Better Kicks No Equipment Needed

Better Kicks No Equipment Needed

Hey guys, what’s up? I’m Lee Price this is
Mixed Martial Help, I’m bringing you one new video every day in Mixed Martial May. Today’s
clip is going to help you out with your lead leg kicking, all your kicks in fact. But the
important thing with your lead leg is that you must have good control, otherwise you
will have no accuracy. Now with your lead leg being naturally being weaker than your
rear leg where you can build up a little bit more force. It’s important that your skills
are good because if you’ve got weak skills you’re going to have an ineffective kick.Now
slow kicking is one of the best drills you can do. I’ve got a few videos on this already
but here’s a nice one you can do without any equipment. You’re going to use a wall just
to help stablise, now I’m not worrying about my balance too much while I’m learning the
kick, or while I’m improving my control, or I’m working my accuracy. So hold onto a post,
hold onto a wall to stablise yourself and point your balancing foot, your non-kicking
leg, you’re going to pivot your toes towards the wall. Now the idea is you want to kick
one hundred and eighty degrees away, so wherever your hell is pointing, this is where you want
to kick. If I don’t pivot my foot I’m not activating the muscles around my hips, I’m
not activating my glutes. It’s going to be a weak position, if you kick with a weak front
leg, you’re going to get pushed over, you’re going to get run over you’re going to get
swept on your butt. So, work it like this. Balance, balancing foot towards the wall,
chamber your kick away. Now make sure that you chamber nice and tight, nice and high.
So when I kick my leg is in the way of me and my opponent. If it’s like this I’m going
to get punched over the top, so nice and high! Start with your side kick and just get used
it to. Your roundhouse, change the chamber. You wanna build up initially if you’ve not
started doing this you’re going to start feeling it in the first few kicks. Build up to twenty
five of each kick on each leg, then build that up to fifty, to a hundred. And that’s
a good base level, when you’ve got the stamina to pop out one hundred kicks, pop pop pop
pop! Then you can start doing more advanced things. So, leave a comment below and subscribe
for more videos in Mixed Martial May.


5 thoughts on “Better Kicks No Equipment Needed”

  • What if you can't kick that high? I can kick that height but when I try to hold it just falls down, should I work on getting higher or doing more reps lower? Thanks.

  • Practical Combat Martial Arts says:

    My friend, did you check the video I sent you privately?
    by the way your daily vids are amazing

  • it's a good video but don't only use this. use different exercises. use new training every month. switch with the training from GNT and Bill wallace and this. but you need to do a little bit more 😉

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