Betty Ting-Pei talks Bruce Lee 2005

You can hear it right? Everyone here at Castle
Peak calling out his name. So, I think the most important is wisdom… his
relationship to them is wisdom. And he was an extremely, extremely natured…
natured kind of person. Natured. Meaning, he wasn’t different, you know… He was a very principled man. As you know, there’s talk about turning Bruce’s house
into a memorial. Do you think it should be done? Yes, of course it should! Be… because throughout
the world, for tourism it would be good, and also, for Chinese and western cultural
exchange, would be good. ChinaBruce Lee represents the thoughts of
all Chinese people, you know… Descendants uh… Descendants of the Dragon as the
saying goes. And also, Beijing Olympics is approaching. The whole world likes Bruce Lee because of his
body language, right? So I say I definitely agree with hoping this
government will hurry and consider… to establish this Bruce Lee Group’s poll for a
memorial. Just specializing on this event you know… It’ll
be good for everyone. And it will bring a return to this district, some


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