Indian Karate champion Sandhya Shetty teaches girls self-defence | Shakti

I am Sandhya Shetty, I am a fashion model, a TV presenter, an actor, and I’m also a karate champion from India. (COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2015 GOLD MEDALLIST) (SAKF GAMES 2017 BRONZE MEDALLIST) (MISS INDIA 2000 FINALIST) I call upon the youth of the world in Tokyo, Japan, to celebrate the games of the 32nd Olympiad. Finally, Karate is […]

ENG SUB |《夢回 Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty》EP02——主演:李蘭迪,王安宇,辛雲來

♪ Watching the mountains and seas ♪ ♪ With the oath between us ♪ ♪ I’ll love you forever all my life ♪ ♪ The willow can’t stand with the wind ♪ ♪ The ocean can’t stand with dust ♪ ♪ The everlasting would never come ♪ ♪ No one understands my rhythm ♪ ♪ No one hears […]

Watch, Listen, and Repeat English Sentences. (Pepsi Kungfu Shaolin Boy Commercial)

A boy knocks on the door of a temple. An old monk answers the door. The old monk has a strange mark on his forehead. The boy has his head shaved. They train the boy. The master shakes his head in disappointment. Time has passed and now the boy is a young man. The young man completes all […]

[Full Movie] Sin City, Eng Sub 罪恶之城 | 2019 Kung Fu Action film 功夫动作电影 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team Get out! Now! Did you hear me? I said “get out”. Who? Ye Long! You want to die? I just want to ask Did you kill Mr. Tang? Tang Jun deserves worse than death! I wanted to kill him ages ago. Sin City (City of Chaos) Ten days ago. Great! Bro! […]