Balayage Karate sur Mae Geri avec Lionel Froidure

Balayage Karate sur Mae Geri avec Lionel Froidure

Hello karate, I hope you’re great!
Today, let’s do ashi barai on mae geri. We already seen sweeping technique on previous videos, Anyway, let’s do another one. He attacks MAe Geri, I block Gedan Barai with the rear arm. In the same time, you will pivot to make space in front of you. You need to catch his leg before he lands. That’s great because you remove his stability when he needs it. He really thinks that his foot will land. You really need to sweep his leg when it’s still in the air. And don’t forget to pivot to make space. And please don’t do that. Don’t look down, don’t look his leg and without protection. You need a global view. Look at me, please. I don’t need to look down to see his foot/leg. I hope you appreciated, please like the video and leave me a comment. See you soon. Ciao.


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