02 Maintaining Back Control:Seatbelt Grip – The Philosophy Behind Oga’s Jiu-Jitsu

Hello Professor Oga, Hello Today is a sequel to the last video This kid has some questions for professor Oga So what is your question for today? So, it’s from backcontrol with one hook in having my opponent to the overhook side. And I’m not quite able to put the other hook in. In this situation, my opponent […]

BREASTSTROKE 2 KICK 1 PULL (ELITE) | The Elite Breaststroke Drill You’ve Been Missing

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at the advanced version of the breaststroke 2 kick 1 pull drill. The aims of the drill are the same as the beginner version, the difference is, that the timing is done a little different. So let me explain and show you how it’s done. 2 kick 1 pull is a […]


Hello, here Wesley Gimenez and this is Guilherme, we are from Brazil today you will learn a takedown defense in street fight remember that hand-to-hand combat is the last option the enemy will try to bring you down. if he holds your leg it will be easy to bring you down. on the street we don’t want to […]

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