Becoming Warrior | Part 6: The Script | Cinemax

Becoming Warrior | Part 6: The Script | Cinemax

-You know, I didLongstreet
for Paramount.
-PIERRE BERTON: Yeah. And Paramount
wants me to be in
a television series. On the other hand, Warner Brother wants me
to be in another one, but both of them, I think, they want me to be in
a modernized type of a thing. ♪ (MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ Bruce Lee had this idea
about a kung fu prodigy.He had notes about that,
he had notes about
the character, Ah Sahm,
and this really nicely
encapsulated story
about a time period
that I really wasn’t
very familiar with. -You want to do the Western, eh?
-I want– Because you see, how else can you justify
all this punching and kicking
and violence… -BERTON: Yeah.
-…except in the period
of the West? We had a treatment, which, at the end of the day,
it’s a handful of pagesand a lot of notes,but we didn’t have
a full-fledged series or pilot.We needed to find somebody
to help us write this,
and create this world. Nowadays, I mean, you don’t go
around on the street, kicking people, punching people, because if you do… -BERTON: Yeah.
-(BLOWS RASPBERRY) -That’s it. I mean…
-With a gun. …I don’t care how good
you are, (CHUCKLES) you know? We wanted to tell
a different story. I mean, oftentimes,
when you have especially
the kung fu story, I know I’ve heard the pitch
a hundred times; white man goes to Asia, and, you know,
has to fight the bad guys. What we really loved
about this is that this is a young Asian man
who comes to America,who is kind of on his own
identity search.
I was finishing up another show
at Cinemax calledBanshee,and Justin Lin had
tracked down Shannon Leeand found out about
this notion they had,
uh, from Bruce Lee,
for a TV show.
By then, the guys at Cinemax
knew that I was
a big martial arts fan
and a big Bruce Lee fan,
so they introduced
Justin and me. When Jonathan sat down
with us,it was so clear that though
he’s a fan of martial arts,
he was talking theme,
he was talking character, and I felt like that
was the best way
to start this process. The more I dug into it,
the more I became
really excited aboutunearthing what went on
during that time period.
I knew vaguely that
a lot of Chinese had come over
for the Gold Rush, and a lot of them had come over
for the work to build
the railroads,so I– I was aware of
that whole immigration,
but I had no idea
what the politics of it were.
I didn’t know
what the Tong Wars were, and I certainly wasn’t aware
of what life was like
in Chinatown at that time.And I guess I could have
imagined the racism
and the prejudice
that existed at that time,
but I was just never aware of
how sharply it manifested
for the Chinese living
in America in the late 1800s. This is part of American history
that has been totally ignored. This Chinese American migration
that is so important
to– to our country,that chapter had never been
really showcased.
On another level,
I want to be part of a show
where we have three-dimensional
Asian American characters. I was sitting in
the Perfect Storm offices with Justin and Danielle
and Jonathan,and we were talking about
the show,
and I got this hit,
and I just thought, “This is gonna be good.” That first script,
the pilot script,Jonathan really came in
and created this whole world
that had the Sahm story,
and the immigration experience,
but also had this, like,
very sophisticated political
machinations,but was really fun
and really pulpy,
and all these different
characters that populated that world
so beautifully. For me, it was that day
where we all
looked at each other and said, “Okay,
this is it, we’re ready to go.” This show is the culmination
of a lot of the elements
for me personally in my career, coming together to tell a story
that is compelling, and that has great characters
regardless of their background. It really celebrates
kind of what Bruce Lee
is all about.It’s about going out there
and having an idea
and creating opportunity
for people to come in


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  • Would you guys please consider making a show around the Great 4 Department Stores of Shanghai? It centres around 4 Chinese Australian owners from villages in Canton who were part of the early colonial Australia period in the gold fields and then went back to China to establish their department store empires and become the elite movers and shakers of Shanghai. They lost everything when the Japanese came and seized their assets.

  • Sounds good…I have always thought that the movie selection out there suffered greatly with the passing of Bruce Lee with his thoughts and direction to go in I am sure many great movies would have coming from his creative mind. Sort of like the restored to the film ,first few minutes of Enter the Dragon. Like a finger pointing to the moon…slap…don't concentrate on the finger our you will lose all that Heavenly glory …Philosophy with a kick when needed and never over done. …

  • Bookings Backstage says:

    This is soooo amazing man! Sold on trailer and totally in love with the theme, characters and decor etc. Character development! Even the intro credits / branding. just so well done. The music everything!

    Well done everyone! top fan right here!

    And its filmed straight outta South Africa as well…very proud to see so many of my friends in this series, but also from a production perspective.

    So impressed! Thank You!


  • Tramaine Terrance says:

    Wow. It's crazy when you think about how long it took them to bring Bruce Lee's writings to life, in a way that would respect Bruce Lee. Warrior is a great show it deserves attention. I'm glad the show has been renewed for season 2.


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