Bruce Lee | G V Prakash & Kriti decides to reveal the photo | G V Prakash comes to know the truth

Bruce Lee | G V Prakash & Kriti decides to reveal the photo | G V Prakash comes to know the truth

Will anyone cry all night? – What is it?
– Look at this photo Minister! Isn’t his death the reason
why this city is terrorised? How did you take this? This is evidence for murder – Let’s go
– Where? Police station Get lost! To explain my crying all night,
I haven’t deleted it yet He’s lying
He doesn’t know how to delete it Give me the camera Delete it What?
Are you saying we should forget it? How can we let it go when it’s
happened right before us? If we are blind to this we
are making a bigger mistake! No way! I’m not a hero
to question the wrong You may not be a hero But I’m a heroine and I will question Please go ahead Go to the police and court, get justice and
walk back in slow motion We’ll clap for you Dude! You feel me? She has a rom-com face
and is thinking about action Why are you behaving
like a chick? Chick? Me?
You are a chick Yes, I am Aren’t you a man?
Behave like one Shall we wait outside? Get lost I don’t care Abbas, are you coming or not? Hey, Bruce Lee is right Do we need to get involved
with the cops and court? Scram You! Watching Dora! Give me that That a minster has no security has… …made the public panic
and the supporters angry His son and family
are deeply mourning his loss With elections coming up, his death… …has caused a major stir
in Tamil politics…His son? This is Ramesh reporting for
Hey why not… …give the camera to his son? Let him figure it out Let him deal with it What do you say? Yeah
OK We can try that OK? OK? Abbas, leave Let him come only
if he wants to Where are you going? I’ll come with Why?
Well, You three ladies are
going by yourself You need a man – That’s why
– Tall talk Dude! A plane, above They’ll never learn Why do you brake like that! There are cops So what? – Relax!
– Why are you scared of them? What should one be scared of? How to get in? I don’t know how Wait! You two wait here Why am I wearing this? This is a girl’s ID card! – Who are you?
– Press, sir – Go ahead
– Escape! The body is there What happened? My Chief!
They killed him! Shut it! He’s coming! – I’m going to
– Hey wait! Let go! Sir
Ma’am! I need to speak
Please step back, Ma’am He is going to talk to you
Step back What do you want me to say? What did he do? He was always about
his Political party I don’t know if the murderer a
party member or the opposition – Yes, dude?
– He is here too – Who?
– It’s that Godfather Who?
Forget it Bye I am but a young boy
What can I do? But there is one thing the
guy who killed my father… …should be legally punished, whoever he is,
however rich he his I will not rest until then This government, the police,
I don’t believe anyone I believe only in you How could one have
the heart to do this? Do you know how much
he has done for the people? Please support me In this matter, I trust only
the media and the people You are enough I trust only you Please help find the murderer That would mean a lot Godfather! They’ve killed my dad, Godfather! He was true to everyone He is posing for pictures
Is he mental? A gun is passed to him
He’s going to kill him too Come
Let’s leave Let’s leave come
What are you saying Let’s go follow
Come! Who are you?
What do you want? Restroom
I need to use the restroom Yes That’s right
Restroom Brother Come this side Going somewhere? Restroom, brother Go that side
You can go, Ma’am That’s the ladies room I don’t know what to do (Liquor consumption
is injurious to health) So many calls since morning Sir’s gun He left it behind My dad instead his head,
should have been shot here What a despicable man! Has a son at every constituency He would have made his sons
contest at every constituency Good thing we took care of it Or else, he would have talked to the press
about his wives and sons Have you received the amount? I’ve spoken to sir He wants to contest now – We’ll see about the next
– Brother Our leader has arrived
Leader is here Where did you go? – Come!
– Did you see them? Did you give it? Well?
Answer! The son murdered the father How do you know? I overheard at the restroom You return with problems
when you go to pee Shut it
Let’s go now Fortunately, we didn’t
say anything to him The Godfather would
have butchered us Bro, If it’s easy to do good, then the
world won’t have any bad people Doing good is the only
investment without profit That’s why no one does it That’s why the good ones
call it Karma Cause then, someone may do good Dude, if someone falls on the road
why do we help them right away? Because if we slip we hope
that someone will help us up There is no charity in the world
No, no Everything is selfish Why are we itching to get justice? Cause if someone kills us
we hope someone gets us justice Bruce Lee When we do good
Oh God! Please stop talking Drive straight to the police station I’ll even plead guilty
to this murder But no more punch lines please! Talk only about what
we should do now


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