Beyond Muscle – New Bruce Lee

Beyond Muscle – New Bruce Lee

I grew up in a loving adoptive family at
the age of three but the outside world was not as loving I was picked on
bullied beaten up in the schoolyard girls turned me down because I was Asian
I hated Bruce Lee because I was taunted for having a culture that through karate
chops I thought that if I weren’t like him at all that I wouldn’t be made fun
of then I watched his movies and realized that he too was really cold and
put down because of a stereotype he had the mental toughness to overcome
and become the best I couldn’t throw a punch as fast or kick as furious as
Bruce Lee but if I could get the chiseled body and the mental mindset I
could achieve anything I was skinny I didn’t think I could have a body that
others would want nor desired but I tried it took mental toughness and
persistence to achieve it my genetics were against me I was skinny
and Asian I’m here to tell you that it’s not just possible it’s very much in your
reach I fell for all the gimmicks and supplements online that promised muscles
and veins and a lifestyle I could never achieve but as I lifted and got stronger
then girls would say I didn’t know they made aja men like you guys used to say
chink and Chinaman now they say how can I look like you I used to hate to be
called Bruce Lee but this is the new Bruce Lee we may never have the martial
arts skill or the physique or the exact mindset of Bruce Lee but you can have
the gift of the confidence and freedom to thrive in life that Fitness has once
promised you I created my physique and my life I’m Kevin Crider from pursue now
it’s your turn to design your body and your life you


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