Basic Judo Techniques : Passing the Guard Judo Techniques

Basic Judo Techniques : Passing the Guard Judo Techniques

Hi, welcome back to Expert Village. This is
Cesar and this is Sorai and we’re going to go ahead and wrap things up with this double
feature. First thing I’m going to show you is passing the guard. The second thing is
thing called the “barber pole” submission leg lock. Alright, first thing, passing the
guard. What I want to do is dig in my elbows here really nice and deep. Don’t be gentle.
This arm I’m going to keep over here to keep her from wrapping herself around me again.
Alright, so I’m going to keep the arm right here. The leg, my leg, closest to the leg
that I’m submitting right now. I’m going to go ahead and anchor it and put a lot of pressure.
Alright? Pull your body in close. Alright. Just slide in there. The back foot that’s
not doing anything, this one right here, I want it to move over like this. You’ll be
making a figure four with your legs. Alright, and then pop that leg that was anchoring her
other leg right in there and go into a side mount. Okay, take a look one more time. Elbows
in, anchor with this arm, keep this one right here to keep her from putting you in the guard
again. Leg closest to the one that’s been anchored slides through. Keep your body close.
This leg that’s not doing anything, figure four, pop the anchored leg in and there you
are. Alright, now the barber shop pole is going to go like this. It starts the same
way. This time, the leg that’s furthest away from the leg you’re attacking is going to
go through. So if I want to attack this leg, this one is going to go through like this.
Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to do a left shoulder roll, much like that. Now
when I do that though, when I do that, I’m going to go ahead and try to catch this foot
right here. Just like this. Not actually the leg, just the foot, the ankle if you will.
And you’re going to go with it. So, grab; now, this leg, the left leg will stay exactly
where it was while the other one is going to wrap around her to keep her from coming
up. This leg will serve as a block to keep her from escaping this. Now, there you have
the leg right here. What you want to do is put it underneath the armpit just like this.
You’re going to move back, up with your hip. And that’s the barber shop pole submission
leg lock. Well, it’s been fun. My name is Cesar Lazcano, again and this Sorai Enriquez.
Sorai tell us a little bit about yourself. Well, I’m in high school. I’m 16 and I’m just
trying to get through school and do karate on the side. And she’s a very good student
actually. Again, I’m a National competitor in Judo. I’m doing the Winter Nationals this
year 2007. And hopefully, I’ll do them again in 2008. I’m looking forward to one day maybe
trying out for the Olympics. Seeing where it goes from there. I’m also interested in
mixed Martial Arts. But, I like the back stage running of the things rather than actually
competing in those kind of shows. But, who knows what the future holds. Again it was
a true pleasure teaching you guys. Keep in mind Expert Village has many videos concerning
Martial Arts and self defense. So, check them out. Hopefully we’ll see each other again.
Take care.


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