Beatboxing tutorial #2: Creating the kit – Kick drum

Drummers often use a
variety of instruments, every drum kit has
a kick or bass drum, high-hat cymbals
and a snare. These three create the framework for contemporary commercial beats. Let’s start with the
basic techniques. Make the “p” sound, make sure that you’re
using your mouth air and not your lung air. The beatboxing version of “p” for
the kick drum is more pressurised. So close your lips
a little harder, build up more
air pressure, and then open your lips
to explode the air. You can even add a little
lip vibration to the sound. When you close your lips,
purse them very slightly so the inside
of the lips touch. This might remind you of
the familiar “raspberry” sound. We’re now going to use
different vowel shapes Pih, Puh, Pah, Poh. to make different size kick drums. Pih Puh Pah Poh Pih Puh Pah Poh


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