Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Beginners : Arm Bar Move in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Beginners : Arm Bar Move in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Hi! This is Aaron Fruitstone and Liz Muller
from Chi Martial Arts in Miami Shores, Florida. You can reach us on the web at
The next technique that you will be learning is a submission from the mount position. It
is an arm bar submission. What Liz is going to do as the person reaches up to try to get
them off, she is going to bring one hand inside the two arms, the other hand is going to pass
around the outside which means that she is going to go after this trapped arm by putting
her all of her weight on me she is able to control me from here she is going to drive
this foot to the ground by my hip and the other one by my head, turning her body. This
keeps me by getting away from this position she is going to pass this leg around my head,
sit, hugging my arm, slowly sitting back. She is going to pinch her knees together and
slowly lift her hips up when I am done comfortable, I tap. Okay one more time at normal speed.
The person chokes, Liz goes right for the submission she pops up, knee by the head,
passes around, good arm…


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  • emm not true, did u watch Royce Gracie against Matt Hughes at UFC 109!? Royce's arm was at a truly ridiculous angle and Hughes had it perfectly on and he managed to get out of it? Oh and UFC 111 Dan Hardy vs George St. Pierre, that was something similar! 😉

  • David Vodrážka says:

    hmm its weird my trainer keeps telling me that i have to get my leg over opponents head right away, but she's doing it in two moves… Also i'm having problem that my opponent bends his arm…

  • @vyhulmidyck well yes, thats the escape of the arm bar. (which not many know about). Inorder to avoid that escape you need to do what your trainer tells you to do, Get the arm bar quickly…

  • @johan404 say that to tim sylvia, well frank did break his fore arm but you have to give tim credit, he didnt tap or seem like nothing was wrong.

  • farmyardmassacre says:

    @larryraiders Wrong. wrong wrong wrong have you ever had a 12 year old girl pull an armbar on? it still feels like fire

  • I know that the arm is going to be on your inner leg, right? not the crotch. But should the Thumb point up or to the sides ;)?

  • I know that the arm is going to be on your inner leg, right? not the crotch. But should the Thumb point up or to the sides on the "attacker" :)?


    @johan404 not always man, you can roll on to the side of the arm bar, and try to scape with an elbow strike…

  • Justin Embree says:

    @SuperPanthour If you think Judo and Jiu-Jitsu are almost the same, then you do not know what either is or how they function.

  • Sheryl Macdonald says:

    @Cornerstonerulez Wow, SuperPanthour is right, Ju jitsu was developed my Samurai's, and was later used for sport, It was made illegal and Judo was born from Japanese Ju Jitsu, A japanese intructor taught the Gracies and Brazillion Jiu Jitsu was born. They are a very similiar martial art. I'm currently a yellow belt.

  • HomesliceDrummer says:



    BJJ was derived from Judo, not japanese JJ.

    Judo was derived from Japanese jiu jitsu, and brazilian jiu jitsu was derived from Judo.

  • HomesliceDrummer says:


    Dude, go read the Gracie official website history, it says they were introduced to Judo around 1914 by Esai Maeda. Japanese ju jutsu didn't include just ground fighting, and judo was inculded, and Judo is what the Gracies were introduced to Ju jutsu in the form of Sport Judo originally.

  • @HAMTAROWNED Yeah, they should rather have taught how to do the same arm bar if the person is striking up at you.

  • ahabthearab1288 says:

    @Cornerstonerulez yeah the sport is different, but the art is pretty much the same as judo, except u learn more throws in judo, and u learn more ground techniques in bjj, but other than that its pretty much the same

  • @freedencevia Well if you think its a sex move let her try it on you and see if you can hold off tapping. Bitch. She would break your puny arm.

  • ok..
    PLEASE somebody explain me sth! If somebody had this trick on me I could easily get out right I dont need to tap out do I ?

  • @JonTricky what if he had a gun. i dont think you want him to come in and talk shit. i dont think you would wanna say anything back =O

  • I doubt that this would be effective against a significantly stronger opponent, because they could just pull out and are probably not just going to lay there, but who knows?

  • @JonTricky PLEASE Tell me …does BJJ ever stand up and fight?.
    Bjj looks like a sport like any sport there is only one againts one. what would happen if the referee joined in? BJJ is a sport Like Judo ( BJJ.. Basically Just Judo)

  • @slouttop you cant win an MMA match without ground technique…standing up and fighting the whole time will get you no where. maybe throw a few punches them take em down and force then to tap. thats why bjj is a form of MMA, because its MIXED with other forms of fighting.

  • @Soccrfreak27 I can insure u that martial arts can do something agaisnt multiple people thats what some of them are made for?. Take a look at Muay thai dont think a master can knock 2 – 3 guys out using combos?

  • @yolbit i used a crescent kick in a street fight once.. it was unexpected and it got him off guard. and yes, i did win. though i still agree that bjj is useful.

  • The Channeling says:

    @lukasfogtmann I believe you mean "assure". The disadvantages I have noticed with bjj is that while you are working one guy to the ground, another opponent can be laying into you from above.

  • @yolbit it wasnt very hard when the guy had essentially no guard and just doing haymakers. i dodge threw a few jabs and a straight then followed up with a crescent. i would most likely not use that against somebody who actually knew some form of martial arts.. too risky. but it did work. it was very unexpected so.. yeah.

  • STARSandBARS1994 says:

    People saying JJ doesn't work? Go watch MMA. MMA is the closest legal thing to a "real" fight, if it works in MMA, ON TRAINED FIGHTERS, it'll work in a real life FIST fight(1v1). And the best martial art for multiple oppenents is Run-Fu.

  • if i ever get into a fight and get a person in an armbar, they need to say goodbye to their arm. cause i'm not stopping till it breaks.

  • No offence, jiu jitsu looks sexy when girls are doing it on a guy 😉
    At the same time.. when I guy does it on another guy… Even though it's effective and deadly. Looks gay.

    At the same time, if you're mobbed, doing grapples is probably the most suicidal thing you'll ever do.

  • @20nineaug94 I have heard that it is a very homoerotic martial art. That´s not a bad thing in my opinion, even though two girls are more my thing : ) But anyways, I wouldn´t go mess with anyone who knows this art.

  • Daniel Martinez says:

    i don't see how this move works as well as it does, some guy i was sparring with did this on me and not only did i not submit, i powered through his legs to get on top and pound on his head. it just takes a little bit of toughness and explosive power. although the guy wasn't exactly a blackbelt in BJJ so i'm sure that might have something to do with it but all the same it didn't work.

  • i know in theory it should work in a street fight like some of you said, but one thing. once you establish the full hold, wouldn't the guy be able to at least bite the under side of your thigh? i know it sounds cheap, but its a street fight.

  • @STARSandBARS1994

    Only problem is, while you're there having somebody in a armbar, his or her buddy is gonna be kicking on your face.

    It's dangerous in a 'streetfight'
    (im all for jj)

  • STARSandBARS1994 says:

    @dondertochop As I said- "1v1 fist fight." I have no delusions of triangle choking 4 people in a brawl or knocking 4 people out.

  • @AlphaPil0t There is BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and JJJ(Japanese Jiu-Jitsu), the difference is in traditions and also slightly in techniques

  • Right Now I am having my baby girl take classes.. If you watch the dynamics in this Martial Art there is no real defense against this for a striker or any "regular fighter".. For example.. I could always fight. But Being a little guy in a fight with a bigger guy, I would always need to drag a person to the ground and beat the heck out of them.. You don't do that with these guys as they are trained to fight on the ground – They WANT you on the ground so they can choke you out or break your limbs.

  • I dont know Ive been in a couple of fights in my time and i find that this is the easiest thing to put someone in. its also easy to get out of though thats the only draw back

  • BJJ has nothing on my sifu's kung fu! He is a master of Bullshido! He can bend all his energy into his finger tip and flick you super hard. It works on me and all his friends, so it is definitely real. BUT, you need proper training before either of us could try the technique on you or else u might die or get liver cancer. It doesn't work with gloves on so MMA doesn't count. Even if it did work, they could still get liver cancer. It's too dangerous to be showing off….

  • It is true that BJJ isn't infallible. But almost all of the grapplers attacks are done from positions in which punching them in the face is difficult. Once the submission is in full force on that armbar you cannot reach their face to punch them. If you did punch them in the face from your back with them on top most will just smile at you because your position won't allow you to produce enough power to hurt them. Exceptions to this are armbars from guard and some leg locks.

  • If I remember right, anyone with experience in a boxing, jujitsu or any other self defence type sport will be delt with far more seriously by the law. Of course if you are just using reasonable force and give sufficient warning then all should be fine.

  • JJ is very useful for getting back to your feet so your head doesnt get punted by the enemies gf or friend. The rest is for promoting health and principal based life protection skills. Know your strengths on your feet and cultivate them along with element of surprise, or you may be finding your weaknesses on the ground….OSS!

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