BJJ Purple Belt having fun with Judo Black Belt


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  • Steelmonger888 says:

    I know both those Judokas! They are not skilled in Newaza. Newaza is ground Judo! I’m surprised they didn’t show a video of them submitting those Judokas! BJJ fanatics do this all the time to make themselves more popular. I know better. I know how skilled a Newaza Judoka can be. Case in point? You need look no further than the Yoshida vs Royce Gracie match!! Yoshida destroyed Royce Gracie! And Rickson avoided Yoshida like the plague!

  • The title should be quite the opposite.
    The randori shouldnt end at the throw, but continue into the submission.
    A real fighter would throw and transition to the submission.
    Both are weak, the black belt judo is not agressive in the ground and the jiujitsu purple has no posture or stand game.
    This video actually shows the worse of both worlds.

  • Glenn Sosinske says:

    Very quick ippon. I'd like to see how long I could stay on my feet against a judo blackbelt. I'm guessing 5-10 seconds, and I'm not a pushover either..

  • what hard work lolsss,jerking off maybe,u both suck in ur styles even though they and all other modern styles copies of KENPO

  • Many BJJ gyms don't teach much live standing to ground and this is the result.The Gracie brothers were ALL were black belt level Judo players . When GJJ first came here in the early 90s we trained a lot of standing to ground transitions and live drills. It dropped off tremendously over time. The result was many Judo players with blue belt level BJJ would have control of the terrain. while rolling since the BJJ guys would get caught while on their feet and wind up in bad positions on the ground which made them sit down and butt scoot. All BJJ purple belts should be at least at a green belt level in Judo so that type of thing cont happen so easily. Camarillo and several other guys teach the mixed version of the early days . Worth watching some of his vids.

  • BJJ guy isn't liking that kosoto-gake. (and I love both arts..I'm a Collier Judo brown belt, and a Helio "Soneca" BJJ brown belt).

  • So if the Judo guy wants to throw his opponent to the mat, and the BJJ guy wants to go to the mat, who is really playing with who…?

  • Ok for the bjj guys here is a left handed judoka moving the bjj guy around his centre of balance, its all feel. Strategies to prevent this are: dont take steps with your feet close together, stay up right dont lean, lock him down with your forarm across his collarbone, dont let him turn in, check his hip with your palm, dont let him dictate the grip, lock him down over the top but dont let him turn under you, if he does drop your hips, grab a leg and shoot before he gets a grip, if he turns in you turn in too, hope some of that helps

  • the fact that the purple bjj belt accepted this challenge with a strong judo black belt is a very stupid choice, he has been humiliated by the judo black belt who took clearly as a challange to show his stand up superiority, the confrontation had to go on in full ground fighting, personally would like to have a confrontation with this phenomenal black belt in judo, but as soon we reach the ground i catch his legs, feet, anckles like a shark, want to see him screaming under a twisting ackle lock or an extended leg knee baar, think he will not smile anymore

  • I'm a die-hard judoka and I must say that the title/premise of this video is quite disrespectful (even if years old). Whether this was shiai or a light randori, you should never belittle your opponent/partner i.e. his fighting style or background. I regularily practice with BJJ guys and they're cool bunch.

  • Having fun getting dropped….
    I'm glad they are taking an interest in Takedowns & throws. It paus to be well rounded

  • It's a proven fact that a well trained Judoka can pretty much mop the floor with a well trained Jiujitero on the top, but completely the opposite on the bottom. Although there are some Judokas who are surprisingly darn good in Judo style ground work and can give the Jiujiteros some hard rub, and vice versa.

  • BJJ only has the option of being a pussy and pulling guard against a judo guy. Wish they'd bad pulling guard from standing in tournaments, make things a lot more interesting.

  • reza hajighasemi says:

    After watching this I found out a black belt in Judo can do whatever he wants to me in less than 10 second :/

  • Judo was derived from Jiujitsu , basically took Jiujitsu and made throws the primary aspect , in Judo we still do a ton of ground work ( Ne-Waza ) as we call it , roll with us on the ground and we’ll definitely throw some chokes and locks at you with a ton of hold downs , but the founder of Judo just figured out that a fight always starts standing up and to be able to use your ground skills you have to first take your opponent down , not to mention the throw down on its own depending on the surface and how the person being thrown is able to land will end the fight on its own , martial arts is a darn beautiful thing.

  • Mr Murphy Piers says:

    I think the tital should be "Bjj player getting floored constantly by a Judoka" Judo guy didnt touch the mat once.

  • AZ Battle School says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Great camaraderie. It would be cool to see no gi judo, or Mma take downs like Kyro Parisian

  • Maximum Ninjutsu Power says:

    I wish they had ippons in bjj comps. and I say that as someone who only trains bjj and how has pretty shitty takedowns. I think the lack of ippon means take downs don't get the attention they need, and from a self-defence stand point solid throws are more important than X-guard sweeps.

  • Gundam1313 Yjshuao says:

    Good Sportsmanship, these guys are true mentors, well done Gentleman. I'm concerned about were the ARTS are leading young people but this gives me hope that there are skilled mentors who display humility.

  • This is so stupid, why not just insert all the judo throws into Bjj and make it a more complete system. Better yet, why not just get rid of those silly gi's and also lose the silly belts. Then put in some muay thai and boxing into the mix. Wow that would really be something huh! Lets the call it Mixed Martial Ar…. oh wait..

  • Jotaro Kujo79 says:

    Mike I wanted to write this before reading your comment. I practice Judo
    but my first love remains BJJ. Now, if you know about these two beautiful
    martial arts, you can easily see that both are having fun and are doing light
    sparring for a demonstration. They are sparring only stand up with Judo rules.
    In this constellation, of course a well-trained judo black belt has a huge
    advantage. Now if you add the possibility to go for the legs throws and change
    the level, sparring on the ground, the situation could drastically change in favor
    of the BJJ practitioner. Like you wrote, Judo and BJJ are too branches
    from same tree. One is focused more on throws and in general from the stand-up
    game, the other focus more on submission on the ground.

  • Indiana Jones says:

    Judo brown belt here.
    I always have a wonderful time playing around with my BJJ buddies. There is nothing better than helping each other learn new ways to be more effective.
    I have never had a bad monent with any if the guys that I work out with.
    After over 20 years of wrestling and judo I am pretty confident in my own experiences and love to make new ways to cooperate.
    All my love to my friends and family in BOTH arts.

  • Prometheus Prometheus says:

    I would say h shows that having a well rounded background is very important. BJJ is learning Bet if they were on the ground the story would be different. After all. Once you trip your opponent the fight goes to the ground.

  • Lol you'e just doing the same thing over and over… He knows what to expect and obviously they are good at throws and will throw you if you try to trip em…..

  • I've done judo and Bjj

    I think all bjj practitioners should be humbled by a good judo black belt so that they know bjj is not the center of the universe

  • I have been doing bjj 4 years now and started doing judo about a week. Loving it. Like bjj the judo guys have been real welcoming and helpful. Just great stuff when clubs schools whatever can get along and even cross styles or arts.

  • The fact that there is such a wide disparity in standup between Judo and BJJ, that tells you everything that's wrong with most BJJ schools. Most now even teach sloppy wrestling takedowns over teaching throws and sweeps. Bravo for being so respectful and working together.

  • I would die happy if the bjj dude just shot for a single leg who’s got the best take downs now bitch then choked him out lmao

  • I am a 4th degree black belt in BJJ and have been training Judo since I was 10. If you don't know judo then you cannot truly consider yourself an expert of Jiu-Jitsu.

  • Very respectful and playful. I bet much was learned by both sides, but most importantly a good example for the kids watching.

  • Life Long Liver says:

    Why is the purple belt trying to use judo techniques? It seems to me that they are both trying to throw each other?

  • Judo and ji jitsu cause back pains and arthritis. The more you get thrown into the ground, the more damage your doing to your disc. The disc is the most important component in the human spine. If you rupture one of them, you can't fix it. Neither doctors and chiropractors can fix it. Your going to have chronic back pains for the rest of your life if you keep training like that. When you enter any martial arts academy, you have to sign a contract that says if you die or get injured while training, it's not our fault and you can't sue us. MMA and grappling are a dangerous sport. I wouldn't recommend this. If you want to live with spinal injuries, then this is a sport for you.

  • Judo is more frustrating than Golf. Hats off to the people who can do it at a high level. That said, the BJJ guys in this video could have dominated the Judo guys on the floor.

  • alex jackson says:

    ive been thinking,for a long time now aswell, that bjj is complete utter shit . all the kids back in the day knew at least a bit of judo,me included,and its actually won me a couple of scraps. but bjj,unless you practice the gracie way..and even then..might aswell stop bjj if that's your discipline,and opt for a good judo school

  • Purple belt is a product of many latter day BJJ gyms training wherein the live rolling is done only on the ground . The gracie brothers trained llivev standing oftenb and were all black belt level judo players. as it was part of GJJ. iMO a purple belt should be able to defend standingv betterv than this . No disrespect to this purple . Im sure he would do much better if if he chosecto drag the judo player down or attacked his legs.Instead He was clesrly trying to attack usingv sweeps t o improve which is the judo players wheelhouse .Beyter late than never.


  • NightDater_com says:

    Yeah, judo can definitely learn ne-waza from jiu-jitsu and jiu-jitsu can definitely benefit from judo stand-up techniques.

  • So guys todays visual exercise is …..

    Watch the 2 guys in the front only then ….

    Repeat the video and then watch the 2 in back

    Repeat the video 100 each time

    Congratulations I officially promote all of you to white belts in both bjj and judo

    Wear that white belt with pride and enjoy the high supreme lineage that you recieved it from

    That will $20

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