Kung Fu Martial Arts & Self Defense Training – Jenn Caravella on Herbs and Jow

Jow is an herbal liniment and it ties in with the herbal remedies from the Doo family but we’re got herbal liniments and gels that date back to the shaolin temple in 1644 and other liniments that date back from the Doo family for say 2000 years and we’re still using the same herbal remedies the same gel […]

【♥MMD♥Eromanga-Sensei】 Cute Jealous【Motion DownLoad】

Sagiri Izumi: Who is that girl? Mikou Big Brother: O-Our neighbor, amada-san? yes! Sagiri Izumi: You get along with her? Mikou Big Brother: No,no. If anything, she’s someone detestable. Sagiri Izumi: why do you lie like that? Sagiri Izumi: It didn’t look like that at all. Mikou Big Brother: It’s Not Lie! Mikou Big Brother: Someone like that […]


Epic Pixel Battle! Koro Sensei! Contre! All Might! Go! Être numéro un implique un max de pression Mais mes élèves et moi on fait un max d’impression! Cette erreur de la nature a tué tant d’innocents déjà… Mais maintenant tout va bien car JE SUIS LÀ! La seule cour que tu mérites est celle de la justice. Mange […]

Martial Art of Russian Special Forces

For officers of special forces One of main part of physical training A variety of physical exercises… contribute to the development of motor coordination… courage and determination Tasks performed by personnel… of special forces requires them to perfect using of martial arts techniques Martial art include a shocks and blocks… from Karate system… troughts painful techniques strangulations and […]

Hapkido Bo Staff Martial Arts Weapon : Bo Staff Choke Defense Technique

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Master Dave Herbert with the World Martial Art Center in New York City. I’ll be demonstrating some hapkido staff techniques. The opponent’s choking me with 2 hands. I shift my weight back slightly, especially if he’s bigger and stronger he’s putting on you. So he’s pushing forward. I shift back […]

Training Your Eyes to Become a Better Fighter in Martial Arts or Sport

The eyes the senses which allow us to see is one of the most important things we have in our life and we need to train it right when we’re doing self defense stay tuned Welcome to Shihan’s Dojo I’m Shihan Marty Husband and I want to talk to you today about your eyes sight is probably one […]

Hapkido Basic Techniques | Wrist escape part 1 | Grandmaster Ik Hwan Kim

hi I’m Master Ik Hwan Kim I’ll teach you the fundamentals of Hapkido and various self-defense techniques let us begin position of the hand should be open with the fingers extended and rigid this position serves two functions first it expands the area around the wrist thereby helping to loosen the attackers hold and secondly it provides strength […]