
to start working on it from a very beginning standpoint, but again, all you need to do is focus on the hand coming out and
delivering from the very end, here, and then come back. So as you’ll notice, I use that rear foot. And it whips, okay? And that’s how you’re gonna end up doing it on the focus mitt. – Yup, let’s try that. – Okay, no stepping in the very beginning, so you get used to delivering the power with just a stationary stance. Okay, good. Another thing I’d like to share is that you don’t wanna
bounce or do anything, you want to be completely
standing still like a rock, and then you just deliver the hit. – See, it’s harder?
– Much better. – Ah, it’s harder? It’s hard? Right? – Isolates a lot of movements. – And you need to focus?
– Yes. – Now, notice, you can see, you can see on camera, a lot
of power comes from this. He’s not utilizing this enough yet, and definitely not this enough yet. But it’s okay. From the beginning, get this, at least get this arm right first and then the hip and then this, right? That’s good. Yup. And don’t worry so much
about hitting hard, focus on doing it right. You do it right, you’ll hit hard. – Now, I like the fact that
Jack is starting from here. Okay? Because if you still don’t understand how to deliver it here, it’s hard. Sometimes, it causes you to telegraph and pull a hand back to hit. – Yes. – Just start from here if
you’re having a hard time and fire the punch.
– You don’t necessarily have to start from here, that’s a little bit more advanced, start from here, right? That’s okay. Yeah.
– Relax. Relax. Relax. Good. Pause in between, focus. That’s it. – You give yourself a few seconds. – Good, better.
– That’s better. Yeah, that one was good. That one was good. – That’s good. Good.
– All right. – A great way to increase the speed is by the auditory drill. All right, so if I’m
gonna give you a clap, I want you to– – Hit.
– Hit. Ready? – Yeah. – Yeah, see, there’s no anticipation. Don’t anticipate. Good, this is an increasing stimulus, so that way, he’s able to hit much faster. – You can see that now, so you can, again, you need a training
partner with this, you can clap, and you can even, even if they are next to you, sometimes, Jack might
kinda cheat a little bit, say oh, I can see, he’s almost gonna clap. But if he cannot see Sifu, it’s harder. It’s harder, when you don’t, let’s say, when you have no
idea, it’s a lot harder, right? Try that. – Okay, no bouncing. Good. – You see that? I’m just giving him a real slight, so many, many things you can do. But I think that’s a good
starting point, right? – Yeah, absolutely. – For the jab.
– That was a really good jab. – But you need to practice
in front of a mirror, or could have an instructor
to correct your form, and then more of a whip,
and then you can feel, and then as a partner,
as a training partner, I can tell Jack, yeah,
Jack, that one was good or that one, meh, a little bit, or I can say your hand is dropping, that is not as good, right? Or I see you turn too
much this way, right? Or I see you bounce too much. As a good training partner,
a good training buddy, you should give him feedback, so I know, right? Otherwise, he cannot improve. Vice versa, right? So, there you go, that’s
the basic JKD jab, how is it different from straight lead, how is it different from boxing, where you hit with a vertical fist? Comment below if you have any questions. Give us a thumbs-up. Make sure you hit the Subscribe button, turn on the bell for notification. Check out our playlist,
we have a lot of videos on Jeet Kune Do, the philosophy of JKD, and different techniques, training drills. Check them out right
there, on your right side. Keep watching the other videos. If you are watching
this, you’re practicing, watch it one more time or a couple times, so you actually get it. Until next time, be water, my friend.


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