Best BUDGET 3×3! Kung Fu LongYuan vs. MF3RS vs. Qiyi Warrior W |

Best BUDGET 3×3! Kung Fu LongYuan vs. MF3RS vs. Qiyi Warrior W |

Hey YouTube it’s me Spotty! Today we’re taking a look at 3 budget 3×3’s
to see which might be the best for you. The puzzles we’re gonna be looking at today
are the Qiyi Warrior W, the Kung Fu LongYuan and the MF3RS from the Cubing Classroom seires. All 3 come in at under $7.50 Australian or
around $5 US and all perform pretty well. So let’s take a look at the performance
out of the box, the pros and cons of each and my overall recommendations for a budget
3×3. First up, the Qiyi Warrior W. This cube I
was pretty impressed straight up. When turning it, it didn’t feel that cheap
and while the performance was only decent, the stock tensions were terrible; way too
tight. So this did cut into performance, corner cutting
wasn’t the greatest and the feeling was a little blocky. I did see heaps of promise though and I thought
after some set up and breaking in, it might be a very good option for a budget cube. There were also some other things that I thought
weren’t fantastic. First up, the plastic is a bit frosted. Kinda weird but not huge. The thing I found more annoying were the weird
shades that Qiyi chose. It’s a very bright colour scheme, the red
almost looks pink and overall I’m not a fan. Note too that stickerless bright is the only
thing that this cube can come in. And finally, there was some pretty bad spring
noise present so some setting up would definitely do this cube some good. Next up was the Kung Fu LongYuan. This one I wasn’t a huge fan of right out
cause the puzzle felt very cheap. The feeling was sandy, kinda scratchy and
the turning was very blocky. In saying that, the performance itself was
good. Corner cutting was good although reverse was
a bit lacking and there was a decent fluidity to turning. More so compared to the Warrior W.
Finally we had the MF3RS. Now this one was my favourite of the bunch. It doesn’t feel super premium but it for
sure doesn’t feel cheap, plus aesthetically it’s the most premium looking cube with
design features normally found on higher end 3×3’s. Additionally, performance is fine out of the
box. The corner cutting is on par with more expensive
puzzles and there just aren’t too many real flaws. There are some slight catching issues that
are present but the feel is quite crunchy and overall pretty satisfying. Again we’ll start with the Warrior W. After
playing around with it I have very mixed feelings. I didn’t fully set this up at first. Only mildly tensioning it and then adding
some weight 5 onto the pieces to make this more controllable. After doing so I did around 200 solves but
as I was doing that I found my times were inconsistent and I wasn’t averaging what
I normally would. This came as a surprise to me because I didn’t
feel as though there was any flaws with the puzzles that would hold me back or anything
of that kind. You know, the performance was really good. There was a fluidity to solves, there weren’t
any major catching or locking issues and everything that you would expect to find on a moderately
good cube was found here. So I figured I might as well try and set the
whole cube up again Now my times didn’t drop instantly after doing so but my times
were getting closer and closer to what I normally average and that was good enough for me. But let’s stop talking about this puzzle
now and move onto the next one. So the Kung Fu 3×3 is next up. Similarly to the previous cube, this one wasn’t
set up fully first up. What I did do was dump some heavy lube onto
the pieces which actually did the cube some real good. The very budget feel that this cube came with
subsided and it still feels the cheapest of the 3 cubes here today but it isn’t terrible. The feeling itself is quite papery and very
blocky which isn’t the most pleasant in my opinion. However, set up did improved the corner cutting
which is now better and performance is great. The cube flows pretty well, slight catches
for the most part are gone, the turning is effortless and quick while remaining very
controllable and my times are as they would be if I was using my main. Last but not least, the MF3RS. The performance on this is also great! There are some slight catching issues that
are annoying but aren’t overly drastic and are diminished with breaking in and set up. Stability is decent but what I love about
this puzzle is that it doesn’t feel cheap but instead has some satisfying turning with
a predominantly crunchy feel. As I said before, corner cutting is great
and overall this cube is a definitely a keeper. So with all that said, my recommendations
are as follows. The Kung Fu is my top pick if you’re budget
is really tight and you think you won’t mind the blockier feel. The performance out of the box is really not
bad and performance after breaking is truly really really nice. I would honestly be quite happy to use this
cube if I needed to at a comp and it’s a very nice puzzle on a budget. Plus you get this pretty nice orange stand. Now if you have a couple more dollars on hand
then the MF3RS is the one I’d go for. While there are some slight catching issues
out of the box and they aren’t completely removed the way I set it up, my times are
consistently as what I would get with my main and the feeling is more premium compared to
the Kung Fu. Performance wise though I wouldn’t say it’s
better or worse, it’s just the feeling that I think most people would enjoy more with
this puzzle. The one I would have trouble recommending
is the Warrior W. Now the performance isn’t bad on this cube and as I’ve said before
it does feel more premium than the LongYuan. However, I am really not a fan of the super
obscure colour scheme they’ve slapped on this thing. Now yes you can get used to it but if you’re
used to a normal colour scheme or in the future might want to get used to a normal colour
scheme this cube is just weird. I just don’t think there’s really a place
on the markey for a budget cube that need so much breaking in a set up to get decent
and personally I’d steer away from this one. I would not feel super confident if this was
the only cube I had to compete with. But yeah, that’s about it for this comparison. Hopefully this could help you out if you’re
on the market for a budget 3×3, links to all 3 cubes will be in the description. Other than that though thank you to
for sending these puzzles out for me to test, thank you guys for watching and I will catch
you all in the next one.


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