[AB] NCT 127 – 영웅 (英雄; Kick It) | 커버댄스 DANCE COVER

Let me introduce you to some new thangs new thangs new thangs bass kick swingin’ like I’m Bruce Lee Bruce Lee Bruce Lee shimmy shimmy shimmy I’m on fire on fire when I’m on this stage I throw a straight punch right left Bruce Lee I’m flying around all day long Bruce Lee yeah yeah comin’ up here […]

Jiu Jitsu Mermaid Sweep – BJJ Training Series w/Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros – Part 6

Hi. I’m Rodrigo Comprido. That’s Marcelo Cazuza. We are here for the Greatmats Series. I will show you guys now the Mermaid Sweep. I have my opponent in my closed guard and what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring him over me and I’m going to force him to move his weight to his hip […]

Семь Ступеней Шаолиня: Master Kung-Fu vs. Cow

Seven steps of Shaolin – The miracle of Chinese craftsmanship – Seven steps… – The miracle of Chinese craftsmanship, seven… – The miracle of Chinese craftsmanship, seven steps of Shaolin – Hello… – The miracle of Chinese craftsmanship, seven steps of Shaolin. Right, right so him .. That he scares you?! To be continued