Beginner Tae Kwon Do Techniques : Tae Kwon Do Side Front Snap Kick

Beginner Tae Kwon Do Techniques : Tae Kwon Do Side Front Snap Kick

Hi this is Aaron Fruitstone from Chi Martial
Arts in Miami Shores, Florida. You can reach us on the web at The
next technique that you’ll be learning is a variation of the front snap kick called
the side front snap kick. Side front snap kick take place with your chest and your standing
foot rotated away from your opponent. It allows for greater reach, by turning your hips, it
also protects the body, by tucking away most of its vital spot. Our arm guard position
is with one leg behind, rear foot turned out, you’re going to take your left hand to your
chest, right hand close to the body no higher than the shoulder. This hand protects the
face, this hand protects the body. You’re going to slowly lift the right leg, rotating
the left foot outwards. Foot is out, chest is turned away, hold the toes back, extend
out, pull back in and return to the starting position. Again you’re going to rotate the
foot out, allow your chest to rotate as well, up, out, in and down. At normal speed. And
from the side. We’ll be back.


15 thoughts on “Beginner Tae Kwon Do Techniques : Tae Kwon Do Side Front Snap Kick”

  • Problem of modern Martial arts community in general:
    1. Excessive Pride and Trolling
    2. People buying their way into top rank
    3. Instructors don't teach the core philosophy of the style and how each form and techniques can function in a confrontation.

    what is my conclusion? Ego is the problem. Humanity as a whole need to drop their ego and realize life is a big learning experience we will always be a student untill the day of our death.

  • i am tired, sick and tired of this back and forth arguements that flare up here on YT. If u believe in ur style, keep training, not only that study and understand. This is how true martial artists should be. but what do i see? a 7yr old TKD greenbelt arguing with a MMA meathead. i think i am gonna leave YT forever, i am tired of this immature little fight that breaks out all over the net. i have better things to do that to see children bicker back n forth about things they'll never understand.

  • whoa joe moma 90 said wrestling simple its not if you an expert dumbass theres hundreds of take downs and complex moves not simple!!!

  • There is no way you're a blackbelt.
    Honestly, don't teach it if you don't know it.
    That's kick is knows as Ap Chaggi, or front snapping kick and youre not doing it right.
    knee to your chest, and youre supposed to kick higher.

    My instructors would be ashamed of this.

  • @sleepykid156 Copy and paste to all the videos, and thumbs up so other can see it! Don't let the spirit of metal dies! Oh, did I forgot to say that I am 12 and I listen to rock and hate Justin Bieber?! Oh, and 3 people that disliked this read this as dis-i-like, HAHAHA!

    Yeah, you're completely right man, I'm sick of it too.

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