last year was amazing with Australis we dominated the whole counter-strike scene there was one factor that I think needs improvement for 2019 and that’s our trash talk I found a guy who I believe it’s pretty good at it [Music] gentlemen do we have an appointment you’re probably wondering how does the doc do it how do you become the 2-time actually last year we won of the answer is you can’t you’re too scared no we’re not I am a bit Jesus would you come from been here the whole time my first impression of the dog is that he seems nice you’re not ready for that you got a Snapple come on insult me and see what you got well at least I don’t look speak up when you’re talking to the two-time back-to-back champion say player just a great guy pathetic I’m not better I don’t like you know boy oh boy they’ve got a lot to learn Snapple is scared dad you’re going to understand your competition yeah we’re getting there do you really think this is gonna help us play better Sears excellent job incredible yeah yeah yeah yeah stand up it can equal round and the team’s agreed to buy pistols but little baby precious Dupree decided to buy some dual Berettas what are your thoughts you’ve got to understand your competition it needs to control his fat fingers he needs to drop the two leads to the star player and he needs to sit down well done and easy to be one situation until magic shoot you in the head and loses the round I mean it wasn’t even good enough and all [Music] today go I think it went really well [Music]


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