Baptiste Tavernier – From France to Tokyo’s International Budo University [Interview Part 1/2]

An interview with Baptiste Tavernier, Budoka, artist and writer. Baptiste Tavernier, born 1981 in France pursues a creative path that has led him from experimental music through the martial arts of Japan to the painters canvas. He discovered Budo at the age of eight when he joined his local judo club. while studying digital art and musicology in […]

What is Budo Taijutsu? Find out from Marc Moore 10th Dan from Budo Warrior Schools

DOUG: Hi Marc, thanks for meeting me today. So it was bit of a ride up there from the shop MARC: it keeps you fit DOUG: So yeah, it keeps me fit. So I wondered if you could tell us about your club and a bit of yourself. MARC: Well, myself I started Martial Arts I think in […]

UFC 229 Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor 2018

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor’s they are from UFC lightweight championship stay tuned Conor McGregor makes his long-awaited return to the Octagon this Saturday October 6 2018 against reigning lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, headlining This year’s biggest Mixed Martial Arts, which is set to go down inside the T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada The prior issues between […]

Taekwondo: Darum geht es in dem Kampfsport

Taekwondo ist eine koreanische Kampfkunst, aber auch die Kunst der Selbstverteidigung. Worauf es körperlich und geistig ankommt, zeigen wir hier im Video. Das Wort Taekwondo setzt sich aus drei Silben zusammen. Tae steht für die Fuß-, kwon für die Handtechniken. Do ist der Weg, die Kunst, die Lehre. Und genau darum geht es im Taekwondo. Die Schüler trainieren, […]

How to Do Defense against Back Kick 1 | Taekwondo Training

I’m going to be showing you guys defense against the back kick in sparring. So in this technique, I’m going to do this technique called a step forward and side step number one technique. So from here I’m going to first demonstrate. First, I’m going to go step one close in the distance. Now if my opponent pulls […]

2 Unbelievably EASY Ankle Strength Exercises That Work- No Equipment (Prevent Ankle Sprains)

Howdy folks, I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist. Brad Heineck, physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Bob. A little pause there. I almost forgot my name. Today we’re talking about two unbelievably easy ankle strengthening exercises that work. You don’t need any equipment and also what’s nice […]

娘惹相思格 My Sensei Nyonya | Episode 5

Makan perlahan-lahan. Tauke. -Apakah makanan sedap yang Dewi Dapur sediakan untuk saya? Tuan muda belum sembuh, cuma boleh makan bubur hari ini. Bubur saja? -Bukankah tuan muda sedang makan cakoi? Bubur dan cakoi adalah padanan sempurna. Nak cuba tak? Tauke. -Hal itu dah berlalu, kamu juga terima hukuman. Kecuaian saya hampir meragut nyawa tuan muda. Saya rasa serba […]