Ask Coach – Can You Train Martial Arts With Injuries?

Ask Coach – Can You Train Martial Arts With Injuries?

Hey what’s up everybody? I’m Martial Lee,
the Vegan Black Belt. I’ve been training in martial arts for my whole life and I’ve been
teaching for most of that too, all of my adult life. Today I want to talk to you about training
with injuries. It’s inevitable that when you train in any
kind of contact sport, especially combat sports that you are going to pickup some kind of
injury. This could be a minor injury that you can just shake off. It could be a major
injury that’s potentially debilitating for a while, it could be life changing. It’s an
honest risk when you are taking part in sports like this. But what should you do? There’s nothing worse
from a coaches perspective then somebody who is injured who just turns up to class and
they mess things up, they’re putting themselves at more risk. You can still train when you’re
injured, just don’t get in the way. You have to be clever about it. It all depends on the level of your injury,
where you have injured? What part of your body is injured? Are multiple parts injured?
Is your movement limited? Also what type of training are you still trying to do? If you’ve
got bad leg injuries, lets say you damage your knee and you can’t walk, well you’re
not going to be in any kickboxing class are you? But you could still work on things, perhaps
you could still plank or perhaps you could do press ups, dips, perhaps you could do chins
(chin ups). There is a bunch of different ways that you
can train but if you’re going to be getting in the way of other people in your class,
don’t go and train! If you’re not sure one of the best things
you can do is to phone your class, phone your coach ahead of time. Phone the gym and say
“Hey, it’s so-and-so I’ve injured my legs or I’ve got a small injury I’ve sprained my
wrist, I still want to train because I otherwise feel great! What would your advice be? Is
tonight’s class going to be all boxing am I going to get in the way? Will there be a
spare assistant coach who could maybe spend some time with me and change the combinations?” It just comes back to being logical and realising
that if you train through your injuries you’re going to make your recovery worse. If you
train around your injuries you’re going to keep your progress going. Now I understand! If you’re watching this
video and you’re already injured resist the temptation to train that injured body part!
It might still benefit from being moved. But if say I have a bicep injury I don’t want
to immobilise the arm, I still want to encourage circulation I still want to move the area,
but I don’t want to be smashing in power hooks. Or I don’t want to be grappling and fighting
for arm bars when my bicep is already shot. Be clever about what you’re doing and if you
can’t take a back seat and go “Hey this part of my body is injured, I know how to
train round it” Ask your coach! Send a Facebook message to your school and say “Hey you
know I’m going to be missing class tomorrow I’ve got an injury, I don’t want to get in
every bodies way but I still want to train what would you recommend I do at home?” Because if you’re not already educated or
experienced to the level where you can change your training on your own, the guidance of
somebody else is extremely valuable. If you’re paying for your training your coaches can
give you advice! You can ask me as well but the thing is if you’re not training with me
I don’t know you as well as your coach should. I can give extremely good generalised advice
if you follow the advice on my channel you will do well, but it doesn’t remove the need
for having that coach and having their advice. They’re going to know exactly where you are
in the journey and they might say “You know what? You’ve been training so hard for the
past few months maybe that was the cause of the injury, or not. But a week off training
then a week of doing light training just getting back into it might be all you need or you
might need to go and see a specialist. So you might have to go and have an x-ray, you
might have to get an MRI scan if it’s soft tissue that’s damaged. You can’t see that
through an x-ray so you will have to go and get correct diagnosis as well. I’m going to make a whole other injury recovery
video where I go into the specifics about this. About what you want to do. Everybody
knows who has been on my channel for a while that I’ve had my big shoulder injuries multiple
times and I’ve had my surgery, then recovering and I’m training back, I know how to do this.
The proof is literally in my channel so I’m happy to talk to you about those things too! Go and get yourself looked at if you’re injured!
If it’s a small sprain or a bruise like my shin is badly bruised I’m going to stay away
from shin checking I’m going to stay away from leg blocking for a while, I’m going to
let the leg recover and then I’ll get back into training. If it’s a minor injury and you absolutely
have to train, lets say you have a fight coming or a big grading, something that you don’t
really want to put off. You can still train, put extra padding on the area, wear a small
set of shin pads and then wear a larger pair on the outside of the injured area. Or one
thing I will do for example, lets say in the past when I injured my arm; to resist the
temptation to use my arm in heavy bag work I wouldn’t put a glove on that hand. So if
you have an injured area either pad it up some more or train around it isolate it. Let me know your injury stories! There can
be nothing more frustrating than making really good progress and feeling like something just
stops you! Well an injury is still part of your progress. How you deal with your injury
will effect how your future progress goes. Are you going to be a knuckle head and make
yourself worse and slow down your future progress? Or are you going to slow it down, be smart,
make the progress you can without making your injury worse? That’s the question really. If you just don’t know ask your coach! You
can do that! People often feel a little bit shy or embarrassed. Most people who train
me, their injuries were from outside of martial arts training. “Lee I’ve hurt my ankle playing
football, or I hurt my knee playing tennis, or I got drunk and I fell over!” That sort
of thing! They’re coming to class with injuries they got from somewhere else they don’t always
want to tell you about it. Well from a coaches perspective I would say please do. Please
tell your coach, ask us that’s what we’re here for. If you’ve got any questions about injuries
put them below this is the first video of a new series where I’m going to answer questions
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6 thoughts on “Ask Coach – Can You Train Martial Arts With Injuries?”

  • Great topic, I've been on/off injured the last couple of months now. I think my injury with my toe may be healing slower because I haven't avoided sparring and uncontrollable situations. It's kinda difficult in krav maga class, which I've skipped a lot, but also went to some… but I have been shadow boxing a bit on my own and also… having done some but less martial arts this past month than usual, I think it actually fuels me to looking more forward to training more intensively once I've healed properly. I'm getting my toe scanned next monday, so following up on your advice. 🙂

  • Good video not enough on this topic,I personally had groin strain and didn’t realise what it was,and was carrying on sparring and kicking until pain got so bad,and I’ve had bad arm still throwing big hooks,so for me best thing I done was take up strength and conditioning and have my own personal trainer helps with everything need to know suits me,only problem is cost lot money to do strength and conditioning sport karate and Muay Thai lol,

  • Sava Veljkovic says:

    Has anyone broken a rib, and got back to training martial arts? I broke mine 5 months ago, and I’m not sure if I should go back just yet, cause it hurts after my gym workouts sometimes

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